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Troubles (Kissing The Devil)

Chapter 1

“Yes Kendra, calm down!”I spoke on the phone
“But I miss you already!” She said and I laughed
“Boo Hoo, you’re playing it rough!” I said
“Okay, okay, but tell me T’s, how is it there?” She asked me
“I have no idea Kendra. I just got here!” I laughed “My parents are looking at me like I’m some kind of freak too!” She laughed
“Oh, c’mon Thea, tell me what you see now!” She begged
“Well, right now I see house and a yard. I don’t know Kendra, it’s dark!” I mumbled “Plus, I have my parents looking at me like hawks!” I said, keeping my eyes in my lap so I didn’t have to look at them
“But how are the houses around?” She asked
“Kendra!” I called, laughing
“Okay okay! Jesus, your parents need to give you a break!” She snorted
“No love, they need to rest and I need to put Jesse to sleep!” I said, caressing my baby brothers’ hairs while his head rested in my lap
“Oh, that was a hint right?!” She asked and I laughed again
“Yes! Yes it was!” She snorted again
“Okay, I’ll arrive there in two days. Try not to miss me too much!” She said
“I won’t promise anything!” I said, making her laugh “Okay, see you in two days!”
“Bye!” I hanged up
My parents were looking at me with eyes wide open. I had been talking with Kendra ever since we left the house. We talked about leaving Oxford behind, about leaving our old houses, about the school, about London, about Markus Parnell… Ah, Markus Parnell, Kendra’s first love and current boyfriend. He won’t leave Oxford for her and if they get time, they will only get to be together twice a month, we checked it. I know it’s going to hard on her, I also know I’m going to glue the pieces of her shattered heart after he breaks up with her. The thing about Markus is, he’s a first class womanizer, but Kendra really likes him for what I know.
But she’s exited to come here, at least that. I am too. I had nothing to care about back there except my family and my best friend. My mom Jackie and my dad Ethan are now exiting the car and I opened the door too, carrying my five year old brother, Jesse, in my arms. Mom uses to say that I’m just like her, I have long curly and dark brown hairs and I’m small. You know, like smaller than normal English people. My mom says it’s my grandmother’s fault. She was small so the gene passed to the women in the family. But in the color of my eyes, I don’t come after no one in my family that I know. I mean, my dad had blue eyes, my mom has brown ones, but mine are a weird mix of brown, green and grey. They actually change according to my mood.
I’m not the typical confident girl. I know I’m not pretty, I’m just normal, average. The average girl who isn’t skinny but isn’t fat neither, who isn’t quiet but is loud, who isn’t goody-two-shoes but talks back, a lot. I’m just… normal. I never cared much about perfections. I know that’s what boys like and search for, but guess what…? Perfect girls aren’t real!
I pushed the car door open and held Jesse in my arms so he wouldn’t wake up. My mom and dad lead the way inside. I knew that I would be lost tomorrow, but right now I just wanted to find the bedroom and go to sleep. It’s late and I’m tired from the trip. My mom made sure the guys from the shop came here and put everything in place so we could get here and just go to sleep. I bet it wasn’t that cheap, but hey, I’m not complaining!
“Second room upstairs dear!” She told me and I nodded, going up the stairs.
Jesse was slightly snoring which made me smile. As I went up the stairs, I thought about the work he gave my mom when he was still inside her belly. Jesse didn’t turn completely when he was inside my mom’s womb, and he came out earlier than expected. And when out, he needed a blood transfusion . My mom was taking an antibiotic and my dad had lack of iron in his blood. They reached a point when there was only one person that could donate blood: Me! I was only twelve at the time, but I knew he really needed the transfusion. My parents explained to me what was going to happen and they said they wouldn’t blame me for not wanting to do it, but the only thing I could remember was Jesse’s little fingers wrapping around my thumb.
I’ve lost my grandmother before Jesse was born. She meant the world to me. She was an awesome woman and it only added to my opinion of her, the fact that she helped raising me. If I learned something that day was to never take anything for granted... it might slip through your fingers if you’re not being careful.
I got inside Jesse’s room, without even caring to turn the light on. The lights from the street were fine. I pulled the covers up and put Jesse under them. As soon as I covered him, someone knocked on the door and opened it.
“Go to sleep honey, we’ll clean everything p tomorrow!” I gave my mom a nod and she closed the door without making any noise
I climbed in bed with Jesse and hugged him closer. I like to sleep with Jesse next to me so his breath hits my neck so I know he’s alive. This is the nag that made me donate blood. Thinking about that needle gives me the chills, but I would do it all over again for my baby brother if we had to go back in time. I would do everything to keep him safe.

I woke up with someone yelling. I opened my eyes immediately and looked around. The room wasn’t familiar and I didn’t knew any of the things in here… but then I remembered we moved here and I didn’t have time to look around the house yesterday. I searched for the source of the yelling and saw Jesse crying in a corner of the bed.
I jumped off, almost falling and ran to him, picking him up and hugging him close. I rubbed his back up and down and let my chin rest on top of his head. I kissed it so he knew he was fine.
“What’s wrong Jesse?” I asked and he hugged me tighter
“S-Sp-Spiders!” I smiled at him
“Oh Jesse, you’re okay now! I’m here now! They can’t hurt it, it was just a nightmare! They can’t hurt you while I’m here!” I told him and he nodded. He was still shaken by.
I hate to see him like this. I always have the need to protect him, always.
“They were in my bed, they wanted to eat me Thea!” I smiled at him
“While I’m here nothing’s going to happen to you!” He nodded and I smiled, running my hands under his eyes to clean the tears “Are you better now?” I asked and he nodded.
“Jesse?” My mom called, opening the door “What’s wrong dear?” She asked
“Just a nightmare, he’s fine now!” I turned to Jesse “What about we go out for lunch, just me and you?” I asked him and he smiled hugely.
“Yeah!” He got up and started to jump on top of the bed. Both me and my mom laughed
“You always knew how to cheer him up!” My mom smiled
“You don’t need to worry about lunch mom, it’s me and little monkey today!” My mom nodded and left the room “So, what are we going to eat?” I asked him. I was committed to making his happiness last as long as I could.
“Burgers!” He said, jumping but then he thought about it and stopped “No, pizza! No lasagna!” He started to jump up and down again and I laughed

I think mom would kill me if she knew I gave you all that junk food!”I smiled at him
“No, she wouldn’t! She wouldn’t mind!” He said, making a puppy face
“Believe me, she would mind!” I laughed and looked at the clock “So, let’s give you a bath and while I do so, you think about what you want to eat. It’s our first day in London, we deserve to eat junk food!” He smiled at me and nodded
“What time is it?” He asked
“It’s eleven o’clock! We overslept!” I said, smiling.
I got up, whistling a song and walking towards Jesse’s suitcase. My mom must have left it here earlier because I don’t remember bringing it. I took out a pair of shorts and his favorite t-shirt wich I bought for him. It was blue and had a green dinosaur on it. I grabbed a pair of Nike’s mom gave him for Christmas and a jacket so he wouldn’t get cold. I displayed everything on the bed, except the sneakers and opened my arms. Jesse immediately jumped and hugged me and I smiled.
I got out of the bedroom. Only then I noticed, I didn’t knew where the common bathroom was. I hate moving, it’s hard to find out where your things are when you don’t know the place you’re in.
“Mom, where’s the…” I yelled but she cut me off
“Right in front of Jesse’s room Thea!” I smiled. She always knew what I needed
I walked towards the white wooded door and opened it, finding a blue bathroom. The common bathroom. Mom had hanged Jesse’s robe there already. My dad’s mother like’s to sew so she made me and Jesse two robes. Jesse’s blue and has his name handmade on it. Mine is the same but pink and bigger. I like them because they have hood and Jesse doesn’t need to get any cold in his ears when his hairs are wet. I opened the water so it could get warm and took Jesse’s clothes off. I put hi under the water and gave him a bath. He always liked taking showers. Normally, kids don’t like it. I know it because I tried once, with Kendra’s sister, and she almost choked me to death with her small hands.
Once Jesse had finished his shower, I put his robe on and blow dried his hair thought I know he likes to have the hood on. Even thought the hair was dry, I put the hood on and walked to his room again. I got him dress quickly, like I did everyday and then leaned towards him.
“Now, go downstairs and watch TV okay? I’m going down in a few minutes!” I said
“What are you going to do?” He asked. Jesse always had troubles with a few words, but that is fading off, luckily
“I’m going to take shower too! Siss needs it!” I smiled and kissed the top of his head “Now, go and don’t bother mom and dad okay?” He nodded and ran out of his room. I laughed.
I was about to start my first discovery mission to my new house, all by myself. I had no idea where my room was and there were three more compartments on the second floor. I opened the door next to Jesse’s room only to find my parents room. I knew the one in front of Jesse’s room was a bathroom, so mine had to be the one in front of my parents’ room. I opened the door and smiled.
My room was green. I knew Jesse’s was blue, but mine was green and had a huge window and a huge shelf so I could organize my books. My bed was big too and I had two nightstands nest to the bed. I liked my room already, I just needed to change a few things and put some work on it, it would be great.
I walked to the suitcase on top of the bed and opened it, taking out the first shirt that I saw, a white one that said Channel on it. I grabbed a pair of shorts and my favorite black boots. I put everything over the bed, leaving the boots on the ground and grabbed a black leather jacket. I would be fine, it’s just for eating burgers, and if Jesse and I start fighting with food, again, I don’t like this shirt that much anyways.
I was about to go out to get a bath when I saw a door. I frowned and walked toward it, finding out that I have a bathroom in my bedroom. I smiled. I always wanted to have a bathroom in my bedroom, and my robe is there already. I opened the water and took my clothes off, getting inside immediately. I washed my hairs too and when I got out of the bathroom, my hairs already dry, I felt renovated. I felt new, I felt good. I was about to start my life over and I wanted to do it the best way possible. People always mistreated me back at home, and now I only want to leave that behind and start making new friends. I got dressed and quickly and ran downstairs, knowing my brother was waiting for me.
He was sat on the couch, watching the Simpsons and I smiled. He looks just like me but with solid brown eyes with nothing of green or grey in them. I cleared my throat and his eyes turned to me. He immediately opened a huge smile and ran in my direction, grabbing my hand.
“Can we please go now?” He asked
“Yes!” I said, walking towards the door but turning the TV off first “Mom, we’re leaving!” I yelled
“Olay dear! Be safe!” I laughed
“Sure mom!” I walked out of the door with Jesse holding my hand, but I immediately picked him up.
There were dogs on the street, like big dogs. It’s not that I don’t like dogs, I love dogs actually, but the small ones. I have a trauma, I admit it. I smiled at the people with the dogs, but still, I didn’t let go of Jesse.
People were talking to their neighbors’ while their kids were playing football on the yard. The dad’s were taking care of the house in some way, taking care of the grass or the front porch, or even watching the kids with a protective look on their faces. I felt Jesse moving his legs and I put hi down. But before I could give him my hand, Jesse started to run across the street.
I looked to both sides and saw a Range Rover. The speed didn’t seem to slow down a I guessed he didn’t saw my brother.
“JESSE!” I yelled and he stopped to look at me.
No, don’t stop, don’t stop! I thought to myself. The car was too close. What happened next was too fast. I ran to Jesse and hugged him tightly. I closed my eyes. I might be able of protecting him if I can. After he was in my arms, I was frozen and the panic had closed my throat already as I felt it crawl up, getting every cell in my body paralyzed. I was in shock, I was probably going to die, but I didn’t care as long as Jesse was fine.
I heard wheels dragging on the ground and I was ready to feel the impact against my body, the only thing I needed to do was to turn around when the car hit me so Jesse would be up and I on the ground.
But I felt nothing. I only heard the wheels and nothing more. I slowly opened my eyes, the right first and then the second. I was okay, and Jesse’s hands were holding my jacket so tight I thought he would tear him apart. I looked at him sternly.
“Jesse!” I said “What the hell were you thinking! I told you not to cross the road before you look to both …” I was cut by the sound of a car door slamming and I turned around, holding Jesse’s hand.
And I was blown out of my mind! The guy that came out of the black Range Rover was gorgeous. He had mesmerizing blue eyes, and blond hairs, most of wich were covered by a blue beanie. His lips were thin and pink, they looked soft too. He was wearing a white tank top, a large and grey wool jacket and a pair of sweatpants. He probably came from working out at the gym or something. He was wearing Supras. I could see, thanks to his shirt, he had tattoos on his chest and neck… And he seemed angry.
Now, the first thing you do when you almost run a person over, is see if they are okay right? Well, he seemed like he would be capable of killing me if the car didn’t do it for him. I immediately picked Jesse up, afraid he would do something. I’m not afraid of him, I’m not afraid of that much of things, only tight places and heights and losing my brother. He doesn’t scare me just because he has a few tattoos.
“Are you crazy?” He asked. No ‘Are you okay’s?’ or ‘Do I need to call the ambulance?’. No, he just assumed I was crazy “Who puts himself in front of a fucking moving car?” He yelled and then looked at Jesse “Keep that bay on a leash!” I felt the blood boiling in my veins. Keep Jesse on a leash? Keep a child on a leash. Oh no pal, you’re not getting rid of this that easily.
“Maybe you shouldn’t drive that fast in a friendly neighborhood. In case you don’t know it, there are kids here!” He was turning around to go to his car, but he quickly changed his mind and looked at me.
“All the other children know not to ran in the middle of the road!” He growled, clearly annoyed I was talking back
“All the other drivers know not to drive that fast in a friendly neighborhood!” I shrugged. Mom always said talking bad was bad… I don’t think so!
“Look, just keep your son away from the streets before he gets killed!” Jesse laughed in my lap
“Bwother!” He said. It was a word he couldn’t say correctly yet
“It doesn’t matter, keep him away from the streets!” He yelled, turning around to walk to his car.
I snorted.
“What a dick!” I said and Jesse laughed in my lap.
I smiled at him, knowing that if he repeated that at home, mom would kill me. I kept walking in the sidewalk with him, telling him why he couldn’t repeat his actions when I heard wheels dragging on the floor. Careless Driver was on movement everybody…


So, I hope you guys like the chapter. I'm thankful if you comment, or subscribe, or rate... Or all of them. Anyways, thank you for reading.
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