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Through Open Doors {Larry Stylinson Sequel}

Chapter 2


A rough silence fell after Zayn’s frank statement, so Liam added, “We’ll give you a week to think about it and get back to us, yeah?”

Then, Louis and I stand and follow the other lads out of Jason’s office without saying a word. We all walk quietly to the lift, but once the doors close behind us, I feel tears begin to surface.

Niall must notice, because he approaches me and rests a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Oh god, you guys are mad, aren’t you? We’re sorry to spring this on you. We just knew that if we talked to you about it first, you’d never let us go through with it, but honestly, we wanted to. We’ve thought about it for a long while, but with the engagement, it just seemed like perfect timing, and-“

“Shut up, Ni. I’m not upset! I’m just so happy,” I start to sob, unable to hold it back anymore and I glance over at Louis, who’s smiling, still in a state of shock. Niall sighs in relief and pulls me into a tight hug. Louis, Zayn, and Liam quickly join in, surrounding us in an embrace. My voice is muffled against Niall’s shoulder, but I manage to say, “You guys are the best.”

“We know,” Zayn murmurs, making us all chuckle as the lift dings and stops on the first floor.
We file out of the elevator in silence and make our way to the back door Louis and I entered through. We huddle under the small part of the sidewalk that is covered, protecting us from the typical London rainfall.

“Do you guys want to do something, or...”

I can tell that Louis is trying to politely get rid of the lads and apparently they catch on as well.

“You lovebirds go on home. Let’s plan to grill out on Sunday or summat, yeah?”

I nod enthusiastically in agreement with Zayn’s idea and Louis mutters a quick, “yeah, yeah.”
We say our goodbyes and Louis and I leave the group first, jogging to the car park. We don’t escape the rain entirely, though. Our clothes and hair are pretty soaked. Once we shut the doors and I start the car, I immediately get an ear full of Louis’ thoughts and feelings before I can even ask.

“I just don’t know why they would do that without like warning us or something...


“I mean, Jason is obviously pissed and he’s going to find some way to make this all backfire on us
and you KNOW he’s not gonna believe that it was the boys’ idea...”

“But, Louis-“

“...he’s going to put the blame on us and make our lives a living hell all over again. Just like always.”

“Louis, let me speak!”

I nearly drive through a stop light, but slam on the brakes in time, finally capturing Louis’ attention.
He looks like a mixture of irritated and scared, and I reach over to collect his hand in mine comfortingly.

“Louis, calm down and we can talk about this like adults.”

He rolls his eyes and stares out the window, but he leaves his hand safely contained in mine.

That’s the equivalent of him agreeing with me, so I continue, “Let’s go home and order a Chinese and we’ll talk and then watch a movie and laze about, yeah?”

He nods cautiously with his head resting against the window.

I don’t push him any further now because I know it’ll be better if I let him think it over on his own for a bit until we get home. I hope that my silence will encourage him to do just that: think. How wrong I am.

“I get that we got engaged and like it’s a big step and I know they have the best intentions, but we always said that we couldn’t bear the thought of being the reason for ruining their careers. Harry, I don’t want them to resent us down the road. They’re like family to us and losing them would just be the absolute worst!”

I nod, but remain silent because I know that this is the next best thing to him quietly thinking; he’s just thinking out loud as long as I don’t interrupt.

“When our lives do settle down, and they will eventually, they need to be by our sides, just like they have been for so long. It’s so much change all at once. Did they even think this all through? They aren’t just doing us a favor, they’re putting all of our careers at risk.”

My eyebrows furrow and I have an uneasy feeling about what he’s saying. I pull over near a quiet, shaded park as the rain pour harder than before. I park the car and twist my torso to face Louis better.

I pull his hand close to my chest and speak calmly, “Baby, what is this really about?”

He pretends to be confused, but soon sighs and stares at his feet.

“Talk to me, Lou.”

I kiss the back of his hand and wait patiently for him to answer me.

After a few silent moments, he looks me in the eye and I notice that his bottom lip is slightly quivering.

“Harry, I’m scared.”

I watch as his eyes water and my first instinct is to pull him to my chest and hold him forever, but I let him get everything out first, even if it means witnessing Louis cry.

“I know I talk a lot of shit about being brave and all, but I’m so scared. This is what we’ve always wanted and it’s finally possible and happening and Jesus, it’s so terrifying. I’ve always thought we would come out like years down the road and I’ve always looked forward to it, but now it’s so real and so... intimidating.”

He gestures and pours out his heart, but once he’s done, I can’t help but to pull him into a warm, comforting hug. It’s what he would do if the roles were reversed. He buries his face in my neck and I kiss the side of his head repeatedly until he pulls away.

“Louis, I know how you feel, okay? Remember when I was so fucking scared to tell my dad about us?” Louis nods and wipes away a few tears with the collar of his shirt, “And it backfired a little, you know. But, I rolled with the punches because you’re my everything, Louis and if my dad hating me because of our relationship was the case, then I would have had to deal with that.
Because you’re a part of me and if he couldn’t accept that, then tough shit.”

Louis chuckles lightly and pulls our intertwined hands into his lap.

I lean over and press a chaste kiss to his cheek, “So, what is it that you’re most afraid of?”
He sighs and thinks for a moment, “I don’t want to be one of those celebrity couples. They’re all just a joke and the media ruins everything. Like, yeah our fans mainly support us and that’s great, but our relationship will become everything that One Direction stands for. If we make it through this bump in the road with Modest, then that isn’t fair to the other boys, and frankly, to us. Our relationship shouldn’t be the poster for our band. They should be separate, but they never will be. I’m scared of what people will say. People who don’t know us. I hate that I feel like that, because if you’re being brave about it, then so should I. It’s just difficult to know that our love will be on display to everyone.”

I nod, understanding his opinion on it all, but I still don’t think he should be so afraid.

I lean over and rest my head on his chest, staring out the windshield.

“Lou, you see that couple over there under that awning?”

Louis glances over and matches my gaze at the middle aged couple enjoying a picnic at a table under a covering at the park. The rain is falling around them, but they’re way too occupied in their conversation to care. They’re the only people in view.

“Yeah, what about them?”

Louis runs his fingers through my damp hair gently.

“After all of this happens, that could be us. We wouldn’t have to hide. In fact, a few years from now, we could be sitting there, on a sunnier day of course, and watch our little boy or little girl run around on the playground while we enjoy a tiny piece of alone time. It’d be enough, though, because our family would be together and nothing else would matter. Our only problems would be trying to find enough time to fuck while the kids are gone or asleep. We’ll argue about who’s making lunches and who’s changing diapers, but all of that petty stuff you just mentioned will literally mean nothing. The lads aren’t dumb. They’ve thought about this a long time, I’m sure. If any of us act out of impulse, it’s you,” he playfully smacks my arm, but agrees, “Sure, it’ll be scary at first, but isn’t our future worth it?”

Just thinking about my little scenario forces a smile onto my face. The man and woman at the table are laughing about something and it makes me smile even more.

“Of course, you’re right, babe. I want all of that and if it means a few months or years of uninterrupted shit in the tabloids about us, then I think it’s worth it.”

I hum lazily in agreement and nuzzle into Louis’ chest, “The world is changing and we have an opportunity to help with it all. The fans who aren’t on board already will probably get used to the idea and it won’t be so shocking to people anymore.”

I look up briefly and capture Louis’ lips in a crushing kiss.

“I love you so much, Harry.”

I smile and kiss his nose quickly.

“I love you more, sweetheart. Can I please take you home now and get these wet clothes off of you?”

I wink playfully and he smirks proudly, “Of course you can. I suggest you drive faster as well. I
swear my gran drives faster than you.”

“Heeeey, I’m a safe driver. I’ve got precious cargo with me.”

Louis snorts and watches my every move in adoration as I pull out of the car park and make my way back to the road.

The rest of our day is spent exchanging lazy hand jobs while watching a breaking bad marathon and snacking on Chinese food. Louis fucks me in the shower that night and we make a mental list of all of the surfaces in our house we haven’t consummated yet. We also text Liam, Zayn, and Niall to plan a dinner at our place the following night. Then, we can all discuss our next move.


AHHHH I wanted to write a real note here, but I only have TWO MINUTES until my break is over and I'd rather post this chapter. PLEASE comment <3 I love you allllll so much!!! xoxoxo


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