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Through Open Doors {Larry Stylinson Sequel}

Chapter 12


When I return to the bedroom, Louis is laying where I left him, across the bed with his head nearly over the side. He’s stripped of all clothing and is palming his cock slowly as it grows.

“You’re so gorgeous,” I groan, feeling myself through my shorts. There’s a wet spot near the tip because I’ve been getting hard ever since Louis shotgunned that spliff. Everything about him gets me hot.

“Thank god you’re back. What did you get?” He whimpers as he grips the base of his cock, staving off his orgasm.

“Stop touching yourself unless you plan on coming twice tonight,” I scold teasingly, walking slowly toward the bed.

I toss the object in my hand onto the mattress closer to the pillows before shimmying out of my boxers. His gaze follows it like a dog with a bone.

“Jesus Christ, a plug?” He gulps and pants lightly as he props himself up on his elbows.

I nod silently and open the drawer next to my side of the bed. I remove the half empty bottle of lube and a condom and join them on the comforter with the butt plug.

I climb onto the bed clumsily, a bit lightheaded from all the wine and weed. As soon as my body is on
Louis’ though, I feel as though I’ve never had better balance. We just fit together that way. I wrap my arms around his waist and press my cock against his as I kiss him. He continues to hold himself up until my weight becomes too demanding. He falls back and grazes his fingertips over my skin. Goosebumps rise in his wake and a shiver crawls through my body. I shudder as he bucks his hips, my open mouth never leaving his.

Louis’ fingers quickly find their way into my mess of hair and he tugs on it just right so that I’m practically jello under his touch.

We kiss like that for a while, much longer than we usually do. I want to make sure he’s relaxed since it isn’t often that he takes anything.

“If you’re trying to make me rub one off against your thigh like a dog,” he snarks, “you’re very close to succeeding.”

Our legs are a tangled mess, moving fluidly along with our bodies.

“Maybe I do,” I chuckle, pulling my body off of his.

“That wasn’t an invitation to just stop touching me!” Louis whines dramatically.

I tisk and reach for the lube, “Don’t get sassy on me, love. I’m just fine with going to bed right now.”

Louis huffs and the next thing I know, he’s pushing me onto my back and straddling my hips, “That’s funny, Styles, but I know you and if I ever tried that shit with you, you’d be crying on your pillow and humping the sheets.”

I smirk and settle my hands on his ass, “You’re right. That’s why I’m completely teasing. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, darling.”

He shakes his head and wiggles grinds in my lap, pushing into my hands.

“Get on with it, or I’ll have to open meself up.”

I chuckle at how bothered he gets when he’s horny. He speaks so quickly, even quicker than usual, and fidgets all too much. It’s like a mixture of anxiety and desperation.

“Come now, love,” I sit up and move Louis back off of my lap. “Lay back so I can ‘get on with it’ as you so kindly requested.”

He crosses his arms and lays down, still fidgeting his hips around.

“Louis,” I giggle as I drape myself over him, using my legs to pin his to the bed, “be still, hon.”

Louis huffs and relaxes, kissing my chest gently.

“Sorry,” he grins, “m’just a bit giddy.”

I rub my body against his and graze the tip of my tongue along his neck.

“I can tell,” I hum, pressing my open mouth to his collar bones, and then to the center of his chest, “it’ll be good, though. I promise.”

He gulps as I make my way down to his hips, my hands spanning over his thighs.

“I know you will,” he sighs, “just been a while since... you know, and I’ve been on edge a lot lately.”

“I know,” I whisper, pulling his legs apart slowly, my breath faltering over his balls, “let me calm you. It’s just us, yeah? Just feel me.”

I lean down and press my lips to his balls, sucking lightly on them before biting his thighs, back and forth, left and right. I glance up to find him nibbling on his bottom lip, his eyebrows knitted together tightly.

“No point in holding it in, Lou,” I smirk. “You already told them what we were doing.”

Louis lets out a long breath and moans softly in his throat.

“What is it?” I press, brushing a dry thumb over his hole. “You don’t want them to know how good I can make you feel?”

Louis’ chest rises and falls as he whimpers, “Of course it’s not that.”

“Hmm, then is it maybe,” I press my thumb past his rim, barely dipping it in, “that you want them to think you always top?”

Louis mutters something that I can’t gather and I laugh to myself despite my throbbing erection. I reach for the lube and uncap it, drizzling it over where my thumb is still partially pressed into Louis. Some of it drips down his skin and onto the comforter, but I could care less right now. I rub my fingers together and press my thumb in a little further. Louis’ thighs tense around my shoulders, so I hold his leg down with my dry hand. I pull my thumb out after a moment and pour the lube onto my fingers more generously.

I lay next to Louis and rub my fingers over his hole as I nibble on his ear.

“Is that what it is, babe?” I grunt, pressing my middle finger into him slowly. “Want them to think I’m the only one who likes it up the ass.”

“Fuck,” Louis finally responds, dragging his words out loudly. “Don’t care what they think. Honest. Just please, fuck me.”

That really spurs me on as I add my index finger, first teasing it around his rim as it tenses around my finger.

“Then be a little louder, huh? Please, you sound so good,” I curl my fingers just right until Louis is moaning and whining. He grips onto my hair once again, using his other hand to stroke his cock.

When I add a third finger, the one that is adorned with the ring Louis gave me, Louis is rolling his hips in a rhythm, holding his cock firmly to refrain from coming.

“I’m ready,” he mumbles. I hear him just fine, but I love watching him squirm.

“I’m sorry, you’ll have to speak up,” I smirk, pumping my fingers into him roughly.

“I’m ready,” he yells, grabbing my wrist weakly. “Fuck me now!”

I pull my fingers out at his request and reach for the condom. I know he hates cleaning up after I come inside him. However hot as it may be, I’ll be just fine coming into a condom if it makes him happier. Louis watches me, half-lidded and dazed.

“No,” he shakes his head, “want to feel you. All of you. Don’t use it.”

“Really?” My breath shudders in surprise. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” he nods, gripping my biceps, “you can plug me up after. Do whatever you want, my dirty boy.”

I bite my lip before leaning down to kiss him. It’s a needy kiss, and while it feels like it lasts forever, it’s over after a few seconds, both of us far too impatient for that. I pour some more lube into my palm and lather it on my cock, sure to spread it evenly. I wipe my hand over his hole as he plants his feet on the mattress. I take a decorative pillow and urge him to lift his hips so I can place it under him.

“Love you, Harry,” he breathes meticulously as I hover over him, holding myself over his body. He reaches between us as I lean down to kiss him, guiding my dick to his hole. He shifts down ever so slightly to meet me in the middle. I urge my hips forward as I press through his rim. His hand doesn’t leave, though. Instead he prods his fingers at his rim as I enter him, breathlessly moaning into my mouth.

“Stretch me so good,” he says, pinching my nipple between words. I gulp as I try to keep a slow pace.
There’s nothing more than my love for this man that’s keeping me from just splitting him open.

“So fucking tight,” I say, my hands tightening in the sheets above his shoulders. “Can’t believe I get to feel this and see you like this. So beautiful.”

He moans as his eyes meet mine. His are blue and moist, but the corners are crinkled like they are when he’s really smiling.

“Look who’s talking,” he says, dragging his hands down my chest and around to my arse. “How many people would die to have you like this? My perfect, dirty boy.”

Something about his pet names egg me on more than anything, and once I’m fully inside of him, there’s no turning back. My thrusts begin as shallow and slow, but soon enough, I’m pumping into him with sharp juts, losing my breath as sweat trickles down my forehead and my chest. Louis’ skin is slick against mine as he continually bites at my lips and my neck. I’m sure to have love marks everywhere in the morning.

I love it.

“Can’t last much longer,” I admit ruefully, speeding up my pace. I drop to my elbows and balance on one arm so I can reach down to pull Louis’ off. He’s already close, I can tell. I want him to come with me, though, and I’m definitely closer.

“C’mon, Louis,” I grunt through gritted teeth. We aren’t kissing anymore, just breathing harshly, his face turned to the side as he moans at every thrust. “Come with me now.”

He must sense the change in my motions, because together we hit our highs with respective drawn out shudders, mine deep and his high-pitched. As I fill him with seed, he comes in spurts across his glistening tan stomach, my hand milking it out of him.

“Fucking perfect,” I mutter as I kiss him, the sound of our breathing and wet lips filling the room. I slowly continue to stroke into him as we come down for our highs, my body collapsed onto his and his legs wrapped around my torso.

As we continue to kiss, I reach over for the plug and rub my lube-slicked hand over it.

“You sure I can do this?” I ask, holding the small object up for him to see.

“Yeah, and then you can fuck me again in the morning,” he whispers, his voice raspy and weak. “II’ll never live up to you as a top. Maybe I should just quit.”

I chuckle lightly and slowly pull out, replacing my cock with the black plug.

“Please don’t say horrid things like that,” I whisper, kissing his jaw sloppily as I fall to his side.

“You know I’ll never give up your ass,” he teases, smacking my bum.

“I know,” I smile, dipping my fingers into the pool of come on his stomach. I take my fingers into my mouth and suck on them, closing my eyes and humming in delight.

“My pretty, dirty boy,” he admires, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Speaking of which, I’ll go wash my hands and all so we can sleep, yeah?” I suggest. “Get you a nice damp rag?”

“Yeah,” he mumbles sleepily, rolling over and taking a tissue from his side of the bed, “sounds perfect, love. Thanks.”

I kiss him once more before standing up and walking to the bathroom. As I wash my hands, I look at myself in the mirror. My whole body is glistening from sweat, and while I know we should probably take a shower, it will just have to wait until morning. I want nothing more than to cuddle up to Louis and sleep peacefully after an intense orgasm. It’s the best feeling.

I clean up and wet a rag, wringing it out before bringing it back to the bedroom. When I walk out, Louis is standing in the balcony doorway, a cigarette between his lips and a blanket draped loosely on his hips.

I’m not sure what to do or say, but I can’t hide my disappointment.

He turns around when he hears my footsteps and says, “I’ll be in bed in a moment, love. Get comfy.”

I don’t say a word, climbing under the covers with a huff. I set the damp rag on his side of the bed and lay on my pillow facing the other way.

When Louis turns the lights off and joins me, he wipes himself down and tosses the rag onto the ground.
He drapes an arm over my waist and kisses the back of my neck.

“I love you,” he whispers.

I bite my lip and squeeze his hand softly, “At least brush your teeth, Lou. You stink.”

He chuckles and presses his lips to my cheek before getting out of bed again, “Anything for you, darling.”

I’m asleep before he gets back. At least that’s what he thinks.

"That song was really beautiful," he whispers, unaware that I'm awake, "I'm sorry I'm not good enough."


i'm so sorry for taking forever, and i apologize for any errors bc im sick and on spring break so... yea love you all!!!! how are you guys doing?


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I'm just in love with this sequel of " behind closed doors "..though; you did a great job in the first part, I'm more excited for the next chapter....... .....pls update!

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