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Just Harry and I.

Chapter One.

No one had came into the restaurant for an hour, so I decided to sing to the first song that popped into my head. Counting Stars. One Republic were my absolute fave.

Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars

Take that money
watch it burn
sink in the river the lessons I lear-

I stopped to hear a full on applause coming from behind me. I hadn't noticed anyone come in as my back had been turned and I'd blocked out any background noises, well, until now. I froze for a second, feeling all the hairs on my neck stand up on edge and shivered. I couldn't process that I'd been singing in front of more than one person, I didn't like singing in big crowds because I knew I wasn't anywhere near good enough. Plus the minor issue that I have HUGE STAGE FRIGHTS, even though there was probably only 3 people.

I twisted around slowly, my whole body trembling. The restaurant was now packed after being completely empty for an hour. How did this happen?

"W-w-where did you all come from?" I gulped after stuttering my words to get them out.

"The door was left open, we all heard you singing!" A women from the small gathering had shouted in delight. Wait, what? Did they actually like my singing? Before I could say anything else people had started walking up to me, complimenting me on my voice. I was so shocked I couldn't even receive them properly. I was just thanking them and shaking a few peoples hands.

When people had started leaving, a lad about my age beamed up to me. He had been sitting in a booth in the corner with four other guys. They'd all been wearing sunglasses yet it was the middle of winter. Weird.

"Hey. Could I get two bottles of champagne please?" he whispered.

"Yes of course Sir, is that all?" I smiled. I couldn't work out who he was, but I'd definitely recognised him from somewhere.

"Erm, if possible. Could you come and join us?" I felt really uncomfortable all of a sudden, why would they want me to join them? I was about to say I'd check with my manager, but all the waiters were working tonight so it wouldn't have made a difference whether I was there or not. Plus, she was probably off somewhere having sex with a stranger as per usual. So I figured, why not?

"Sure. Only for a little while though yeah?" He nodded and lead me over to where he was sitting.

"This is the girl who was singing, lads. Her name is..." he turned to me, giving me the signal to say my name.

"Scarlett." I half smiled, still wondering why I was invited to join them. They looked way too fancy to be eating in this dump. I swear to god it was known as Holmes Chapel's worst restaurant. It used to be the best, but it's gone down hill over the years.

"Well, Scarlett I'm Har-" he stopped. His name was Harry? Why couldn't he continue? Did he have a speaking problem or something?

Suddenly it dawned on me. This guy had curly, brunette hair. His name was Harry. He was with four other boys at the table. They all looked around 21/22, even with sunglasses on. One had blonde hair, two had brown and the last one had dark hair, almost black. I couldn't believe it. I was fucking sat around a table, drinking champagne with One Direction. Shit.

"You're Harry Styles?!" My voice raised in surprise and amazement.

"Shush." he whispered, placing his finger delicately on top of my lips. "Are you a fan?" he winked.

"Well I like your music. It's great, but I wouldn't go so far as a fan. I mean, if I'm honest I'm more obsessed over One Republic. I'm too busy catching up on the goss about them to pay attention to anyone else." I winked, it was truthful though. They all laughed.

"It's nice to meet you, Scarlett!" they replied in unison.

"You're very talented. Girls would kill for a voice like yours." Louis shot a grin at me.

"I agree." Harry nodded and eventually, each individual member of ONE DIRECTION gave me a different compliment. I blushed so hard I felt my own cheeks go strawberry red. Harry rubbed them and I stuck my tongue out.

"Thank you all so much, I didn't even realise anyone came in. It was a bit of a shock," I laughed. "I could never do what you guys do, even if I was half as good as you are."


Short one as dinner was ready and I didn't want to leave it in case it deleted itself:)x


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I really love this story. It's so exciting:-) please Update:)

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This story is amazing! I love it:)(:
I hate Taylor eurgh. Just kill her pls(;

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