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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Thirty.


Oh my god, oh my god. I can't believe I just told her that. What the fuck was I thinking? I wasn't actually sure if I liked her for definite. She hadn't said anything for about 10 minutes. She looked deep in thought. Her ocean blue eyes kept me waiting though, they were so elegant, just like the rest of her.

"Say something." I whispered after finally losing my patience.

"I don't know what to say. I feel bad for not saying it back but I love Harry. I'm straight. I'm sorry."

"Fair enough," I nodded. "I wasn't expecting anything back anyway. I think I should leave for the airport now." My eyes filled up with a salty liquid. Much more painful than normal tears. This hurt. So much. Not only had I been rejected but it meant Scar and I could never be the same again.

"I thought you didn't have to leave for 2 hours?"

"Erm yeah, but I need to erm, go to the shop for...erm something. On the way." I lied.


I grabbed my suitcase and left.

Goodbye America.


I was waiting outside the door. I had gone to Niall's room but he wasn't in. I had heard the whole conversation and I was pretty much gob-smacked. What? I couldn't stand behind a door and just wonder why they broke up. I had to listen in.

Dani stepped out with her suitcase and tears running down her pale face. She stopped next to me when she realised I'd heard it all. Then sprinted down the corridor as far away as possible. Shit.

I walked back in to join Scarlett who looked like she had no idea how to react to it all.

"You heard?" she wondered. I nodded, delicately.

"I wouldn't have listened if I knew that's what was gonna happen. Honestly. I was just looking out for Niall. Are you okay?"

"It's never gonna be the same between me and her now. We're never gonna be able to be as close as we used to be. I've just lost my best friend." she shook her head in disappointment with herself. "I wasn't even nice about it, I completely knocked her self esteem down."

"It's not your fault. People have to experience these things in life, everyone does. It's rejection."

"But she had to admit she was a lesbian and tell me she liked me. That's two difficult things in one go." she sighed.

"No one should be ashamed of who they are. What tree they bark up. She is who she is and people should respect that. Coming out shouldn't be hard." I supported.

"Harry that's not what I meant."

"I know babe." I kissed her on the forehead.

"I don't even know what to say." she buried her head into her hands.

"You don't have to say anything." I hugged her tightly.



"Wish me luck!" I said, kissing Harry on his tender lips.

"Like you need it." he rolled his eyes, kissing me back. Our lips moved perfectly in sync.

"Shush. See you later."

"Bye babe."

It was my meeting with Jack Bailey and I was shitting it. I was still feeling bad about Dani but this was the best thing to take my mind off it. I was buzzing, but I was nervous. It was going to be a hard few months, I could tell.

I was sat in the waiting room of a 12 story business building. It was pretty scary.

"Ah, Miss Jones." I heard Jack's voice.

"Mr Bailey." I greeted.

"Right this way." he smiled, leading me through to a room with several other people in it. "This is Sonya, she's my PA. This is Zack, Geoff, Logan, Michelle and Jean. These are the people that are gonna make you into a star. Does that sound good?"

"Definitely." I grinned.

"Okay great. We need to go through some stuff with you." I nodded. "You would have to sign a 5 year contract to show we were under management. You know, just for law purposes." I nodded.


"But first, we need you to perform. So all of us can enhance your talent."

"Okay, where would I have to perform?"

"Well we've talked it over with Paul, One Direction's manager. He's agreed for you to be their support act tonight. "

"What?" My eyes widened.

"It'll be great."

"Are you sure? They're really popular. I don't know whether I can start with something so big." I panicked.

"You want to go far in this business don't you?" I think it was his PA, Sonya saying this.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Alright, we'll set you up for tonight. Sound check is at 3. That's really the furthest we can go at the moment, until we've seen how well you perform. Okay? Any questions?" Jack smiled. It was quite stressful but I needed to do this. It was what I always wanted. My mum would have been so proud of me. This was for her.

"Just one. What songs would I be singing and how many?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, we've picked 3 songs for you on this sheet," he handed me a piece of paper. "but you have to sing 4 songs in total."

"and the fourth one is?" I was slightly confused.

"You have to write it..." he trailed off.

"What?! By 3? I have no experience," I paused. No. I could do this. "I'll get it done."

"That's what we like to hear." they all nodded and smiled towards me.

"See you at three then?"

"Indeed." I shook their hands before leaving.

I had received a text from Harry on the way back to inform me he was in the pool waiting for me. I ran back to the room, slipped on a bikini, grabbed a towel and headed down.

"Why hello, Sir Styles." I beamed. He turned round and looked stunned.

"You look so good in a bikini." he grinned.

"You act like you've not seen me in one before." I rolled my eyes, jumping in with a huge cannonball.

"So," he hung his arms around me. "how did it go?"

"You'll never guess what!"


"Teapot." I winked.

"I'm gonna kill you." he frowned, stroking my hair back behind my ears.

"I'm being your support act tonight." I giggled.

"No way!" he smiled from ear to ear. Aw.

"Yes! It's so exciting but I'm so scared, got any tips?" I begged.

"Picture them all in their underwear." he chuckled.

"Erm, I'm gonna pass on that one." I smiled.

"But seriously?" I pleaded.

"Just focus on a certain point, pretend there is only one person in the room who you want to sing to. That's what I used to do before I was used to it."

"Aw. Who were you singing to? It wasn't Taylor was it?" he shook his head.

"Nah, my grandma. She always encouraged me to sing. She deserved it the most." his eyes glistened.

"That's cute babe."

"Don't flatter me." he mocked.

"I have to write my own song by 3. Sad face. Help me?"

"By 3?" he rose his voice. "we best get out of here then, that only gives us 5 hours. Shit shit shit." his reaction made butterflies flutter wildly in my stomach. Had I made a mistake.

"Okay. The best songs have depth and meaning to them. Got any ideas?" Harry advised after we'd showered together to 'save time' apparently. Doofus.

"I was thinking I could sing about my mum, it would be like communicating with her. Well, for me anyway."

"That's beautiful."

"I don't know any words though. I'm not a song writer."

"I didn't think either, but look at me now. I've written 7 songs. So, let's do this."

We were writing and scribbling down for ages. But, after 4 hours and 13 minutes to complete it. WE DID IT.

"Shit we gotta go!" Harry shouted. I'd just finished getting changed. It was a dress for Japan and that was the model I'd seen it on which made me want to get it. Harry had bought it for me bless him. I loved shopping with him because his fashion sense really shone through. I loved picking clothes out for him too. He was wearing a very smart outfit indeed.

In the cab Harry just comforted me, he didn't need to say anything. I didn't want to talk about it, it was just making me more nervous. The boys were in the taxi too, they had to go for the prep as well. Obviously, it was their concert. Not mine.

When the boys had finished their sound check, I was called up by Sonya.

"Could you sing the song you wrote please?"

"Absolutely." I nodded, handing the pianist the music.

"Just because you're gone doesn't mean I'm all alone,
I still have you beside me watching as I grow
there's people all around me, telling me it's all okay
they don't understand the pain, that's in my way

but I grew stronger for you
to show the world I can
I see you all around me
holding me by the hand
I don't know where you are
I don't even know the name
but I can feel you everywhere
you're here every day

and I will fight, I will fight to the end
I will show, the world that I'm its friend
we're together on this, me and you
my love for you is true

I see you standing over me
it's hard for someone else to see
but I sense you there, it's not a lie
though it's hard to look you in the eye
'cause I miss you
I miss you
I'll fight for you
I won't forget
the times we've had
the nicknames 'pet'

Just because you're gone doesn't mean I'm all alone,
I still have you beside me watching as I grow
there's people all around me, telling me it's all okay
they don't understand the pain, that's in my way

and I will fight, I will fight to the end
I will show, the world that I'm its friend
we're together on this, me and you
my love for you is true

and I will fight, I will fight to the end
I will show, the world that I'm its friend
we're together on this, me and you
my love for you is true

It's gonna be tough, but I won't quit
I will take all the sh-
people throw at me, all the time
this will be a healthy crime
I will fight
I will fight for you
I miss you

People were applauding me and I'm certain I heard the boys cheering me from behind me. I didn't dare look back though.

"That was amazing, but it was little...umph." Bailey commented.

"Umph?" I questioned.

"Yes. Er Carl?" Carl was the drummer. "Give us a beat."

"We're adding this in?" I asked.

"Yes. Exactly the same as before, speed it up a bit though. You two, Jen." Jen was the pianist. Pick up the tempo? I wrote it to be a slow song on purpose.The emotion was so much more powerful and I was practically crying within it. But hey, I wasn't the professional.

We went through it again and I liked it. I actually ended up liking it more than the orginal, I mean, it wasn't as emotional but it was all around a better rhythm and general sound.

I jumped into Harry's arms after it was over.

"How was it?" I squeezed my eyes.

"Perfect. They loved you." his eyes were locking mine. Fireworks aw. I loved his green eyes. They helped me tell myself I could do it tonight. I could do it.

All I needed was Harry.

And my mum.


Updated four times today.
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