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The Irish One

Meet Niall

Hi. I'm Niall James Horan. I'm from Mullinger, a small town in Ireland. Most people from Mullinger aren't world famous rock stars in a world famous boy band. To make it all a little more exciting, I have the best four lads in the world. There's Harry, he's sweet, funny and always cheering us up. Liam, he's probably the nicest of us five. He's kind, caring, and a nice band mate. Louis, he's the silliest in the bunch. Nice, and puts a smile on our face everyday. Then, there's Zayn. Probably the most good looking. Although we all are, including you. Yes, you reading this. You're wonderful! It all started just like any dream. When I first auditioned on the X Factor, I was scared. Then again, who wouldn't be? Didn't know anybody, really. Nor did the lads. We were petrified going on stage. Let's skip ahead a few weeks or months, shall we? The finale, our names didn't get called. We were devastated! Then our names got called and boom! Simon put us in a band! Of course, we strived for a name. I thought, huh, will Niall and the Potatoes work? Obviously not. Then just like that, we were One Direction! Harry came up with that, we have one direction to go in, destiny, hopes, and dreams! We didn't win a lot at first, but then we went global! Concerts selling out faster than you can say, "Stardom"! First it was gigs, then concerts, world tours! Then there was the WWA Tour. Our stop in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 27 might seem ordinary, but it was going to change lives of billions.



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