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Back For You

Chapter 3


“Where are you going Harry?” I said as I chased after him, my long knotted brown hair flying behind me as I ran after my best friend.

“Stop asking so many questions Ry we’re going to miss it” he said as his head of curls spun around looking back at me before grabbing my hand and pulling me behind him.

We were 10, playing princess and dragons, fairytales still existed and he was my prince.

“We’re here Rylynn” he said stopping in the middle of a clearing in the small forest separating both our houses.

“My mom say’s I don’t need to be home for dinner till 6, why are we going back to my house now?” I asked pushing my hair out of my face.

“I know that, but look up” he said pointing up “My Dad has been working on it for a long time now and he built it for me, and I want to share it with you” he said pointing to the large house of wood sitting perfectly between to large branches of our favorite tree.

“A tree house?” I asked looking up at the large tree.

“Yeah, I want to share it with you, cause you are my best friend and it’s only ours no one else’s” Harry said looking back at me. “You and me Rylynn, it all ours” he said as he started climbing up the rope ladder.


I thought as I smiled to myself looking up at the ratted old tree house, which still sat perfectly perched between two strong branches.

The chestnut colour that Anne would coat the tree house with at the start of every summer was now faded leaving it a rusty auburn tint. The ladder that used to be so strong and seemingly endless was hanging aimlessly under the house. I walked up till I was directly under the opening and began to climb.

“What are you doing?” I heard a familiar Cheshire accent from behind me that made my heart skip a beat. I guess along the way made me lose my balance and fall flat on my bum too.

“I was going back up there to see what we left behind all those years ago” I said making eye contact with Harry. He was wearing a red plaid shirt with black jeans and his hands were shoved deep into his pockets. His hair was tucked inside a beanie with a few curls poking out.

“You were always a little wobbly on your feet huh Hunter?” he said calling me by my last name as he took a few long strides over to me and offered his hand. I reached for it slipping my hands into his warm palms before getting a tight grip on it and pulling him down next to me.

“And you were always easy to fool huh Styles?” I said standing up dusting of the dirt and leaves from my jeans before walking down the path over to his house.

“So you never properly explained what you’re doing back?” he said catching up with me. I could smell his cologne from beside me. “What Australia to big for small town girl Rylynn” he said before letting a laugh slip through his smirk.

“No actually, I just finished with school. You know that thing you dropped out of to pursue your dream?” I replied back sarcastically.

“Oh yeah, that dream that’s made me millions of dollars, a house hold name and not to mention all the free bee’s” Harry said smiling ear to ear at me, while I myself tried to control my straight face from the smile that was itching onto my face.

“Okay fine, you win Mr. Pop star, Mr. I’m in a Band…” I said as I crossed my arms in front of me.

“So how was Australia?” he asked suddenly shifting the conversation to serious. I hated when he did that.

“It was good, I loved it down there. Well I don’t know if I loved the constant shining of the sun more or the actual experience” I said laughing.

“Australia’s fun…I remember visiting you down there when we were on tour” Harry said looking straight ahead as his house came into view.

“Oh you mean when you and me were supposed to hang out and catch up, but instead you went out with that Emma girl and completely ditched me?” I said raising my eye brows at him.

“Ry, you still remember that? I thought I apologized for it; remember we went snorkelling the next day?” Harry said genuinely concerned.

“I know I’m just joking, relax would you?” I said as we made our way up the front steps of a house that has been my second home for as long as I can remember.

“Mom, I’m home” Harry called as we dropped our coats and shoes by the front door.

“Kitchen” Anne called from the back of the house. The smell of Vanilla instantly filled my nose walking through the familiar house. Vanilla would be the scent to best describe this house, it started when Harry was 13 and for valentines day he got this mum a vanilla scented candle and ever since then vanilla was his favourite and the only candle they ever burned.

“Hey mum” Harry said kissing his mum on the cheek. Anne was mixing a batch of her famous double chocolate chip cookie recipe.

“Hey honey, hey Ry how’s it being back in Holmes Chapel?” Anne said as she continued mixing.

“Like I never left” I replied back honestly.

“Rylynn was trying to climb up that old tree house” Harry interjected into the conversation.

“That old thing is still up there? I thought You guys tore that down years ago?” Anne asked surprised.

“We were supposed too remember, but Rylynn protested and sat up in that tree for 3 hours just so we wouldn’t tear it down” Harry said laughing at the memory.

“How could we tear it down, that place has so much character so many memories. We spent our child hood in that thing” I said as I dipped my finger into the bowl of cookie dough mix, before Anne slapped it away.

“Rylynn, I will never understand why you love cookie dough so much…” Anne said shaking her head. “This reminds me of when you kids were younger” She said smiling to herself as Harry slid a cup of tea towards me and pulled up a chair beside me.

“You two would come home from school throw your bags and shoes at the door and sit in front of the T.V” she said smiling at us, I couldn’t help but smile back. So many things have changed from when we were 10 years old. Harry and I got older, we moved on from this little English town. We are both in out twenties ready to start our own lives, apart. In my heart I always knew we would both find our way back to this place. I guess what my dad always says was right, you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl. I was destined to always come back to Holmes Chapel.

“It was so long ago” I said breaking the silence.

“I know, anyways Harry Laura called just 10 minutes before you two got here. You better call her back and see what she wants” Anne said smiling softly at her son.

“Okay be right back, and Mum make sure Ry doesn’t eat all the dough before you even make the cookies” Harry said smiling at me.

“Go call your fiancé, jerk” I said throwing an oven mitt at him, that was lying on the counter.
Harry ran out of the kitchen laughing.

“Ry, help me with this would you” Anne said getting trays out of the cabinet and handing me paper to line the trays. “So you and me have a lot of catching up to do” Anne said as she started to place the dough on the baking tray.

“I know, but to be honest not much has changed since I saw you last year at Gem’s wedding” I said grabbing another spoon from the drawer to help.

“I want to know about everything, tell me about school” Anne said.

That was Anne for you always wanting to hear about your day. She just loved listening; I guess that’s what I loved about her. She would always listen to me no matter how pointless my stories were.


“That’s basically what they want me to do now” I said finishing my story.

“Wow, Rylynn that’s incredible you have to take it imagine what could come out of it” Anne said.

“I know, I have a year to accept or not. So we’ll see” I said biting into the most delicious cookie I’ve ever eaten, just as Harry burst through the door.

“Okay, I’ll be back I’m going to pick up Laura she’s at the hotel and bored” Harry said before walking back out the door without giving us the chance to reply.

“I guess it’s just you and me then, Ry” Anne said smiling a sad smile at me.

There was something different about that smile. I don’t know if she could see the sadness in my eyes when Harry mentioned Laura’s name or if it was just because she didn’t want to spend time with me.

Even though I was 100% sure it was the first option and not the second, it bothered me that she could tell how I felt but never asked if I was okay. I guess she knew it was something it had to accept, that he was moving on and I had to too…


Enjoy, Chapter 3 :)

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I still am! ;)

AWW thank you :) I hope you're still interested in the story, I will be updating next week .x

allie1Dxx allie1Dxx


Sorry I've been M.I.A for the past 2 weeks, I'm in University and I have mid terms this week, but thankfully I have reading week from the 14-21st of Feb SOO having said that there WILL BE updates during that week as I have absolutely no time to do anything till then.
Thank you for understanding.

Take Care.
Allie .xxx

allie1Dxx allie1Dxx

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.