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The Irish One

Best Song Ever

We were at the second verse of 'Best Song Ever', the part where it says, "Said her name was Georgia Rose". My part was in a few seconds. I saw a familiar face in the crowd. It couldn't be! At my lines, it was completely silent. I looked around for a minute before I finally ran off stage to my dressing room and had a flashback. In ninth grade at Mullinger County High, a beautiful Bridgit O'Mollie was standing by her locker. Me, I was a HUGE nerd, I stood beside her. "Um, Niall. Are you okay?" she asked. "Uh. Yeah, buddy.Want to go out with me?" "I can't. I'm taken. Goodbye, Niall." "Um. Bye." It was just horrible! I didn't think she was coming back here. She was the mean girl and I was just geek guy. Seconds later, Harry knocked at the door and hugged me. "Are you okay? You seem frightened of something or someone somewhere." "Really? What gives you that idea?" "You just ran offstage. Do you happen to have stage fright?" "Stage fright? Come on, Harry! I know this question isn't coming from the Harold Edwards Styles I've known for four years! The Harold who knows that I enjoy performing and every second of it!" "Sorry. Are you coming back out?" "Thanks, but no thanks, buddy. I think I'll take a break from it." "From what? Doing our jobs?" "Relax, Harry. I'll be back around-what's the next song?" "Um. I think Midnight Memories. I'm not sure. Either that or Don't Forget Where You Belong." "Well, I'll be back one way or another." "No, Niall! One Way or Another is our finishing song!" "Bye, Harry." When I came back out, she was gone! It was a little hard to tell, what with all the cheering and the guitar-(it was Midnight Memories)-and when Harry started singing his first few lines, I was good old Niall J. Horan again. Until I saw Bridgit again, with a tear-stained face. I was broken. Why me? Why does everything happen to me?



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