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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Eight

Kat’s P.O.V
“Nothing happened,” I repeated for the fourth time in thirty minutes, but Sammy refused to believe me.
“You cannot convince that you two shared a bed half-naked and didn’t do anything.” She argued. Honestly if I was her I wouldn’t believe me either. Maybe because I knew how close Zayn and I were to doing something. Too close. We were too close. “Just fess up Katarina, because I won’t let it go.” She folded her arms and gave me an icy glare as I continued to get ready for work.
With a heavy sigh I went into explanation, “Okay so he came over to watch Titanic with me.”
“A classic love story,” Sammy interrupted. I nodded once in agreement before continuing.
“After the movie it was storming and the power went out so he decided to stay. We were in the bed on our own pillows and then we were kissing, a lot. There was heavy breathing and hands in places where there shouldn’t be hands.”
“So you did have sex?” Sammy accused. I shook my head. “I’m confused.” She admitted.
“Harry called which interrupted us and right after we picked up where we left out, but then I stopped him and asked if he had any…”
“…protection.” Sammy finished with a nod. “I’m guessing that he didn’t.” I pulled my lips into a tight frown signaling that she was right. She shrugged and turned to walk out of the bathroom. Suddenly she gasped and turned back to me with wide eyes. “We have condoms!”
“What?” her outbursts caused me to nearly burn myself with the straightener.
“We keep condoms in this bathroom so why would you even ask that?” I didn’t respond. “You held out on him,” she pointed an accusing finger.
Sammy nodded, “Yep. You were scared and held out. That’s low.”
“Well excuse me for being hesitant about having sex with my friend who I’ve only known for about four weeks!” I snapped getting frustrated with the topic. What the heck is going on?
Sammy shrugged leaning against the door frame, “It’s probably best that you didn’t sleep with him. I mean he did recently come out of an ubber committed relationship with a girl who he recently slept with, so there’s baggage there.” With that she turned and walked out of the bathroom.

Third Person P.O.V
“Where have you been?” Liam questioned following Zayn into his suite. It was late morning and he knew that his band mate had been gone since yesterday.
“I was with Kat,” Zayn answered nonchalantly. Truth be told he probably would still be there if she didn’t have to work.
Liam raised an eyebrow, “You were with Kat? The girl you met from Twitter?” As far as he knew after the failed after concert invite Kat hadn’t been around. Now he realized that he was out of the loop.
“Yeah, we’re friends mate. She’s a nice girl.”
“I’ve heard those words before,” Liam teased causing Zayn to roll his eyes. “What did you guys do without any power?” Zayn’s face involuntarily lit up. “Zayn!” Liam chastised immediately.
Zayn held up his hands, “No! She said no.” Liam fought back a laugh. “Not because she didn’t want to.”
“Oh,” Liam caught on nodding his head slowly. He patted his band mate’s arm sympathetically. “Tough luck mate; we have to be at the studio in two hours.” He walked out of the suite casually. Zayn shook his head momentarily before pulling out his cell phone. Kat: It’s the freaking summer! Who takes classes during the summer?!
Zayn: Over achievers.
Kat: Yeah… My boss is looking at me weird. I’ll talk to you later.
Zayn: We’re going to be in the studio today just so you know.
Kat: Okay, bye.
Kat’s P.O.V
Work was half of a breeze. There weren’t a lot of customers, but there was still the usual inventory and things. After my shift I went straight home to change into workout clothes. A good run would clear my head of what happened with me and Zayn. I wasn’t the type of girl to start taking off my clothes with a guy I had barely known a month. No, I moved slowly. Turtle slow, but when that Bradford god was around my better judgment went out of the window. Going to a club with a guy from Twitter? Not me, even if that guy is abnormally good looking. Basically he changed me, but I liked it.
“Get yourself together Beltran,” I muttered as walked out of the lobby. Right when I was ready to take off my cell phone rang. I answered without expectations. “Hello?”
“Hey Honey, it’s your mama.”
“Oh, hey Mom. What’s up?” I asked regretting it. My mom was one of those chatty moms who liked to call just because. While she rambled on about work, dad, and the neighbors I started a slow jog. You can call it multitasking.
Thirty minutes later I was finish with my jog and my mom was still talking. I entered my apartment door and found Sammy relaxing on the couch. She looked back at me and laughed silently when I pretended to hang myself. How could one woman talk so long?
“Hey Mom I have to change clothes can you talk to Sammy for a few minutes?” My mom agreed and I handed the phone over to a wide eyed Sammy.
“Hey Mama Beltran,” I heard her say as I entered my room. I decided Sammy could handle my mom (and hopefully get her off of the phone) while I took a quick shower. When I walked out of the bathroom Sammy was talking. I rolled my eyes and went back into my bedroom and tried to find something decent to change into. The refrigerator and cabinets were bare so we had to either go out to eat or buy groceries.
My outfit of choice was a pair of high waist faded jean shorts, floral camisole style crop-top, and light brown sandals. My hair was down and in its natural curls. Walking into the living room I gasped in disbelief as Sammy was still holding my phone to her ear.
“Well it was nice talking to you, but Kat is back.” Sammy sighed exasperatedly handing the phone back to me. I put the call on speaker setting the phone on the table and went on by my business. Sammy turned the TV volume on low and found some reality show for us to gawk at.
Twenty minutes later and my mom was STILL TALKING. At this point Sammy was flipping through a magazine while I painted my toes. There was a knock on the door and Sammy got up to get it. I looked around the corner to see who our guest was, but Sammy was blocking the view. With a sigh I went back to making my toes pretty while my mom rambled on about some co-worker. Or was that an hour ago?
“What are you…” the familiar accented voice drifted off as I turned to him with a look of pure joy.
“Hey Mom I have to go. I’ll call you tomorrow.” I ended the call before she could protest. “Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked Zayn as he took a seat on the couch beside me. Sammy was curled up in the chair. One of his eyebrows rose in a questioning manner. “I mean you said y’all were in the studio…”
“After six hours they let us go.” He explained leaning back obviously comfortable. Maybe he’s over here too much. I thought as Sammy stood and walked into the kitchen.
“There’s nothing in here,” she groaned. “We need food Kat.” She turned around leaning against the counter and frowning.
“You two can come with me and the lads. We’re going to eat in a bit.” Zayn informed us. Sammy shrugged carefree signaling her acceptance of the invitation.
“I’ll go change,” she decided heading to her room. Damn you Sammy you left us alone! A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I placed my feet on the ground setting my hands in my lap.
“So…” the classic awkward beginning to a conversation. “How was your day?”
Zayn looked over at me, “It was alright.” He shrugged, “Yours?”
“It was long,” I answered in aggravation thinking about my mom’s ridiculous phone call.
“Was that your mom you were talking to when I arrived?” Zayn asked randomly.
My eyes widened, “Yes! You saved me from the most painful conversation ever. Oh my gosh the woman talked so much that it was actually starting to hurt. She was all like blah blah blah and I was just like GET OFF THE PHONE WOMAN.” My ranting caused him to laugh and scoot closer to me. “You just don’t understand. I love her, but sometimes.” Realization struck as I took in the fact that we were now less than an inch apart. “If you’re going to kiss me just do it.” With a chuckle Zayn pressed his lips against mine. Seconds later we pulled away from each other as Sammy reappeared.
“Okay, let’s go.” She ordered clearly not picking up on the event she nearly walked in on. I hopped up from the couch nearly anxious for some unknown reason.

Third Person P.O.V
Laughter floated from the table at the back of the restaurant as the seven young adults enjoyed their dinner.
“It’s like being completely pissed drunk when everything seems ten times more attractive.” Louis commented on their random topic.
“Oh that’s the worse, especially when you hook up with someone you wouldn’t go for in a million years.” Sammy added getting a few nods of agreement.
Harry turned to her with a curious expression, “Would you go for me in a million years?”
“No,” Sammy answered decisively.
“Are you sure you don’t want anything stronger than tea?” he jokingly asked gaining laughter from everyone else.
“Put a little long island in it and Kat will be your best friend.” Sammy winked while lifting her glass of iced tea.
“I’m staying away from alcohol, and Niall, as long as possible.” Kat shook her head.
“Zayn looks like you’ll just have to get her the old fashioned way.” Louis spoke leadingly.
“Louis,” Liam cautioned.
“I’ve got this cover mate,” Zayn responded before the high-fived.
“Zayn,” Liam shook his head at the lads.
“I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear that,” Kat decided showing no signs of embarrassment.
“The drinks here are ridiculous. Most of it tastes like water.” Niall frowned.
“That’s for your own good mate,” Liam patted his arm as they continued with their conversation. Everything was flowing naturally. They chatted for several more minutes before paying for their meals.
“I’ve got it,” Zayn informed Kat causing her to glare and shake her head.
“Yeah you’ve got your own.” She continued to retrieve her Vera Bradley wallet, but Zayn was quicker. He handed the waitress the bill folder with payment for both of their meals. “You didn’t!”
“Yep.” Zayn rose from the table as they were preparing to leave.
“Flashy pop star who randomly pays for people’s food.” Kat muttered as they headed towards the exit. Zayn chuckled and tried to put his arm around her shoulders, but she side stepped away from bumping into Louis.
“Whoa you don’t have to be pushy. I‘ll walk with you geesh.” Louis joked grabbing her hand. Kat looked over her shoulder to stick her tongue out at Zayn.
“She seems nice,” Liam commented falling in sync with Zayn’s steps. “Do you like her?”
“Yeah, but I’m not doing another relationship any time soon.” Zayn answered looking straight ahead.
Liam grabbed his arm to stop him, “Have you told her that?”
“Calm down mate. Kat’s not one to jump to conclusions.” Zayn shrugged it off and continued walking.
“Since I paid for your meal does that increase my chances?” Harry questioned Sammy in a serious tone as they approached Kat’s car.
The blonde sighed, “Maybe in a thousand years.”
“Yes. I’m getting closer.” He clutched the air victoriously while walking away to the vehicle management had gotten for them while they’re in the States. Sammy rolled her eyes and got in the car as Louis finally released Kat and opened the door for her. He bowed oddly and turned military style walking away. Immediately afterwards Zayn stood there keeping her from closing the door.
“I had fun,” Kat smiled at him. “You’re all a little weird though.” She added.
“I’m the normal one,” Zayn jokingly informed her.
“Oh God,” she scuffed. The two laughed momentarily before Zayn bent forward gripping the framing of the car door so he didn’t fall over.
“You work tomorrow?” It was a question rather than a statement. Kat nodded in response.
“Talk to you tomorrow?” She asked noticing his eyes darken.
“Yeah,” he responded with a slight sigh. “Bye,” he bent over further to kiss her forgetting about the others around.
“Bye,” she said after the parted. Zayn closed the door and watched as she drove off. He turned to join the rest of the lads and found them all looking at him with shocked expressions.
“When did that happen?” Niall asked the pressing question first.
“You and Kat,” Harry spoke up.
“We’re just friends.” Zayn answered warily. He wasn’t sure why they were being weirder than usual.
“Niall and I are just friends and I don’t kiss him like that.” Louis stated causing the attention to turn to him.
“You don’t kiss me at all,” Niall spoke sounding horror struck.
“You know what I mean.” Louis sassed with a roll of his eyes. Zayn ignored them. He didn’t see the big deal. It wasn’t like him and Kat were a couple. They were just friends who enjoyed the occasional kiss. No big deal.


Love it!
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