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Back For You

Chapter 8

"Harry, stop this is not funny anymore," I spoke in nothing but a whisper. "Harry? where are you?" I said slowly, as I shone the flashlight ahead hearing the floor boards creak with every step I took. "Harry, seriously you know I hate stuff like this, can't we just go back to the car?" Where the hell did this idiot of a best friend go? He knows very well how much I hate being alone, let alone in the dark.

"Gottcha" Harry spoke from behind me as his arms wrapped around me, my back against his chest.

"Haz, what the fuck! Can we leave please, this place is so creepy" I said as I felt the warmth of Harry's chest.

"It has character Ry, let's check out the basement" Harry said as he took the flashlight from my hands and walked ahead of me. We were 18 and 19, Harry had just gotten back from his second headlining tour in the US and I was home for a few weeks before my winter semester began. Harry decided that it would be an excellent idea if we both spent the entire night out doing something "memorable" as he put it, right before he basically dragged me out of bed, into his car and 2 hours up north. If he wasn't my only source of comfort being in this haunted cabin that we saw driving down the one way street, then I would have called this kidnapping.

"Harry, no. Are you mad. I'm not going to the basement," I said looking over my shoulder as I quickened my pace to catch up with a curious Harry. "Let's go back to the car, and keep driving. Please,"


"What was that, Harry." I jumped, and pushed my body closer to Harry's feeling his hand hanging limply beside mine.

"I don't know" he said looking genuinely scared.

*boom* We shone the flashlight towards the door at the end of the hall way, that was swinging back and forth.

"Harry, shit can we please get out of here" I said holding onto Harry's bicep.

"Fine," Harry said looking down at me, as he reached for my hand grabbing it, "Let's go"

The memory was so clear. I could almost feel Harry's hand griping tightly onto mine, and the cold wind blowing my hair through the cracks in the windows from the old run down house. I remember not wanting that night to end, as much s I hated Harry for making me do that looking back now I'm glad he did.

"Ry, did you hear a word I said?" Eleanor said from where she sat across from me in the train. We were headed back into London for a few weeks, Louis, Eleanor, Niall, Harry and myself. Even though the boys had decided to take a well deserved break it still didn't at all change the fact that their schedules were busier than ever. With a few TV appearances here and there and then a red carpet premier of the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, as far as I was concerned they were sill flying high.

"Huh, sorry El. I just haven't gotten much sleep these past few days, I'm exhausted" I said as a yawn broke through my face.

"It's okay, we'll talk after" She said as she watched Harry make his way back over to the seat next to me.

"Everything okay Haz?" I asked looking at the tired eyes of the boy sitting next to me. It had been 4 days since the last time Harry and myself actually had a chance to talk, the day Harry and I fell asleep on the bench outside Anne and Robin's cottage up north. "Laura okay?"

"Yeah, fine. She just called to say she'll be back in LA tonight, which means she'll be missing the premier of the movie," Harry said scrolling through text messages from his phone.

"She's going to miss the premier of the new movie?" I asked, looking up at Harry who was concentrated on his phone.

"Yeah," He said as his eye brows frowned in confusion.

"Harry, would you get off that please" Louis said as he pulled the phone out of Harry's hand, glancing at the screen before shooting Harry a concerned look.

"Why don't you just take Rylynn?" Eleanor asked.

Harry looked down at me his hair a curly mess on top his head. "Do you want to?"

"With you?" I asked, a smile crossing my face at the thought of Harry taking me somewhere as his date. Spending the entire night side by side with him, catching up just the two of us. "Okay, but only because we always get free popcorn at premiers" I said pulling my feet up in the seat.

"Ry, come to the washroom with me?" Eleanor asked as she rose from her seat.

"Why do you girls always go to the washroom in pairs?" Niall asked as he stretched his arms, finally waking up.

"I'll come El,"

"Thanks Rylynn, I'll be quick" She said as we made our way to the washrooms on the train. I leaned against the window of the train, watching as the city of London slowly came into view.

"Excuse me?" I looked down to see a little girl staring wide eyed at me. "Can I ask for a favour?"

"Of course, Sweetie. What's up?" I knelt down so I was eye level with her.

"I saw you sitting over there with One Direction, and my Mummy told me that maybe if I ask you nicely I could get a picture with them." The little girl asked who could not have been older than 7.

"Well, I'll tell you what. You're Mummy was right. We're just going to wait for Eleanor to finish in the toilets and then you can get your picture with them" I said as I stood up taking her hand, before making eye contact with who I assumed to be her mother. "What's your name hun?" I asked looking down at her.

"Clair," she responded, with a small smile.

"Well who do we have here?" Eleanor said as she walked over to me,

"This is Clair, and she really wants a picture with One Direction" I said as we walked back over to our seats. I could see Louis because I was facing him and when his eyes landed on the little girl next to me a grin stretched across his face.

"Hello love," Louis said opening his arms out for her, which she hurriedly ran into. "Who do we have here?"

"This is Clair, and Clair's mom" I gestured to the little girl and the woman that was now standing beside me. "They want a picture with you donuts." I said smiling as Harry and Niall stood up.

"Hello Clair, and Clairs mum" Harry said shaking their hands. I always admired how Harry was with his fans especially the younger ones. He cared about everyone, you could see it in his eyes.

I remember once back when he was on tour in America.


"Okay, Ry when we exit the hotel I'm going to stop for as many people as I can as long as it's safe. I want you to get straight to the car," Harry said looking me dead in the eyes. "Understand Ry, I don't want you getting hurt"

"I understand" I said looking up at Harry, He knew how much I hated crowds, how claustrophobic I got whenever people were closing in on us. Having a best friend who was in the worlds most famous boy band didn't help. "You'll be okay right?" I asked looking up at him, worried.

"I'll be fine, Paul is going to make sure you get to the car okay, and Lou will be with you," Harry said looking down at me concerned.

"Come here, Rylynn" Lou, the boys hairstylist said as she reached for my hand. "Ready?" She asked as we began to follow Paul out of the front of the hotel.

"Let's go" I said as the door opened and piercingly loud screams filling the air.

"Head down and just walk" Paul spoke from behind us.

With questions being thrown at us and a few camera flashes, then suddenly the screaming got louder, as the girls started to push. Lou still holding onto my hand as we got into the car and shut the door. I sat looking out the window at Harry as I watched him make his way towards the car, trying to stop for as many pictures as he could.

"He's going to be okay? Right Lou," I asked as we watched Harry approach the car.

"He'll be fine," She said smiling out the window at him "He loves them, you know" She said as she took out her iPhone.

I smiled out the window watching as one of Harry's bodyguard opened the door, the screaming still piercing.

"That was a lot of people" was the first thing Harry said as he sat across me in the car, waving to people outside the tinted window as the car pulled away. "You okay?" He asked looking at me,

"Yeah, just shocked really" I said looking out the window as a few of the girls ran after the car. "I don't know how you do it, H"

"I do it for them. For some people this could be the first time and only time they'll ever meet me, for some this could be the hundredth time. Regardless, I don't ever want to act as if I'm not grateful for what they've done for me. I never want to be that guy who let's it all go to his head. I want to still be me"

"There you go Clair," I heard Harry say, snapping me out of my day dream. I watched as he placed her down.

"May I get one more please? With you two?" Clair said as she pointed to myself and Harry.

"Are you sure you want one with me?" I asked looking concerned at the little girl. Why would she want a picture with me.

"Cause then I can show my friends that I got a picture with Harry and his fiancée" My heart stopped. I looked between Louis, Eleanor and Niall. Shocked expressions on their face. Then my eyes met with Harry's.

He looked stunned to say the least, he just stared at me for what seemed like hours but It was only really a few seconds before Louis came to our rescue.

"They would love to take a picture with you, love. Wouldn't you guys?" He asked looking at us, urging us on.

"Umm, yes of course" I started

"Yeah, come here" Harry said as he picked up the little girl in his arms.

"Say cheese," Clair's mom smiled as I leaned into Harry and Clair for the picture. "You two make a lovely couple, we wish you all the best." Her mom said to us as soon as the picture was taken.

"Come on Clair, thank you again for the pictures" Her mom said as Clair waved goodbye.

"I'm..I'm going to the washroom" Harry said without looking back as he made his way over to where me and Eleanor just were.

We sat down, Eleanor's hands in her lap and content look on her face as she gazed down, Niall staring at me, and Louis looking straight ahead.

"No one say anything" was all I said before Niall had a chance to open his mouth, I retreated my gaze back out the window, watching the London skyline pass us by.


"Hey, can I borrow your mascara?" I asked Eleanor from where I was sitting cross legged in front of the mirror. It had been 2 days since the incident on the train, after Harry got back from the washroom he was back to normal. As if nothing even happened. Tonight was the premier for the movie, yesterday Eleanor helped me pick out a dress to wear, and we were now in Harry's flat getting ready.

"Sure, here" Eleanor said throwing the mascara at me. It was almost 6:15 which meant we only had 45 mins before the car would be here to pick us up. "So are you nervous?" Eleanor asked as she watched me apply the mascara.

"Not really, I mean this is not the first time I've gone to a premier with Harry," I said turning to Eleanor.

"It's the first time you've gone to the premier with him since he got engaged," She said looking down at me concerned. I knew she meant well, I knew somewhere deep down it was true. What would people think? "I mean Rylynn, that day on the train was awkward" She said sitting down next to me.

"El, what do you want me to do?" I asked, "Stop talking to Harry, just because he's now engaged. He's my best friend," I said as tears filled my eyes.

"I know Ry, I just don't like seeing you like this. I just wish he would open his eyes" Eleanor said as she began fiddling with my hair.

"I can't do anything except get used to it. I just hope no one asks about it tonight"

"You can't expect people won't want to know, I mean this is a pretty big event people are going to wonder,"

"El, you're not really making me feel better," I said as I looked at Eleanor's reflection in the mirror. I remember when Louis would talk to us about her, back when they first met. We knew more about her even before we met. I met her at one of the boys gigs, we got along right from the go. She was sweet, and quickly became the only girl other than Zoe who I trusted. Louis and Eleanor had been married now for almost a year and since I was at school in Australia during the wedding, I made sure to send presents in the mail. Eleanor and Louis were grateful for them, and on their way back from their honeymoon in Fiji, they payed me a visit. They were perfect together, I only hope one day I can find someone as great as Louis is for Eleanor.

"I just don't want you to hurt," Eleanor smiled shyly at me.


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I still am! ;)

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WOW. Speechless. This is so good.

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.