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Through Open Doors {Larry Stylinson Sequel}

Chapter 8


When I wake up next, I’m confused and our room is dark. Louis isn’t in bed next to me, so I assume it isn’t that late. I sit up, but immediately decide that it was a bad idea. My head starts to pound and my eyesight blurs. I lay back down against the pillow and clutch my head in pain. It feels heavy and dull. I reach over and feel around for my phone, but instantly remember that it’s still in my bag from the hospital.

“Lou?” I call out weakly. My voice sounds distant and very unusual, “Mum?”

I wait and listen, but I don’t hear anything. I sit up again, slowly this time, and throw my legs over the side of the bed. I try my best to pace myself as I stand, dizziness taking over my inhibitions. I stop for a moment and balance myself on the nightstand before my eyes fully adjust to the darkness. I can now see enough to make my way to the door. Once I reach it, I poke my head out and notice that it’s dark outside as well. The windows in the hall that don’t have the curtains drawn have moonlight shining through them.

“Lou?” I project my voices the best I can, my voice groggy. It’s still too quiet, though. I make my way to the stairs, but on my way there, I notice a light on under the crack of Louis’ office door. I squint, wondering why he’s in there so late instead of being in bed with me. I approach the door quietly, listening for any clues, but all I can hear is the background noise of the telly. I shrug and open the door, leaning against the frame to hold myself up. Louis glances up quickly, obviously startled. He’s seated at his desk, typing on his computer, and some sports show is on.

“Harry, babe? What are you doing up?” He closes his laptop and swiftly stands from his large chair, meeting me halfway through the room. I don’t know when I start crying, but Louis’ arms are around me before I can process any of it.

“What is it, love? What’s wrong?” He coos, his lips peppering kisses along my jaw.

“It hurts, Lou. It hurts so much,” I admit, tears soaking through his t-shirt. I start to shiver, realizing how little I’m wearing: only a pair of boxer briefs.

“Baby-“ Louis caresses my hair softly and kisses my shoulder once, “Let’s get you back to bed and I’ll take care of you, okay?”

I nod, wishing I were already back in bed. Louis helps me though, his arm around my waist to guide me through the halls. Once I’m back in bed, Louis props the pillows up so I can comfortably sit up, “Want a movie in, Harry?”

I nod, pouting pathetically, “Yeah, I’d like a good pick-me-up.”

Louis grins knowingly and retrieves the remote. He scrolls through the movie database that contains all of our films and clicks on one I can’t see. As I hear Hugh Grant’s familiar opening lines, though, I smile to myself.

“Lou,” I smirk, “You don’t even like this movie.”

Louis snorts and leans over to kiss my lips, “I like anything you like, and Love Actually is your favorite.”

I nod, cuddling into the blankets, “Thank you, honey.”

“Anything for you, darling,” Louis grins, “I’m going to heat some dinner up for you and grab your pain killers. Do you want anything else?”

I pull the blankets up to my neck and nod sleepily, “Your cuddles.”

Louis starts to walk away, and turns around when he reaches the door, “I’ll cuddle you until you’re begging me to stop.”


“So, I’m meant to believe that you helped cook this?” I ask Louis in disbelief as I take another bite.

He grins proudly, “I did, indeed! I know how to make it now, all by myself.”

I ruffle his hair, “Wow, look who’s a big boy.”

Louis pouts as I tease him and grabs my hand, dragging it under the covers. He forces my hand to palm over his crotch as he laughs, “I’ll show you who’s a big boy.”

I stick my tongue out and roll onto my side, my half-eaten plate of food forgotten, “Really? I think I’d like that.”

“Harry,” he warns, pulling away from me, “Not after your little bout of pain. I won’t risk it. Just cuddle, yeah?”

I frown, jutting my bottom lip out dramatically. My medication is making me a little loopy already, but it’s also making the pain subside. I whine, “But orgasms release endorphins and endorphins are natural pain and stress relievers.”

Louis physically rolls his eyes and then winks, “Orgasms, as in plural?”

My jaw drops and lick my lips thoughtfully, “I can try. I’d like to.”

Louis seems just as shocked as I am at how fast our playful banter turned into something so serious, “You want that? You’re going to let me make a mess of you, baby?”

I gulp and nod slowly as Louis looms over me, his eyes dark and intent. Louis places the plate of food on the nightstand next to my pain pills and pulls the covers over us both as he kisses me softly.

“I’m not a china doll, you know,” I mumble against his lips and Louis gently presses his body against mine.

“You’re more precious to me than any china doll, Harry,” he whispers, “I just want to take care of you, sweetheart.”

I nod and sit up a bit to kiss his cheek, “I know. Thank you.”

Louis sucks me off until I come down his throat, eats me out until I’m rutting into the mattress and coming on the sheets, and then he opens me up and fucks me slow and deep. I’ve never slept better than I do that night.


The ride to Dr. Zimmer’s office a couple days later is silent and boring. My mum sits in the back seat, sighing every few minutes. We’re all nervous. That much is definitely true.

It’s me who breaks the silence. I just hate to avoid the truth of the situation, “I’m scared.”

Louis squeezes my hand tightly as he drives, his other hand on the steering wheel, “I am too, Harry.”

“Me three,” Mum pipes in, resting a gentle touch on my shoulder.

“We’re going to make the best out of any situation, though, okay?” Louis adds, glancing over at me quickly as he pulls into the car park.

I nod in agreement. It’s hard to think that far ahead, though, when I have no idea what to expect. When we walk into the office, Louis’ hand is at the small of my back, despite the few people in the waiting room. Mum walks just behind us, probably glaring at anyone who looks too long.

“Mr. Styles,” the receptionist smiles kindly at us, “Mr. Tomlinson; It’s good to see you both. I’ll let Dr. Zimmer know that you’re here. Go ahead and have a seat, please.”

The three of us sit down near the door and Louis’ fingers skim over my arm inconspicuously. I can’t wait for this to all be over: the secret touches and ignorance.

We don’t wait long before a nurse is calling us back, and I swear I see a few people roll their eyes, probably because they’re still waiting. I try not to let it bother me as I follow the woman back to one of the rooms. She has me sit on the examination chair where she takes my temperature and blood pressure. She says that they’re both normal and excuses herself, promising a visit from the doctor soon. As soon as she’s out of the room, Louis is by side, his hand on my knee.

“How do you feel?” he asks, squeezing my thigh.

I shrug, “A bit nauseous, and my head hurts a bit.”

Louis pulls his phone out and thinks for a moment, “You can take more pills in forty-five minutes, okay love?”

I glance over at mum, who is sitting across from us, smiling proudly, “Yeah, thanks Lou.”

He presses a kiss into my hair and mumbles against my skin, “You’re welcome, baby.”

“Thank you, Louis,” mum adds suddenly, standing up and walking over to us, “I was so nervous before, but you’ve matured so much and I’m honestly not worried anymore. I know you’ll take care of my boy.”

She wraps her arms around us both and I can feel her shoulders heave as she starts to cry.

I’m in the middle, which leaves me in the position to do a lot of nothing, but Louis hugs us back and I can’t help but to grin at the situation. I have millions of fans thinking about me everyday, but this is the most loved I’ve ever felt.

When Dr. Zimmer walks in, mum is leaning against the wall next to me, and Louis is holding my hand. The older gentleman approaches us and offers a hand, which Louis takes before I do.

“It’s good to see you both again. You seem to be healing well, Harry,” he grins before turning to my mum, “Mrs. Cox, good to see you again, as well.”

Mum shakes his hand and then sits back down so that he can stand where she was. The man looks at a clipboard and silently shuffles through them for a moment.

“Alright, well I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you,” he states and I feel my heart sink a bit.

“Okay,” I gulp, unsure of what else I’m meant to say, “Good news first.”

Louis squeezes my hand tightly and leave a quick lingering kiss on my temple. I glance over at mum and notice that she has tears welling in her eyes. I hate this. I hate it all so much.

“Well,” Dr. Zimmer grins solemnly, “The tumor we got a biopsy of was benign.”

I grin briefly before remembering that there was also bad news.

I nod and glance at Louis, which I immediately regret. His face is pale, and his expression reminds me of the night he found that letter. The night I witnessed him falling apart.

“The bad news, I’m afraid,” Dr. Zimmer continues, “Is that after we did an MRI, it seems that the tumor has grown more than expected. At this rate, I’m not sure how long we can put off the surgery for. As I mentioned before, I would like for you to start Chemo as soon as possible. I would also like you to seriously consider the situation, and talk to your team about how we can work the surgery in with your tour. I know that your job is very important, and I understand how difficult of a decision this all is, but I need you to really think about this so we can schedule the surgery for as soon as humanly possible.”

I nod slowly, unsure of what this all could mean. We haven’t even told the boys yet, much less our management. It’s going to be a fucking mess, and I feel my brain clutter with stress immediately.

“Simple,” Louis states, “The boys will understand; in fact they’ll agree. We have to postpone the tour. Harry’s health is more important than anything else.”

I look over at him and his face is more serious than I think I’ve ever witnessed. That usual hint of playfulness is long gone. I glance at my mum next and she’s nodding in agreement, “I agree with Louis, Harry. You need to talk to the boys, but this is time sensitive and very important. Your fans will understand, too.”

I look at Dr. Zimmer last and he’s just waiting for me to say something. Because, well, it’s what I say that really matters, “I’ll think about it.”

I hear Louis sigh in irritation, obviously irritated that I don’t see things the same as him.

“Okay, please think about this Harry,” Dr. Zimmer says again, and I nod. I just wish I didn’t have to think about it. I wish it wasn’t an issue in the first place.

“I will. I’ll get back to you by Monday morning,” I promise, deciding that we’ll talk to everyone when we have them over for dinner.

I know that this is important, but Louis and I have done enough to potentially ruin our best mates’ careers. Can I really put more on my conscious?


UGH i hate myself for taking so long... sorry. I'm just low on motivation, and I'm busy. I'm trying though, guys! I swear. Hopefully I'll get some nice comments to motivate me :*

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i feel eh about this chapter but it's better than nothing i guess :/


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I'm just in love with this sequel of " behind closed doors "..though; you did a great job in the first part, I'm more excited for the next chapter....... .....pls update!

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