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We Can't Forget About You


Who knew that when Brooke,Lily,Rachel,London,and Harley all lost one best friend they would gain four? Each of the boys hurt them in different ways and no matter how hard the girls want to forget about the boys they can't since they are basically every where. What happens when they meet again? Will the hatered that the girls have go away or strengthen?


Brooklyn "Brooke" Cameron

Brooklyn "Brooke" Cameron

Random,sweet,innocent,loyal,dancer,songwriter.She will but other's happiness in front of her own.

Callie(7) &Dalanie "Lanie" (5)  Cameron

Callie(7) &Dalanie "Lanie" (5) Cameron

Brooklyn's little sisters and directioners.

Harley James

Harley James

shy and quiet but very observant sweet, singer-songwriter.

Lillian "Lily" McHenry

Lillian "Lily" McHenry

adventurous, confident, sporty, adaptable, sociable.

London Cannon

London Cannon

perky, bubbly and outgoing, loyal friend, dancer, singer-songwriter, cheerleader.

Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans

Very random. Funny & loves to laugh. Always makes the best of a bad situation. Manages to always see the good in people. Very musical and can plau pretty much any instrument she gets her hands on. Qualified as a piano teacher.


  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

    Rachel's P.O.V.


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