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Soon To Be Queen


"Milady. We have come asking a question. Have you heard of Princess Charlotte?" The first man asked. "Well I guess Queen Charlotte really. She's been married a while and has given birth many times."

"Oh Charlie? Yes I've heard of her. She was a lovely girl, always has bean and always will be. But why do you ask of her?"

"She's past on, milady," the second man said softly. The woman looked down at her hands in her lap and thanked her silently.

"Charlie was a good friend to me. She saved my life on more than one occasion and I wouldn't be here without her. I remember how she was before she became Queen, before she even knew about any of the princes begging for her hand in marriage. She was a strong minded girl. She did things she wanted to. Didn't listen to many people."

"Milady you knew her well?" The first man asked. He was confused because he was talking to the Queen of America. How would she know Queen Charlotte if they grew up miles apart?

"Of course. Charlie grew up in America. Her father was the king, her brother is the king now. Have you never heard the story?"

The men exchanged a look before replying.

"We grew up, after her time here, in a small town with little information on anything," the second man spoke.

"Then I will tell you all about her. She has a strange story." The men pulled out notebooks and pencils. They looked up at the older woman expectantly.

"All stories of Princesses and Princes and true love begin the same way." She shifted in her seat and looked out the window.

"Once upon a time," she started in a low voice, "there was a king. His name was King Robert. He married a beautiful woman named Lauren, Queen Lauren now. They were young, most important people marry young, and so in love. Shortly after the coronation, the queen became pregnant with a baby boy. He would be the heir to the throne, Prince Samuel. Not long later she became pregnant with a beautiful baby girl, Princess Charlotte.

"The children grew with limited knowledge of what their life would be like in the future. Samuel began to learn about politics and other kingly business while Charlotte learned her place in society. King Robert made treaties and alliances. For years everyone was at peace, until Charlotte reached the age of 18. The next year they would have to find someone for her to wed but neither parent wanted to think of it.

"A few weeks after Charlotte's birthday the king finally spoke of it. He told his daughter everything. That is where the true story begins...



Is it over?

zaynsmistress14 zaynsmistress14

You should update this looks like it could be really good!!

Iheart1D4eva Iheart1D4eva

This is really good :) I haven't seen anything like this :) Can't wait for more. If you need a cover or character pictures, inbox me. I might be able to help :)

Kay_Baby Kay_Baby