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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Seven

Kat’s P.O.V
Six days. That’s how long it had been since Zayn and I kissed. He had been busy and I had work so we only got to text and occasionally talk on the phone. Neither one of us brought up the kiss in any of our conversations. I told myself that it didn’t mean anything. We were still just friends. That’s what I constantly reminded myself about, especially when he messaged me Saturday morning. Zayn: What are you doing tonight?
Kat: It’s Saturday which means that ABC Family is showing Titanic.
Zayn: So we’re watching a love story?
Kat: You’re coming over?
Zayn: Was that an invitation? I smirked looking at the conversation. He was being difficult and enjoying it. All I wanted to do was curl up on my couch and watch my all-time favorite movie. Sammy had to work and didn’t get off until after two in the morning so that meant the apartment was all mine tonight. Kat: You should come over. I will have pizza.
Zayn: I am not Niall. You cannot bribe me with food.
Kat: So you’ll be here by 7?
Zayn: Yeah. By six thirty the apartment was nearly spotless. The trash was taken out, the living room straightened, and the place overall guest ready. I was dressed in black soffee shorts, purple university t-shirt, and gray knee-high socks. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail. As I checked the refrigerator there was a knock at the door. It could either be Zayn or the pizza delivery man.
“Hey,” Zayn kissed my cheek as he entered. He instantly went to the couch and plopped down on the left side like he has the past times he has come over. I stood gripping the door trying figure what happened? In just two point five seconds I was confused. He kissed me cheek, affectionately?
“Are you going to stand there all night?” Zayn’s question snapped me back to reality. I closed the door and joined him on the couch. I took a seat on the right side so there was plenty of space between us. His eyebrows rose as he looked at me.
“I ordered the pizza,” I blurted out. “Like ten minutes before you came so it should be here by the time the movie starts.” Zayn nodded looking at the TV. “You have thirty minutes to watch whatever you want,” I joked grabbing my phone off of the center table.
“Yes. A little decent tele before you make me suffer.” Zayn grabbed the remote and instantly began to flip through channels. I snapped a candid picture of him. “What are you doing?” the snap of the camera was audible.
“Nothing,” I answered in mock innocence as I approved the picture. @KatBXoXo: @zaynmalik is getting in his decent TV time. T-minus thirty minutes until Titanic. pic.twitter.com/p/pH78g Zayn’s cell phone sounded as he got the alert for my tweet. He checked the notification and looked at me. I shrugged smiling at him. The left corner of his mouth rose as he turned his attention back to the TV. @Louis_Tomlinson: @KatBXoXo so that’s where @zaynmalik disappeared to. “You disappeared?” I mock gasped staring at Zayn.
“What?” he didn’t bother to look at me.
“Louis said that you disappeared,” I informed him.
“Oh,” He shrugged. “They were all doing other things when I left.” He went back to watching whatever he had found on the television and I continued to scroll on my phone.
We sat in silence on opposites ends of the couch. He watched television and I busied myself with technology. Exactly five minutes before Titanic began there was a knock on the door. Zayn and I quickly looked at each other.
“Pizza!” I squealed excitedly jumping up from the couch. Suddenly a strong pair of hands pushed me back down.
“I got it,” Zayn smirked walking towards the door. Shaking my head I jumped over the back of the couch and rushed to the door. My attempt to booty bump Zayn out of the way failed. He chuckled opening the door as I rubbed my side with a small pout. As he pulled the door back I ducked under his arm which he wrapped around my waist pulling me into his side.
“Hello,” he greeted the pizza delivery girl with a smile. Her teenage eyes widened as she realized who had opened the door. “How much is it?” Zayn questioned pushing me behind him and blocking my access to the door as he pulled out his wallet.
“Uh, $17, $17.35.” the girl stuttered. I stood behind Zayn with folded arms and poked out lips giving up my fight. He took the boxes and thanked the girl. “N-n-no problem.” She stood there awkwardly as Zayn closed the door. He turned to look at me.
“I think all of that running is making you weak,” he winked placing a taunting kiss on my cheek before heading to the kitchen. With a glare on my face I followed him. “What?” he questioned pulling plates out of the cabinet.
“You practically body slammed me to get to the door,” I huffed throwing my hands up.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Zayn sauntered into the living room. I grabbed two slices of pizza and joined. The movie was starting and I really didn’t want to miss out on any Rose and Jack drama.

Third Person P.O.V
While Zayn and Kat watched Titanic it began to rain. By the end of the movie there was a full storm brewing.
“I’ll never let go Ja-ACK!” Kat squealed frightened as thunder loudly rumbled. She was already under Zayn’s arm so she shivered into his side. “I do not like storms.” Kat stated trying to focus on the last few minutes of the movie.
“What time does Sammy get home?” Zayn asked her wrapped his arms around her subconsciously.
“Some time after midnight.” Kat answered in a calmer voice. “I’ll be fine though.” Zayn pulled his mouth to one side momentarily before turning back to the TV. The movie ended and Kat sat up stretching her arms.
“It’s late. I better go.” Zayn informed her standing.
Kat nodded, “We wouldn’t want to keep Mr. Quiff out all night.” She teased following him to the door. Suddenly the power shut off. Zayn lit up his cell phone and shined it in Kat’s face.
“I’ll just stay,” he decided walking back towards the couch. Kat blindly made her way to the kitchen and found the only small flashlight in the whole apartment.
“Well, uh, we don’t really have any extra blankets and there’s nothing to do in the dark…” she trailed.
“I know how to just share a bed,” Zayn teased. Kat sighed, that wasn’t what she was afraid of. Although she didn’t protest as she led the way to her bedroom. Using the flashlight she found a pair of oversized basketball shorts and tossed them to Zayn.
“You know where the bathroom is.” Once he left the room with his phone as his light, Kat changed into her pajamas. She chose the predominately pink flannel shorts and a white tank. Zayn came back into the room as she pulled back the covers of her bed. “Don’t try any funny business.” She pointed a warning finger at him. He held up his hands innocently.
They got in the bed. Kat tried to keep her distance but after endless tossing and turning in the dark she scooted closer to Zayn.
“You said no funny business,” he reminded her in a low voice.
“This isn’t funny business,” Kat countered snuggling closer. His arms wrapped around her. Kat sighed and looked up trying to find Zayn’s face in the dark. He his hand traveled to her chin and he lifted it. “Are making a move mister?” Kat joked before his lips found hers.
The mouths moved in synchronization as they pressed closer and closer to each other. Gently Zayn rolled over sat that Kat was lying on her back and he hovered over her. The kiss wasn’t broken until they needed to breathe. Then they quickly reconnected. Kat tugged at the bottom of Zayn’s shirt and was happy when he took it off. He started to pull at the strings of her shorts when the ringing of a cell phone interrupted. With a groan Zayn rolled over grabbing his phone off of the night stand. Kat took the opportunity to catch her breath.
“What?” Zayn snapped. “Harry why do you need to know where I am?” he waited on a response. “You lads can manage without me for a night.” He paused at Harry responded. “I’m fine.” He ended the call tossing his phone and immediately going back to Kat.
They steamy make-out session continued growing hotter by the minute. Occasionally they would pull away for breathes but not for long. Zayn’s grip and Kat’s waist tightened. He wanted her. Now.
“Wait,” Kat breathed pulling away from the kiss. She could feel him glaring at her. “Do you have…” she trailed off as he groaned laying back on the pillow.
“No,” he answered frustrated. Kat sighed heavily. Maybe that was a good thing. They were about to cross line and there would be no turning back. They lay their quirt as they breathing slowed and their accelerated heart rates decreased. Eventually Kat moved into Zayn’s embrace and laid her head on his bare chest.
“Good night,” she spoke softly not sure of what to say.
“Night,” he responded wrapping her in his arms once again and sighing. Within minutes they were both asleep. Both of them unaware of the power being restored and Sammy coming home.
The bubbly blonde opened Kat’s bedroom door prepared to wake her and tell her about what happened at the station. She stopped immediately with her hand on the doorknob as she took in the sight. With a knowing smirk she quietly closed the door and went to her bedroom.


Love it!
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