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Through Open Doors {Larry Stylinson Sequel}

Chapter 5


Louis drives to the hospital in the morning, holding my hand in silence the entire way. I don’t know what to say, but Louis always seems to.

“Talk to me, Lou,” I squeeze his hand and look over at his tired expression. He has a scalding cup of tea sitting between us, but he hasn’t touched it yet.

“What do you want to talk about, H?” I can tell he’s trying to seem carefree. Neither of us slept, though, and it’s starting to catch up with us both.

“I don’t know. I just want to hear your voice. Tell me a story,” my request makes me feel childish, but I really just want him to say something, anything, to soothe me.

“Alright, here goes,” he rests our hands on my thigh and takes a quick breath, “Once upon a time there were two boys. The older boy, let’s call him Logan, was head over heels the moment he saw the younger, and we’ll call him Henry. So, Logan tried these cheesy pick-up lines and felt his heart flutter when they worked. They fell in love way too quickly, and didn’t give it a second thought. To be honest, the two were quite opposites, but Henry found Logan very charming and exciting-“

“Exciting, eh? I suppose so. Full of himself? Absolutely,” I chuckle.

“Oh, you wouldn’t know, since you’ve never heard the story, yeah?” he grins and turns his focus to the road again, “Anyway, they moved in together and it was the proudest moment of Logan’s life. He was so scared of fucking it up, though, because Henry was just way out of his league. So, he tried to do everything he could to keep Henry around; he’d lay down his own life if it meant he never lived a day without Henry. Now, don’t get me wrong, shit was hard. No one wanted them to be together, and their job made their relationship practically impossible. Only, their love was always stronger than that.”

There’s a glint in Louis’ eye and I know he didn’t intend to get emotional. I’ve already started crying. Well, I haven’t really stopped crying since about four o’clock this morning when I last threw up. But, I’m glad I have Louis there for me during my nausea now.

“Their love was the most important part of their lives, even though it didn’t always seem like it. They loved their jobs, but they loved each other more. They loved their friends, but they still loved each other more. They loved each other so much that they made a promise to be together for the rest of their lives. Logan got this sick house and surprised Henry and it was really fucking romantic,” I laugh through my tears, bringing our intertwined hands up to my lips and kissing his knuckles, “And then Henry got sick-“

“I think I can take it from here,” I interrupt, “Henry got sick and he was terrified of telling- Logan, was it?” Louis nods, smiling solemnly, “So, he didn’t tell him for a while, and it was the most difficult thing Henry has ever dealt with. He’ll regret waiting to tell Logan for the rest of his life-“ I shake my head and try not to cry any harder, “Louis, I should have told you from the beginning; I’m so sorry. I feel right shit about it. I can’t go back and do this surgery knowing that I haven’t properly apologized for it all.”

“Shhh; There’s nothing to apologize for. Of course I would have liked to know, but only so I could be there for you. You’re allowed to be a little selfish at a time like this. I don’t blame you for how you reacted; I just wish you wouldn’t have been afraid to tell me,” Louis pulls into the parking garage and the realization of it all truly hits me.

“Since we’re being honest; I’m afraid right now. I’m scared of the procedure, and I’m scared of the results. I can’t deal with this, Lou. I can’t-“

As soon as the car is in park, Louis’ seatbelt is off and he’s gathering me in his arms, “Yes, you can. I’m here and you’re going to be alright. I’m joing to do everything within my power to keep you safe and sound, yeah?”

I nod, even though I know there’s only so much that Louis can do. There was a time when I saw Louis as my all-powerful savior, but this time, no one can truly keep me from what’s to come.

“You know, you didn’t really let me finish the story, love,” Louis grins as I lay my head on his shoulder.

“So, after Henry got better, everything else seemed to get better. Everyone realized that their public image wasn’t all that important in the scheme of things. They got married and had three beautiful kids, whose names are still under review, and they all lived happily ever after. The end.”

I chuckle and wipe the remaining tears from my cheeks, “A man can dream, right?”

“Hey,” he lifts my chin slightly with his finger, “It’s going to happen. That’s how our story is going to end; I promise.”

“You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep,” it comes out more rude than I intended, but I think he understands how I’m feeling.

He huffs, “Today will be fine, yeah? We’re just going to figure out how bad it is, s’all. We’ll go from there. One thing at a time.”

I nod slowly and look out of the driver’s window. The parking garage is nearly empty, only a few other parked cars scattered around.

“H, it’s five. We should go in, alright?” Louis’ voice is soft, begging me to remain calm.
I only nod again before opening my door and stepping out to feel a crisp breeze coming through the small cutouts in the concrete. I shiver, and Louis hustles over, removing the hoodie of mine he’s wearing, “Here, babe. Wear this until you have to change. Then I want it back.”

I take the jacket from him and hold it in one hand, feeling something surge through me that I can’t exactly explain. It’s like immense appreciation that can’t be projected through words. Knowing that this could be the last moment we have alone before I’m put under warrants this need to be close to Louis. I take him by surprise, wrapping my arms around him waist, and backing him slowly against the car.

“Harry-“ I press my body against his, licking my lips as I feel his breath against them, “Harry, someone could see us.”

“Let them,” I close the distance between our mouths in a mere second, kissing him passionately, savoring every moment of our embrace. I pull away and grind my hips into him, so that he’s pinned against the car, “You were right; there’s so much that’s important to us, but nothing is more important than us. After this, Lou, I want to come out. I mean it, I want to really be with you. This whole bullshit sickness could take my life, and if I never get to hold your hand in public, then what was my life good for anyway.”

Louis is speechless, but his breathing is still ragged against my lips. I kiss him again, and he kisses back with more fire and emotion than ever before. This time he breaks the kiss, “Are you sure? I don’t want you to rush-“

“No, fuck it. We’re doing this, okay? We’ll have a dinner with the boys and our families and we’ll tell them everything. It’s happening,” I kiss him one last time and step back, leaving him to lean against the car as I pull on the sweater I don’t exactly need anymore. My adrenaline has fixed the temperature problem. I reach out for Louis’ hand and he takes it after only a moment of thought. We walk hand-in-hand all the way through the garage and the lobby to the front desk. When we approach the desk, the nurse looks up, startled, “Good morning, Mr. Styles. I will let Dr. Zimmer you are here, and I’ll just need you to fill out this final paperwork.”

She forces a grin, standing up to hand me a clipboard, and most likely to confirm that we really were holding hands. I smile back widely and glance over to Louis, who is nervously gnawing at his lip, “Thanks, we’ll just wait over here.”

She nods and picks up the phone on her desk, pressing three buttons before we step away and find chairs in the empty waiting area.

“Isn’t it weird how she already knew which Doctor you were here for?” Louis’ hand feels clammy, not that I care.

I shrug, “I’m sure she recognized my name on the schedule. She can’t say anything- Doctor/Patient confidentiality and all.”

I fill out the paperwork with one hand, not ever wanting to let Louis’ go. We wait for about five minutes after I’m done before a nurse appears through a sliding glass door, “Mr. Styles, we are ready for you in pre-op.”

I feel the blood leave my face, and I know I must be as white as a sheet. I look at Louis with pleading eyes, though there’s nothing he can do. I turn to the nurse and begin to stand up, Louis’ hand still intertwined with mine, “Can my fiancé come with me?”
She smiles genuinely and nods, waving us toward her, “Of course. He just can’t go past pre-op.”

I nod in relief, pulling Louis along toward the door that seems so fucking intimidating to me. I just have to get this over with. I have so much to look forward to afterward.


I wish pre-op lasted much longer than it did. I’ve just seen Harry leave, being pushed back in a gurney, and it was terrifying, even though I know he’ll be fine today. It’s just the idea that this could be our lives from now on: hospitals, surgeries, tears.

I’m holding a plastic bag with Harry’s things inside. I have his clothes, shoes, cell phone, and wallet. He asked for a moment alone just after Dr. Zimmer came to talk to us about details. I laid next to him and let him nuzzle into my neck. I whispered to him about all the great things we’ll be able to do together and our future. That seemed to encourage him. It’s as if our relationship is his motivation to survive.

Dr. Zimmer expects the procedure to take about four hours, and then Harry will most likely stay overnight to monitor his vitals. He has ensured that we will have a private room and a cot waiting for me.

I walk out of pre-op and make my way into the waiting room closest to the operating room. I pull on Harry’s hoodie and wrap my arms around myself, laying down and trying to get comfortable. Once I do, I come to the realization that there’s no way in hell I will be able to sleep. Instead, I simply lay there, staring at the silent and unfamiliar children’s cartoon on the telly. I lay in a daze for god knows how long, until I start to get restless.

I look at my phone to find that it’s only nine o’clock, meaning Harry has only been back for two hours. I can’t stop myself from thinking about exactly what is happening to him right now. They had to shave a part of his hair and drill a small hole through his head to get to the tumor. That’s the reason it takes so long; they have to be precise and careful. It’s almost physically painful for me to imagine what he looks like right now, laying flat on an operating table. I push those thoughts out of my mind and decide that I need to distract myself. I grab my phone and dial for my mum.

“Hello, boo. What on earth are you doing awake?”

She sounds tired, but the familiarity of her voice is comforting.

“Just couldn’t sleep and missed you. How is everyone?”

“They’re all well,” I can hear her smile through the phone, “How are you and H?”

“We’re actually really good, mum,” which is the honest truth. Harry and I are stronger than we’ve ever been, “We actually want to have a proper dinner party this weekend. Are you able to come on Sunday?”

“Of course, dear. We’d all enjoy that. Is it just us, then?”

“Well, no,” I consider my words wisely, “It’ll be Harry’s family as well, and the lads.”

“Sounds important. Will we be discussing wedding plans?”

“Harry will hope so,” I chuckle, “It’ll be casual, though, so just come as you are.”

She shrieks in laughter, “Trust me, my ratty old pi’s are not suitable for anything outside of this house, my love.”

I smile sadly to myself, wishing I could just tell my mum everything. I always do and she always knows what to say. I can talk to her after Harry is ready to tell everyone. Hopefully that’s still this weekend.

“Are you alright, Lou?”

“Yeah,” I gulp, “I’m perfectly fine. I’ve got to go, though. I’ll text you details about Sunday later on when Harry’s awake.”

I laugh dryly to myself, because Harry really is sleeping, and hopefully he’s sleeping hard.

“Alright, and you’ll tell me what’s wrong then. Love you, bug. Have a great day and give Harry our love.”

“Love you too, mum. Talk later. Hugs to the family.”

I hang up before she can inquire anymore. I know she’s suspicious of something and usually she doesn’t rest until she has answers.

My thoughts are interrupted by a small voice in the doorway, “Mr. Tomlinson?”


wow... it's been a while. sup guys?

hope you don't hate me yet :/ I'm trying to write when I can! xx


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