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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Thirty-Two.


"Wake up sleepy head," Harry laughed softly, whilst placing a soft kiss on my creased forehead. "It's almost 11. Lazy bugger!" he winked as I squinted my eyes open.

"Turn the light off you twat." I groaned, wincing then squeezing my eyes tightly shut again.

"Get up!" Harry demanded jokily, whacking me with a pillow.

"Ow!" I screamed. "What was that for?" I sat up giggling, I couldn't help but smile when I saw the chuffed expression on Harry's cocky face.

"You've got to be out for one and I know how long it takes for you to get ready." he mocked.

"I do hate how you're right." I stuck my tongue out, rubbing my orbs roughly. Harry grabbed my wrists, pulling my hands into his chest. I felt his heart skip a beat.

"It's my most annoying habit." he smirked. "Get up baby," Harry carefully straightened my back up and leaned my head forward until our foreheads supported one another's. We were admiring the twitch of each others lips as we tried hard to resist the touch of them. I gave in and crashed them together, but he broke the hold.

"What?" I pouted, slightly offended.

"Nothing. If you start this, I'll never be able to stop and that will make us late." he grinned.

"I believe that's a shit reason," I sighed. "what if I don't want to stop?" I crossed my arms firmly.

"Later." he smiled, placing my crossed arms around his waist.

"Fine." I bit my lip seductively, then ran into the bathroom. "I'll be out in 15." I yelled as I slammed the door shut, shaking the room.

When I had finally got completely ready it was around 12ish. I had impressed myself and Harry with how quickly I managed to get sorted. There was a couple of knocks at the door and being in the cheery mood I was, I skipped over to it.

"Liam! Hey, come in." I greeted, welcoming him into a big hug. I was the closest with Liam out of all the lads, I didn't know why. We just got each other, you know?

"I need to talk to you, Scar. Please. It's urgent," he shrugged, flickering his eyes over to where Harry was sat, examining us. After, he returned his eyes to meet mine. "Alone." he added, more harshly.

"What? Why?" Harry questioned, frowning.

"Okay," I answered Liam. "Baby, go and talk to Niall for a bit, he's probably still a little torn up about the entire 'Dani' situation. I bet he needs a good cheer up, yeah?" I directed this towards Harry and gave him a calm yet sincere expression. He rolled his eyes but left anyway.

"S'up?" I asked, jumping on to the bed. Being with Harry always put me in a good mood. I loved him so much, I felt more lucky each and every minute of each and every day.

"Er..." he sat down, fidgeting with the skin that was surrounding his nails and peeling it off. "I've been meaning to tell you something for a while. It's important."

"Oh?" this surprised me, I hadn't really acknowledged how sad he looked before. When I noticed, he looked so drained and delusional. This was a whole different side to what I was used to. "One second then." I headed over to the door and swung it open, popping my head out. "Harry!" I snapped after hitting him with the door he had pressed his ear against. "This conversation is not for you to hear. You can trust us, alright? I love you."

"I love you too." Harry stared at his toes.

"Now, off you go." I motioned with my hands for him to shoo. "Okay, sorry about that. Continue." I smiled, slamming the door behind me.

"Thanks." I nodded. "It's just, you know after Harry's party..." Liam started. I gulped. The night of the Taylor incident. That was not something I wanted to remember.

"Yes?" I replied bluntly, he knew I didn't want to think about that night. He knew how much it pissed me off, so why was he doing this?

"Well I took you back to your hotel room." he explained. I already knew this, what was the point?

"Mm," I agreed, "You looked after me like a true gentlemen." I pointed my nose towards the sky.

"Well, I'm concluding your puzzled face expression tells me you don't remember. But I do, unfortunately." Liam couldn't fix his eye contact with mine, he was all over the place. He looked a guilty mess.

"Remember what Liam? What are you on about?" I rose my voice a little, I knew he wanted to tell me something but this didn't sound like a good thing. My heart was pounding. Did I make a huge mistake without even knowing?

"Erm...you wanted to get hammered." Liam pointed out, scratching the back of his neck.

"No," I disagreed. "We got back, spoke for a bit and then you put me to bed. You slept next to me. That was it. Nothing else happened." I spat.

"I would do anything for that to be true." Liam replied anxiously.

"What are you saying, Liam?" my voice was now deafening, echoing around Harry and I's hotel room.

"We were both completely smashed an-" he trailed off. He didn't have to say anymore. I knew what the point was, I knew the ending to that sentence. I couldn't bare to hear him say it though.

"No." I whispered, cutting him short.

"I'm so sorry, Scar. I didn-"

"Don't." tears were overflowing out of my eyes at this point. I hated myself, I was such a slag. I'd messed up everything. Why was I even alive? No one wanted me and if they did they certainly wouldn't when they found out what I did with Liam anyway. "You told me nothing happened." I defended, thumping his chest. A part of me was hoping it was all a twisted lie.

"You were so sure nothing did happen, I couldn't confess everything when Harry was already having a go at me. I had to talk to you about it, alone." Liam exclaimed, tears spilling out from his orbs too.

"Why did you wait for so long to confront me? That happened like 3 weeks ago. What the fuck Liam? Why are you doing this to me? Why did you even tell me? Have you ever heard the expression 'what you don't know doesn't harm you' or whatever?" I ranted, wobbling my index finger that was now trembling towards his pale face. He had to tell me though, I knew that. It was the right thing to do, which automatically meant I had to admit all of this to Harry. If that meant risking our relationship, then so be it. Harry was perfect. He deserved to know the truth. He could do 100x better than me anyway.

"I couldn't." his lips quivered.

"Why the hell not?" I screeched. Although I was deeply upset, anger seemed to over power me.

"Because I didn't want to see you like this. I was so reluctant to ever actually tell you, but Niall informed me that I needed to. And he was right, I did. No matter how badly you reacted to it. I didn't want to destroy yours and Harry's relationship, but I didn't want to ruin mine and Harry's relationship either. I didn't want him to hate me, again. He's only just forgiven me for..." he stopped himself, knowing it was too painful to make out the exact words. "Also, if Harry was to ever find out, it would most likely ruin the bands bond, our job!" he shouted in response, causing his veins to pop out his strained neck. I placed my head in my hands and exhaled, this made me feel bad for him. Really bad.

"You told Niall? Who else knows?" I panicked but then calmed down. I had to keep my cool. Stress was no good. I pictured my mum having that fit, and rested my eyes shut. I tried to swallow the pain away. I was tempted to bring her up, but it wasn't relevant. "I have to tell Harry." I sighed, that was all I could say.

"Just him," he replied, sharply. I accepted that. "You can't." he moaned. His eyes pleading for mercy.

"You can't change my mind, he needs to be able to trust me. That means, I can't have sex with one of his best friends/ band members and not tell him."

"He'll break your heart." Liam admitted.

"I've already broken his. Do I want to confess all of this to him? No. Of course not. But he needs to know. If we have to break up then that's gonna kill me but I understand. I just hope he can move on. Not like it would be hard for him to." I muttered, the pain shooting through my heart. I. Was. A. Fuck. Up.

"What about the band, Scar? The whole world does not revolve around you for once. If you explain every detail of this to Harry he'll never forgive me. It'll break the band up as people will take sides and it will destroy our fucking careers. Is that what you want, Scar? Didn't think about it did you? You were only imagining the consequences for you because no one else is as important, right?" Liam was yelling again. This made me feel so awful about myself. He was right. I was acting so stuck up and self-centred. All of this was my fault.

"The what should I do?" I begged, finding it difficult to even see Liam's face anymore because of the salty tears causing my eyes to blur and burn.

"Carry on as normal." he chewed at his tongue.

"Alright." I nodded. This wasn't good. I hated the entire issue. I hated the tour. I hated alcohol. I hated myself. I couldn't do anything though, I had to act as if nothing ever happened at the early hours of the morning after Harry's birthday. I felt dizzy and my stomach hurt. Nausea was filling my chest and neck up too. I scurried over to the bathroom and puked multiple times. Liam hadn't bothered seeing if I was okay, he just tightened his fists and then escaped. Nothing else was said.


She'd been sick a lot recently. Shit. What if it was my fault? We didn't use any protection after all. I hadn't brought it up as she was angry enough and I assumed there was a tiny probability she was. I didn't believe it would happen to me. I guess it was just one of those things you think happens to everyone else and ruins their lives. When in fact, it's just around the corner from being your problem.

Was Scar pregnant?

No fucking way.

I sprinted back into her room, to notice her brushing her teeth.

"Liam?" she asked surprisingly, probably not expecting me to come back to talk to her again. Not only had I kept this huge secret from her but now there would always be this awkward tension between us and we'd been getting along so well. I hated that.

"Scarlett. You're not pregnant ar-are you?" my voice crumbled. Oh crap, what an insensitive thing to say.

"No!" she screamed, before becoming deep into thought. "I don't think so, anyway. I hadn't even considered it to be honest..." she cut herself off.

"So it's a possibility? Have you skipped any periods?" it was a personal question but I needed to know.

"I'm not due for a couple more days," she swallowed. "my boobs have been kinda sore if that's any constellation?" she blinked heavily.

"Does that have anything to do with pregnancy?" I wondered. Scarlett even let out a soft laugh.

"I think so, Liam." her laugh soon turned into sobs though. "What if I am?" she slumped to the floor and twisted her hair around her fingers. I ran over to her, supporting her back.

"It's alright, you're probably not." I comforted. She looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"Did we not use a condom or anything?" she asked, hope filled her watery eyes. I shook my head in regret.

"I'm sorry." Scar wiped her face with her hands.

"I'm a slag." she whimpered.

"No you're not, honestly. I've met slags, trust me I know." I tried to reassure her. "C'mon, let's go buy a pregnancy test yeah?" I offered.

"If you buy it, people are gonna recognise you and it will spread. Everyone will get the wrong idea and Harry will find out. Certain individuals might even know who I am. It's too risky." she exclaimed. She was clever.

"Oh." I bit my lip. "Yeah."

"I could wear sunglasses, a hoody and a scarf to cover my face with?"

"Like a disguise?"

"Mmm." she mumbled.

"You sure?"

"I need to know. Both of us do." she confessed.

"Okay." I took her hands in mine. "No matter what happens, I'm always here for you." she looked thankful but her face expression was distraught. Girls had life so awful sometimes.

I waited apprehensively for 5-10mins. Why was she taking so long? Eventually she managed to return herself to the hotel room.

"You got it?" I asked.

"Yep." he replied, forcing out the 'p'.


"Didn't recognise me."

"Great." I sighed in relief.

"I'll just go pee on it." she added, walking away shakily and unbalanced.


As I sat on the toilet with a stick underneath me, I focused on all the possible scenarios that would come out of this if I turned out to be carrying a baby. I was crying to myself, unable to cope.

Harry would kill me

Taylor would kill me

Taylor would get back with Harry

Liam would leave me

It would just be me and the baby

Like how it was with my mum and I

What if that stressed me out and killed me too?

The paparazzi would go mental

Fans would go all 'protective' over Harry and gang up on me

My career in music would be over

And so would my life.


Sorry I haven't update for a couple of days, 3 exams this week so I've been busy revising!
Ouch, eventful chapter.
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