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Through Open Doors {Larry Stylinson Sequel}

Chapter 7


Harry is discharged from the hospital the next day, but Anne insists on staying with us for the rest of the week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that she’s here, and I know that she’s going to be a great help, but Harry and I value what little true alone time we get. It’s not like I plan on doing anything sexual, but just cuddling in bed all day watching telly was my idea recovery time.

But, it is Harry’s recovery, not mine. I suppose his mum will cook better food for him than I would be able to manage. Besides, I’m sure she’ll give us some alone time. With the new tour slowly approaching, I’m just not sure how much more relaxation we’re going to get.

“Alright,” Anne begins commandeering our lives the moment we walk through our front door, “You go get Harry to bed, and I’ll get supper started.”

I wrap my arm around Harry, who is perfectly capable of walking on his own, and lead him to the stairs.

“We’re never getting rid of her, I’m afraid,” Harry whispers to me once we’re out of range.

I smirk and kiss his cheek, “Don’t worry, love. We don’t have any groceries, so if she’s cooking, she’ll have to shop first.”

Harry grins sleepily, his eyes drooping slightly, “Perfect. I want it to be just me and you for right now.”

I open the door to our bedroom and rush ahead of Harry, placing his bag down at the end of our bed. I hurry to his side of the bed and remove the decorative pillows that the maid must have put back, throwing them onto the floor. I adjust his pillows just the way he likes them and then pull the sheets down enough for him to get in.

“Hold on, Lou,” Harry laughs as I scurry around, “I think I want to shower first or something. I feel gross.”

“Right,” I should have known that. He’s been in a hospital bed for more than a full day, “I’ll draw us a bath, then?”

Harry grins and nods his head furiously, “That sounds perfect.”


After I help Harry into the tub, which he’s irritated by, I slip in behind him, immediately pulling him back close to my chest. He rolls his head back so that he’s resting it against my shoulder. I can easily notice the small bald spot where they shaved his hair for the procedure. It breaks my heart, not because it makes him less beautiful, but because it’s a reminder of his being broken.

Or possibly broken. We still don’t have the results back. We have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Zimmer in two days, and there’s nothing we can do but wait until then.

“Is it noticeable?” he practically whispers, and I know exactly what he means.

“Is what noticeable?” I ask as I run my hands up and down his arms.

“You know what,” and I can’t see him roll his eyes, but I’m pretty sure he does.

“No, Harry,” I sigh, “It’s really not.”

“It is,” he retorts, sniffling in the process.

“It isn’t, and you’re just going to wear your silly hats regardless,” I tease, cupping warm water in my hands and letting it fall down his chest.

He chuckles at that, and I’m relieved because he’s been unpredictable lately, “It all just sucks, Lou. This is the worst timing. Everything has been so perfect,” he pauses and twists his neck to face me better, “You’ve been perfect.”

I softly smile, my lips parted barely as Harry’s eyes drift down to them, and then back to my eyes, “I’ll be anything you need me to be. I can manage perfect every now and then.”

Harry scoffs and presses his lips to mine in the same breath. It’s a kiss that is hard to explain; because it isn’t because either of us wanted it, we just needed it. It was a kiss of comfort, of desire, and of necessity.

Harry moves quicker than expected, straddling my lap before I can even process what’s happening. His tongue is gliding against my bottom lip, and his hands are tugging at my hair.

“Love,” I pull back, quickly kissing his neck and collarbones so that he doesn’t feel rejected, “Let’s clean up and take this to the bed, okay? Don’t want to push you too far when you’re still recovering.”

“But, I’m fine-“ Harry fights me, but I silence him with my lips, whispering against them softly.

“Don’t argue with me; I just want to be safe. It’ll be better in bed anyway,” I wink.

He pouts, but sits back down between my legs, resting his hands on my knees, “Alright, let’s just make this bath quick.”


After carefully washing Harry’s hair, and thoroughly washing his body, he’s fully hard and impatient with me. His hair isn’t even remotely dry when he lays down in bed, his skin glistening and damp.

“Louis, if you make me wait for one more second, I’m just going to wank in front of you for a week straight,” Harry practically growls, laying on top of the sheets with his hand on his cock.

I give up on my protests the moment I see him desperate like that, dropping my towel on the floor, and crawling toward him on the mattress, “Okay, but we’re doing this my way, and if you don’t listen to me, then I’m going to leave you here all day,” I lower my body over his, my breath on his lips, “Hard and alone.”

Harry’s body flinches at that, his hips lifting off of the bed to meet mine.

“You understand?” I question, lifting my hips up, despite how difficult it is for me as well.

“Yeah,” he breathes out desperately, “I promise; just please-“

My expression softens entirely as Harry pleads with me, “I’m always going to take care of you, babe. Just be still and relax, okay?”

Harry nods, his eyes fluttering shut as I grind my hips down into his, our cocks rubbing roughly against each other. I press my lips to his cheeks, one at a time, before working down his chest to the birds tattooed there. “Love this ink, love. So special,” I whisper into his skin, breathing in the scent of soap and just Harry.

“Just for you,” Harry chokes out, his breathing faulting as I move farther down. Before either of us is aware, I am laid on my stomach between his legs.

“Just going to suck you off tonight, H. Want you to be all better before I fuck you properly,” I tell him as kiss along his quivering thighs.

“No, Lou, I’m okay. Please, just- Just make love to me. It doesn’t have to be rough, yeah?” His begging always gets to me, and I suppose he’s right. If I go slow, then it won’t be any more harsh than a blowjob.

“Okay, just be good, yeah?” I agree, before licking a strip along the underside of his thick cock. He acknowledges my orders by whimpering as I take him in my mouth.

He listens, though, keeping his hips still. I suck on the head for a while, dipping my tongue into his slit, tasting him on my tongue immediately. I hum in delight, using my hand to caress his balls gently. He moans scandalously, and when I look up through my eyelashes, he’s clasping his hand over his mouth.

I remove my mouth, licking up and down once more before moving back up to Harry’s chest, “You better stay quiet, kitten, you don’t want your mum to hear us.”

That only makes Harry whimper more as I sit my arse back on his thighs, reaching over to the nightstand drawer. I remove the bottle of lube, drizzling a bit on three of my fingers.

Harry watches me intently, his hands spanning across my thighs easily, “So, how do you want me, Lou? On my stomach? Hands and knees?”

I shake my head distantly, “No, stay where you are.”

Harry nods, beginning to spread his legs a bit, only stopping when he sees me sit up on my knees. I twist my arm behind my back, spreading a significant amount of lube over my hole before pressing in the first finger.

“Oh,” Harry whispers, moving his hands to cup my ass, spreading my cheeks apart and kneading his fingers into my skin.

I throw my head back, closing my eyes tight as I try to memorize the way his hands feel on me. They’re always so great, large compared to any part of my body, even when my thighs were much larger. It’s just one more reason why we’re the perfect match.

I open myself quickly, impatient and unable to watch Harry frantically trying to stay still anymore.

“Ready?” I ask and Harry practically scoffs at that, grabbing the lube and applying it to his own cock. After he’s done, I swat his hand away, grasping him in my own instead. I roll my hips back, allowing his dick to slide deliciously between my arse. I lift up onto my knees again, holding him tight behind me as I slowly lower myself onto him.

“Fuck...” Harry drags out, biting on his lip. I rest my hands on his shoulders, balancing myself and feeling his muscles contract at the same time, as he holds my hips and guides me down slowly.

“Full; so good, Harry,” I gasp out, my bum seated on his thighs now. He nods, silently telling me how good it feels for him as well. Once I adjust, I begin to roll my hips in circles, allowing him to get deeper and deeper before pulling up. Harry’s left hand finds mine, and he intertwines our fingers, gripping my hand tightly as he tries to stay quiet. I bring our hands to my lips and kiss the ring that I put there. The ring that symbolizes our undying love. The ring that has brought us from a closeted couple, to a mature almost-out couple, and it feels like we’ve grown so much in the past year.

I can’t think about all of that for too long, because Harry is moving his hips, despite my desire for him to relax. He does look relaxed, though, lips red and eyes blown. He looks completely blissed and lazy as I slowly ride him to his orgasm.

When he starts to get close, he doesn’t say anything, afraid that he’ll be unable to hold back his screams. Instead, he starts pumping one hand firmly over my cock, which is hard and leaking. I start moving when I feel myself drawing closer to the edge, rolling my hips around instead so that his dick is massaging my prostate into oblivion. Harry’s mouth drops when he comes deep inside of me, only a soft, low groan escaping his throat.

I keep him inside as I come, clenching around him and feeling him twitch as I do. When I climb off of him, I keep my legs close together, trying to avoid too much of a mess. I clean Harry off with a few tissues nearby, because I can tell that he’s about to pass out, his eyes fluttering shut from exhaustion.

“Go to sleep, Harry. I love you more than anything.”

I kiss his lips briefly, and he lazily skims his fingertips over my spine before falling back into his pillow. I pull the covers over him and kiss his shoulder one more time.

By the time I’m back from cleaning myself, he’s snoring and cuddled up next to my pillow, just like he always sleeps.


I walk downstairs after getting dressed to find Anne over the stove.

“Hello,” she smiles at me as I open the refrigerator and remove a beer, “Hey, I’m sorry if we didn’t have anything to eat. Did you go shopping?”

She nods knowingly, “I knew I’d have to. You both need to be better about that. He needs to be eating healthy, especially in his state. Gotta keep his immune system up.”

I nod, thinking that maybe I should take notes.

“Can you actually-“ I stop myself at first, feeling a bit stupid, “Can you like teach me how to take care of him? I mean- I know how, but it’s different now. I need to know how to cook at least one thing.”

Anne turns around, crossing her arms with a wide grin plastered on her face, “Of course, Lou. Grab a notepad or something so you don’t forget.”

I gulp my beer and set it down on the counter, opening the drawer closest to the sink, “I’ll do a video on my iPad, too. So it like makes more sense. I’ll just write down the ingredients or something later.”

Anne is still smiling, “Sounds great, Louis.”


“Is that it, then?” I ask once the chicken is in the oven and the vegetables are sautéed and simmering.

“Pretty much! We can throw a salad together later. Let’s just sit for a bit,” she suggests, pointing to the living room.

We sit down on the couch, Anne with her glass of wine, and me with my beer.

“So,” she starts, and it already seems like a serious conversation to me, “Tell me what’s going on with your contract.”

I shrug, “What do you mean?”

“I’m not stupid, Lou,” she chuckles, “I feel like something’s happening, and it might be big. I just want in on it is all.”

“Well,” and there’s no reason for me to lie to her, “Basically, the other lads stood up to Jason. They told him that he has to allow us to decide when to come out, or we will all buy our way out.”

“Wow,” her eyes widen, “That’s a big decision. They’re great friends, yeah?”

I nod, and really that’s an understatement, “Yeah, they really are. I still feel bad letting them do that. What if he doesn’t make any of it easy for us?”

Anne smiles fondly, in the most motherly way possible, “Honey, he is. It’s all about money for that man, and none of us can really blame him too much. That’s what his job is: to make money for everyone else on the team. Just try not to be too uncooperative. It might seem unfair, whatever options he gives you, but you might be able to bargain. Remember that.”

I nod slowly, trying to understand where exactly she is coming from, “Yeah, we’re also going to go over any new contracts he gives us with lawyers outside of the company. We don’t want to be tricked into anything.”

Anne rests her hand on my shoulder, “That’s smart of you all. Just continue to be careful and wary of everyone. So many people are too greedy for their own good.”

“Thanks, Anne,” I lean over and kiss her cheek, “We’ll phone you before we make any crazy decisions. You know that, right?”

She chuckles, “That’s not what I’m most concerned over, but it’s good to know. Keep me in the loop, yeah?”

“Of course,” I grin, “Now, let’s go see how dinner’s going, and then I’ll check on our patient.”


Hello everyone <3 I hope you are all well!!!! I'm so excited that I actually posted this CLOSE to the schedule I started haha. Yesterday was Halloween so that is my excuse.. i've been up all night these past two nights now, so I hope you liked this chapter! I felt that we needed more smut :D haha

ALSO check out my newest story: BEAU & THE BEAST it is sort of a spinoff of Beauty & the Beast, but it's extremely different and LARRY. so yeah, I hope you like it xx

Let me know how you all are <3


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