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Troubles (Kissing The Devil)

Chapter 3

When I woke up, my eyes found dark. The room I was at was dark, this way I couldn’t see anything around me. I remembered the last thing I saw. Those implacable and icy blue eyes that were darkened with anger. I saw them before I passed out. I don’t remember anything else.
I palmed everything around me as I felt incapable of moving. I felt my legs as hard and heavy as a thousand bricks. I raised my head, groaning from the headache that hit me. I didn’t drink that much last night. No, it was something else that kept me from moving.
I found a safe spot in the mattress I was laying on and applied strength in my hands and arms, pushing my body up. Images and words from last night came to me. Especially the words: cocaine, gang war in London, Devils’ Angels, Jordan and lastly ‘I’ll kill your brother’. First of all, who is Jordan? And who are Devils’ Angels? Who in their right mind would start a gang war in the middle of London. AND WHO THE FUCK THREATENS THE LIFE OF AN INOCENT CHILD?!
I took one hand to my forehead, rubbing it while mumbling with my eyes closed. All this question and memory coming back stuff is making my head hurt.
I heard a loud laugh and immediately shot my eyes open, searching for the source of the sound. I found it, sitting in a chair by the door.
His arms rested on the arms of the chair, in one of his hands a glass with an amber color that I figured was whiskey. His legs were parted, as his lips, showing a perfect wide devilish grin. He was wearing a black shirt, and a pair of large black jeans too. In his feet, a pair of white Supras stood.
I couldn’t keep away the shiver that went down my spine when he took the glass to his lips without taking his eyes from me. He was gorgeous, yes, but he had a horrible personality and was a dick. Plus, he threatened my brother.
Angry filled my body as I looked at the guy standing in front of me, wich lead me to narrow my eyes at him. He dared to threat my brother! My little brother! I wanted to get up and slap him so hard his cheek would hurt forever. But I couldn’t since my legs refused to move. I could move my toes at least, that was a good sign.
“Cat got your tongue sweetheart?” He asked, giving me another one of the devilish grins.
Fear isn’t something that affect me that often, but right now, it is!
The grin in his face, along with the coldness of his eyes shows that he saw and done too much already. He clearly is a bad guy, someone that never had to worry about conscience checks and stuff all the other person have to suffer from.
He’s reckless, selfish and mean. I know that just from looking into his eyes. Disgust crawled up my throat when I heard him call me sweetheart.
“Don’t call me sweetheart!” I spat
“Whatever!” He rolled his eyes
“How did I got here?” I asked, rubbing both of my hands in my face
“Magic brought you here!” He whispered and I frowned. He rolled his eyes “I brought you here you dumbass!” He spat
“Here is?” I asked
“My house!” He answered, shrugging.
His stare moved to something other than me, something in the room.
And for the first time, I actually payed attention to the details of that room, the ones I could see anyways. It was a big room actually, with two doors and a huge TV hanging from the wall. A chair wich was currently occupied by the object of my sordid rage, stood next to the door. There was a window, a big one with the blinders closed. I could also see stuff on top of the bedside table but I couldn’t see what it was.
I changed my gaze from the room to Trouble. He had the piercing in his lip and thanks to the low cut of his t-shirt, I could see the tattoos in his chest. There were a lot of them, in his arms too. Raising my eyes, I found his thick tattooed neck. I swallowed, and moved my eyes up once more. His eyes were still fix on something other than me. I was glad actually, that gave me time to look at his face clearly without fearing him.
He looked lost in thoughts, thought I didn’t want to be involved in, because if I get involved, I can’t move on and forget about him and all this shit. I know myself, if I know something I shouldn’t, I’m going to want to know more, and that will only bring me troubles. I have one, one big blue eyed and blond Trouble.
“Stop starring at me!” He sternly said
“It my fucking eyes, I can look wherever I want!” I said, crossing my arms in front of my chest.
I immediately regretted saying those words, because the minute he heard them, he turned his face to me, and I became the object of disposal of all the anger, rage and coldness. Only the contact with his eyes gave me ‘the chills’. He got up and as soon as he did so, he stood next to me.
“Don’t test me!” He emphasized the ‘don’t’, grabbing my arm and making me get up from the bed. I winced and sucked on my teeth “I brought you here when I could have left you at the party!”
“Why did you?” I spat, holding my arm with my free hand as if it would help with the pain.
He looked took back for a second and I had no answer. He looked troubled, looking for an answer to feed my endless curiosity, as if a rude answer would finish it. I knew he was torn from saying the truth of lying to my face. He ended up choosing the lie... wich by the way wasn’t a big lie after all.
“One of O’Hurley’s friends could have rapped you!”He answered, I frowned
“How do I know you haven’t done it yourself?” I spat, squealing when I felt the grip on my arm tightening
I saw how his free hand was so tight in a fist, that his knuckles were white from the strength applied. His face was red from anger, his cheeks pink and I think if it was humanly possible, there would be smoke coming out of his ears.
“If… and only if I wanted you in my bed, you would be there free willed!” He let go of my arm
When he let me go, I fell on my knees because I couldn’t move my legs. I felt the pain crawling up my thigh and hitting my waist. I squealed out of pain and pulled my legs to my knees.
“I can’t… I can’t feel my legs!” I cried.
I looked up to see Trouble widening his eyes. I could feel pain, but I couldn’t move. They felt numb, but I couldn’t move them normally, it was like it was sleeping.
“Help me!” I squealed
“What’s happening?” He asked, grabbing my arm and pulling me up from the ground, sitting me on the bed randomly.
“I have no idea!” I squealed.
“Stop squealing” He complained
“It’s my mouth!” I spat and he growled “I say what I want to!”
“Not in my house you don’t!” He yelled, getting up from the place he was sat in the bed.
“I’m not here free willed! You brought me here when I was unconscious!” I screamed
“I see it was a big mistake!” He growled under his breath
I felt my cheeks catching fire, extending to my nose and up my forehead, my chin too, and my neck. I was catching fire from anger. He was frustrating, frustrating as fuck and I don’t want to even be near him. I don’t even know his true name, I only know his nickname is ‘Trouble’.
I felt the blood boiling in my veins thanks to the anger. And suddenly, I could move my legs now. The blood circulation is restored I guess. I admit, I have a short temper, almost none existent, especially with him. I don’t have any respect for people who threaten innocent and defenceless children.
“Fine!” I said, supporting on the bed to get up.
When I was sure I would stand up fine by myself, I let go of the bed and crossed my arms in front of my chest.
“You’re a dick you know that?” I spat, walking towards the door, feeling my legs complain about the movement. I guess I wasn’t completely cured then.
I opened the door and walked out, finding a hallway in front of me. Sure, I was afraid of him but I wasn’t going to act like a pussy just because of that. I walked down the stairs, hearing him calling me. Well, he didn’t knew my name so he was just saying ‘Hey, come back here!’
I ignored him and kept walking down the stairs as fast as I could. When I got to the main floor, I found two couches with seven people looking at the TV. But their gazes turned to me when I found them.
“Who are you?” One of them asked, one with blue eyes and brown hairs.
“Hum…” I was cut of by another one of them
“Is you the one Niall’s calling?” So his name is Niall?
“Yes!” I mumbled
“Are you his girlfriend?”
“Hell no!” I shouted out of fear.
All of them laughed and, scared a little by their appearance and the fact that they were laughing at me, I started to take steps back until my back hit the wall between the stairs and another door, wich I guessed was the kitchen. Luckily, it was slightly hidden. I heard someone running down the stairs and cringed even more in my small space.
“Hey guys have you seen a girl around here?” He… or should I say Niall, asked.
The boys in the couch looked around to the other girls and grinned mockingly. Niall rolled his eyes.
“Small, brown eyes, boring as fuck…” three of the guys looked at the respective girl by their side, earning a slap in the arm, except one with curlied hair “… and is wearing a dirty t-shirt?” I frowned, and only then I looked down to see my top covered in dirt.
“Is that she Trouble?” The curlied haired boy asked, signaling to me with his chin.
“Shit!” I mumbled under my breath!”
“Come here you little cunt!” He growled, walking with firm steps in my direction
“Calm down Trouble!” One of the girls said, a blond one with a lot of tattoos too
“Calm down! Calm down!” He repeated, grabbing my arm with unnecessary strength
“Let go of me you asshole!” I yelled
“Trouble!” One of the got up from the couch after squealing
“Down Eleanor!” He said. The girl sat immediately, her head down “Now, you and I are going to have a little chat!” He growled, dragging me along with him to the door next to where I was hiding.
It really was a kitchen. He let go of me, pushing me inside and closing the door behind us. I looked around me, trying to find something to help me escape. I knew what was coming now! He was going to kill me for what I heard last night. Being closed in a room with him is scaring the shit out of me I admit.
When he turned around, he was red of anger. I took one step back when h took one in my direction. Looking to my right, I found nothing to help me get free. I was stuck here.
“Before you kill me, I have to tell you I have a family, and my brother needs me. Please don’t kill me!” I asked, cringed in my spot.
He took another step in my direction, I took one back. That happened another two times before my back hit the wall. I cringed even more, closing my eyes. I was going to die. Sure, I might have stand up to him, but I’m not dumb, I’m reckless and I only think about stuff before I do them, or say them. It’s not a good thing to do, let me tell you, especially with a gang member in front of me, that’s going to kill me no doubt about it.
Suddenly, I heard a loud laugh and opened my eyes. He was laughing at me. The son of a bitch was laughing at me. I went back to my original position, my hands tightening into fists next to my body.
“What?” I asked, my teeth clenched
“You’re such a pussy!” He laughed, taking his hand to his stomach.
“I’m not a pussy!” I growled
“You’re afraid of me!” He laughed, cleaning his eyes
“Well, you threatened my baby brother so yes, I’m afraid of you. Plus, I heard you preparing a gang war in the middle of London yesterday! Blame me for being afraid!”
He suddenly stopped talking and took the last steps towards me, pinning me to the wall. I frowned, trying to push him away, but that was when he grabbed my wrists and pushed them against the wall as well.
“Look here you cunt!” He growled next to my ear “You’re not going to tell anybody about my plan, or I swear I’m gonna kill your brother, got it?” I could feel his breath in my neck, making me shiver.
No one has ever been this close to me. Never, ever. It’s awful that this has to be the first time, and it’s him. But I’m not a pussy like he called me, I’m brave enough to stand up to him, even if he scares the crap out of me.
So, I straightened my neck, ignoring the feeling that ran down my spine when our eyes were in contact. His big blue eyes, ice as cold and hard as rock were staring into mine. I noticed they softened the slightest bit with sarcasm when he noticed I was standing up to him, maybe he thought I was pathetic. I don’t care, I’m not going to kneel to him just because he wants to.
“I won’t tell anybody!” I said, trying to free my hands
“You better! I know where you live, Thea!” He said with disgust, letting go of my wrists.
I rubbed them frantically, only realizing he knows my name after. The pain in my wrists and arm was palpable when I looked at him.
“How the hell do you know my name?!” I yelled
“This is my town!” He said, letting go of my wrists and showing me his back, walking to the door and opening it “Nothing slips unnoticed through me!”
And he got out, slamming the door behind me. I growled, kicking the wall behind me. I groaned with pain and took the foot to my hand, rubbing it over the shoe. He put me in bed with shoes on? Jesus!
Only then I noticed the clock in my wrist. It showed seven o’clock.
“SHIT!” I yelled “Jesse!”
I started to run out of the kitchen. I found the same people sat on the couch, but now ‘The Jerk’ was there. I looked around the room for my shoes, finding my pair of Nikes and sitting in one step of the staircase, putting them on quickly.
“Where do you think you’re going?” That voice made me wanna puke
“You know that baby you threatened!” I growled “I have to take him to school, and myself too!” I got up once I finished tying the sneakers.
When I raised my head, I saw Niall in front of the door, holding a pair of keys, twirling them around his fingers.
“Hu?” I frowned
“You really think I’m gonna let you alone so you can talk to the first person who appears in front of you and says ‘hi’ more nicely than all the others?” I narrowed my eyes “Hurry up before I make you walk!” He growled
I, reluctantly, made my way to the door, wich he opened, and got out. He directed me to a black Range Rover, the one that almost ran my baby brother over, and opened the door. Great, now I have to be in a confined place with a douche bag. Great Thea, really great.


So, what do you think about the third chapter? I'm sorry for updating so slowly, I just have been occupied with school and Punk Direction and really didn't have time to post earlier.
Anyways, I hope you like it and big kisses for you guys :))



I'm expecting it to be soon. But I can't make any promisses. Thank you for liking this :3

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