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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Seven.


In about 20 minutes I was going to meet Niall Horan and my best friends boyfriend Harry Styles! Scarlett and I were more the One Republic fans but still, meeting members of One Direction was a big deal and although we weren't obsessed with them, we still loved them.

I was getting ready round Scar's house. We were both raring to go.

"OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!" she screamed, a shocked look appeared on her face.

"WHAT?" I screamed back at her. She laughed a bit, then turned on her TV and rewinded to the news. "Why are you showing me this?" then suddenly, I saw a picture appear of Harry with a girl. I'm presuming it was Scarlett but I couldn't recognise her. You could only see her chin. "I-is that you?" I stuttered. The news reporter then asked who Harry Styles' mystery girl was.

"I'm the mystery girl!" she bit her lip.

"THAT IS THE COOLEST THING." I hugged her, laughing.

"It is? I thought it was kinda scary..." she muttered, hugging me back.

"No one knows who it is. Harry could pretend it was anyone he wants it to be." I gave a reassuring smile. Scar wasn't good with stuff like this, I knew that. She also wasn't good with big crowds so I knew if the world found out about her when she wasn't ready, she'd have a shit tonne of panic attacks. They always scared me. I loved her so much she never deserved to react to something in that way. She nodded, returning a little smile.

Scarlett was wearing this real cute outfit I'd always been jealous of. I love it so much and it flatters her body so well. Her fashion sense was 10x better than mine, meaning, luckily for me I had a great outfit to where today because she'd chosen one for me out of her wardrobe. I had this lovely little outfit and I added thick, black tights to it. Fortunately, even though it was winter, it was quite a warm day. Yay.

The doorbell went and it was only then that it actually hit me. I was about to meet Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Oh my fucking god.

"Oh my god, Scar!!!" she laughed hard at me.

"You'll be fine, Dani!"

"Do I look okay?!"

"You look perfect, you're the prettiest girl in our group. That outfit looks incredible on you, you can keep it!"

"Shit, really?" Scar giggled then wrapped her arms around me.

"Of course!"

"I love you so much, woooooo." I beamed.

We ran downstairs to open the door and my heart was racing when I saw them. I felt so sick and nauseous and it was hard to breathe. Oh my, I was acting like a bloody fan girl. I watched Scarlett kiss her boyfriend in fascination. They looked so cute together, and when they were staring into each others eyes, you could tell. You could tell they were meant for each other. Aw.

"I'm Niall." he said, pecking my cheek.

"I know." I giggled. "I'm Danielle but everyone calls me Dani." I smiled at him.

"That's a lovely name." his thick Irish accent digged into my bones. He was too cute. His eyes were sparkling wildly. Adorable.


Wow. Scarlett's friend was hot. Her outfit suited her really well and she had a really sweet, cheesy smile. Her eyes were dark blue with a tint of purple and her curly, golden locks that fell down to her hips framed her face and body perfectly.

We were now at the restaurant and I was so jealous of Scar's and Harry's relationship. They acted like they'd been going out for ages and when they were together, everything seemed perfect to be honest. They both looked so happy.

I didn't really care as much this time though, because I was really into Dani. She did horse riding, netball(along with Scar) and they both played for the county which was pretty cool. She also played for a football team and in her spare time loved to dance. I loved girls who always had something going on with their lives. Girls that were outgoing rather than those apathetic ones who just sat down on their phones all day.

Her sense of humour was brilliant. Her smile lit up my day. Her laughed sounded like music to my ears and her nose piercing showed off her unique style. Everytime our hands playfully touched, butterflies grew in my stomach. To be honest we were acting really flirtatious and cheeky towards one another but I still didn't know if Danielle liked me.


I can't believe I could call Scarlett Jones my girlfriend. She was too good to be true. All the horrible relationships I've been in, in the past were worth it if it meant I would get here. We were joking and flirting with each other the whole time. I couldn't take me eyes away from her, I actually forgot Niall and Scar's friend were here with us. When I did notice them they seemed they were hitting it off. I think Niall was more into Danielle then she was into him.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Danielle excused herself politely.

"I'll join you." Scar smiled at me.


We were adjusting our hair in the bathroom mirror.

"You and Harry are meant to be together, Scar. I can see it in both of you."

"Aw thanks mate. I really like him," I grinned. "Do you like Niall? You looked like you were enjoying yourself."

"Er yeah..." she trailed off.

"What?" I raised an eyebrow.

"He's just a bit...full on." she paused, then chuckled lightly. "Who would ever think I could complain about a celebrity?" she winked.

"Bless him. If he asks you out again then let him down easy yeah? He looked like he really liked you." Dani nodded.

"Of course.You know who would like him?"

"Holly." we said, almost simultaneously. We started dying with laughter.

With that, we returned to the boys and our lunch became so much better. We were all extremely hyper and couldn't stop giggling for the rest of the day.



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