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Through Open Doors {Larry Stylinson Sequel}

Chapter 1


It’s been two weeks since Louis’ proposal and I still wake up every morning, thinking it’s a dream. That is, of course, until I look around the brand new bedroom that’s still unfamiliar to me, glance over at Louis’ sleeping body, and finally at the beautifully sentimental ring on my left hand.
This morning isn’t any different, except that when I look around the room, I also see the wall of memories that Louis and I have started to transfer from his old room; well, it was practically our room, but this is really our room. Also, Louis isn’t in bed still. He’s been sleeping in every day since we started staying here, but I can hear the shower running from our bed.

Louis is letting me decorate the whole place. Right now, it’s littered with the furniture that used to be in Louis’ apartment, along with some that was in mine, but I want to start it all from scratch. The bed is new and it’s fucking huge. I never thought Louis ever paid attention to my rants about how great L.A. is, but apparently he does, because there is a fabulous California king bed in the middle of our too-large bedroom. This place, our house, is going to be entirely new and entirely us.

I yawn and groan loudly, tearing the covers off of me quickly. If I don’t get up now, I probably won’t want to all day... and we have a meeting with Jason in a couple hours. All of us guys do, not just me and Louis.

“Harry! Are you up?”

The shower stops running just after Louis calls to me and I stand up, making my way toward the bathroom without putting on a single item of clothing. I swing the door open and see the outline of Louis’ perfect curves through the fogged up glass.

I whistle and hum dramatically in appreciation of the view as I lean toward the wall above the toilet and hold myself up as I try to have a piss with a morning erection.

“Morning, sweetheart. How’d you sleep?”

He slides the shower open enough to poke his head out and I can’t help but to chuckle at the mop of wet hair on top of his head.

“Morning, Haz. I slept great. That bed is a dream; I might need to give L.A. a chance if everything else is as wonderful there as that damn bed.” He shakes his hair and a bit splashes on me as I finally finish pissing. “Hey, can you grab me a towel, babe? I’m freezing.”

I chuckle and walk over to the cupboard, retrieving a large, white, fluffy towel and walking back to the shower. I hold the towel behind my back and lean forward, pursing my lips.

“What are you doing, ya goofball?”

“Well, I’m not gonna give you anything without a ‘good morning’ kiss, now am I?”

Louis giggles and presses his wet lips against my dry, puckered ones.

“Here you are, darling.”

I hand him the towel and turn around, feeling a light smack on my bum. I turn around in mock appall.

“Excuse me!”

He laughs at his own behavior and rubs the towel over his perfectly tanned skin. We really haven’t
spent much time outdoors in forever- how is he always so sun kissed?

“C’mere, crazy.”

I smile and approach him slowly, swaying back and forth like a love-struck puppy.

“M’not crazy, crazy.”

Louis steps out of the shower and meets me halfway, wrapping his towel around both of our hips. I gasp when I feel our cocks brush against each other. I cup his face with both of my hands and kiss him with every intent of a chaste, slow kiss; but, Louis has a different idea and as soon as our lips meet, the kiss is hungry and passionate. I back Louis up toward the shower and press his back against the glass.


I ignore his interruption and kiss him some more.

“Harry, babe.”

I reluctantly pull away and rest my forehead against his.

“As badly as I want to continue this forever and ever, we need to be at the office in like an hour and a half and it’s a bit farther from the new house than we used to be.” I pout and he pecks my nose playfully, “And you, my love, need to take a shower!”

He slips under my arm before I can make another move, leaving me naked in front of the shower. I suppose I don’t have much of an option now. As Louis walks away, I turn the water on and call out to him, “You owe me big time later.”

He waves his hand around, dismissing me, but I know he’s just playing. I’ll get plenty Louis time after this damned meeting.



“Guys, we’ve gotta be on the same page here, okay? This is our chance.”

Niall and Liam nod in agreement. It’s really strange to think of how playful and carefree we all were four years ago, just getting started. Now, everything seems somber and serious. It’s not the same.

“Alright, well, what do you think we should do, Z?”

Yeah, it’s definitely strangest to see Niall so severe.

“Uh, I guess we’ll just have to stand our ground, yeah?”

Liam looks between Niall and I, constantly nodding and taking deep breaths.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s go in there, then. We’ll just wait in the lobby until Louis and Harry get here.”

Niall and I mutter our agreement and follow Liam through the large glass doors of Modest offices.



Harry and I drive in blissful silence until he tries to find parking. Then, it’s just whispered curses and sighs of irritation. Eventually, we park behind the building and Harry leans over to kiss me on the cheek before we have to get out of the car and walk at least three feet away from each other.

“Alright, let’s see what Jason wants, yeah?”

Harry nods and we both step out of the car, hurrying up the steps to the back entrance of the
offices. Just before we open the door, Harry stands in my way.

“Wait, are we supposed to tell Jason about the engagement? Like, what do we do?”

I shrug, because I haven’t thought that far ahead. I honestly don’t care about Jason at this point, or anything but Harry.

“Let’s just see what it’s all about, yeah? We’ll take it one step at a time. Just remember-“ I pause
until Harry looks me in the eye, “it’s about us, but it’s also about Zayn, Liam, and Niall, okay? We have to be careful still, even though it seems easy to just be ignorant and enraptured in our relationship, but- we just need to think about everyone.”

Harry nods understandingly and leans over to kiss me, but realizes that it’s not an opportune place.

“We’ve been locked away alone too long.”

I chuckle and follow Harry inside and to the elevator that we previously scandalized.

“Had some good times in here, huh?”

I hold back my laughter and wait impatiently for the lift to reach the lobby. Before it does, Zayn,
Liam, and Niall hurry over from the other side of the room.

“Hey, guys! We didn’t see you come in.”

Niall seems like he’s trying to hard to be cheerful. They all do, really.

“Sorry, we came in the back. Couldn’t find parking anywhere.”

We all step into the lift when the doors open. The ride is awkwardly silent and I wonder if it’s because the boys totally know that we’ve been locked away in our new house fucking for two weeks. That knowledge has never been awkward before, though.

I open my mouth to break the silence, but the doors open on the correct floor, and we all file out to the dreaded hallway that contains Jason’s office. Niall leads the five of us and holds the door open until we’ve all filed into Jason’s office. He’s sitting at his desk, as usual, staring at his computer. Zayn clears his throat and we all stand near the door until he notices us.

“Ah, boys. Have a seat. I’m quite surprised to see you all here on time.”

He glances at Harry and I with those words, not surprisingly so. We all sit, Harry and I on the chairs and the rest of the boys on the couch to our right.

“Alright, I’ll cut to the chase, then. We have a few things to discuss. First of all, I hope you’ve
enjoyed the prolonged break because rehearsals for your next tour start in a week.”

We all nod, because that isn’t really news to anyone.

“Secondly, we are going to be doing a bunch of photo-shoots in the next few days for new mercy and I’m trying to make them consecutive so that they won’t take too many days away from your last week of freedom.”


“Now, thirdly and most importantly, I see that Louis and Harry here have been taking advantage of that freedom.”

We all look around at each other in confusion and Harry asks the question that Jason is obviously waiting for, “What do you mean?”

“Well, let’s just say that we had to fork over a bit of money so that some friends over in Ireland would keep some pictures private. A large amount of money, really.”

He glances at the both of us and we’re motionless. There’s really nothing we can say that will help. So, we just let Jason continue.

“So, depending on when we get those photo-shoots planned, Harry is going to spend a bit of time in L.A. to ‘get away’ before the tour starts.”

Harry scoffs and I scoot forward in my chair in an attempt to come off as intimidating and protective.

Instead, I just sound pathetic.

“Please, Jason. Things have been really great lately and I’d really like to savor the little time we have alone before tour. Don’t send Harry away.”

Jason chuckles and shuffles through some papers on his desk before folding his arms and staring me right in the eyes.

“Sorry, Louis but that’s not gonna work.”

My mouth hangs open stupidly and I’m at a complete loss of words. Then, I feel a familiar hand on my shoulder and I turn in my seat to look up at Liam.

“Jason, we’re not going to stand by and let this happen anymore.”

Jason is taken aback, and frankly, so am I.

“Excuse me, Liam? What makes you think any of you have a say in this?”

Niall steps forward and stands next to Liam.

“Well, we’re a group. You either work with us, or lose us.”

Jason clears his throat in disbelief and sits up straight. He opens his mouth to speak, but this time
Zayn interrupts.

“If you don’t let Louis and Harry come out, then we’re all buying our way out of our contracts.”

The bomb is dropped and I’m completely blown away. Judging by the rosy color of Harry’s face, so is he.


Omg!!! I'm so happy to have started the sequel to Behind Closed Doors!!!!!!!! I literally cannot wait for this story to unfold and I had such a good time writing this chapter! Please please let me know what you're all thinking because I love you all!!!! Also, make sure you've subscribed and voted on this story because it is separate from the first book. xoxo


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I'm just in love with this sequel of " behind closed doors "..though; you did a great job in the first part, I'm more excited for the next chapter....... .....pls update!

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