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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Four

Kat’s P.O.V
“You’re a lot more fit in person,” the curly haired one winked at me. We were at a club because the guys wanted to celebrate the end of their tour.
“Thanks,” I responded slowly not sure how else to respond to him.
“Harry stop being weird!” Louis fussed winking at me. In the twenty short minutes that I had been around him I realized that he’s quite loud.
Sammy groaned, “As much as I’m enjoying sitting here with One freaking Direction, there’s a jones in my bones and I must dance before I fall asleep of boredom.” She stood up suddenly and looked at me, “Are you joining?”
“I will,” Harry answered before I got a chance to respond.
“Okay, but watch your hands mister. I’ve heard about you.” Sammy warned leading the way to the floor.
“I need a drink,” the blond one announced and Louis nodded in agreement.
“If I don’t go with them they’ll order something toxic.” Liam shook his head as he left the booth as well.
“Man, can I clear out of booth or what.” I laughed slightly looking at Zayn who was sitting across from me. He was messing with his phone and had been quiet the whole ride. “Well this is eventful,” I muttered. Still no response what so ever. On impulse I reached forward and snatched away his phone.
“What the…” he looked up startled.
I shook my head cutting him off, “I’m not a crazy, boy band obsessed, fangirl so the fact that I not only went to your concert and stayed for the entire thing says something. Now we have awesome conversations when we’re in completely different states, let’s try to do the same in same room, because I’m bored and you invited me here. Plus there’s a butch girl at the bar giving me head nods and it’s scaring me.” I shivered slightly just thinking of what could happen.
Zayn wore an amused smirk. He leaned back and folded his arms keeping the smirk and eyeing me curiously.
“What?” I asked self-consciously rubbing my face of any possible undetected stains.
“You’re different,” he commented still looking at me like I was some rare specimen and he was a scientist (not at all cool).
“Is that a ‘you’re weird’ different, ‘it’s going to take me longer to get you in my bed’ different, or ‘hey you’re cool’ different?” My odd question caused Zayn to crack up with laughter, which was more sound than I had heard from him in the past hour.
“What is ‘it’s going to take me longer to get you in my bed’ different?” he asked between laughs. I scanned the dance floor to find an example and my eyes landed on Sammy and Harry. She was dancing and minding her own business but when every curly haired boy got too close she pushed him away.
“Okay look at that,” I motioned towards them. “You see the way Sammy keeps physically rejecting Harry, but he continues to try. That is because right now he’s thinking ‘If I annoy her enough she’ll give in and I’ll get lucky.’” I nodded too make my awful man voice seem better than it was. Zayn only laughed harder and shock his head.
“Harry doesn’t think like that. He’s really a good guy despite what the media says.” I stared him waiting. “But you have no idea what the media says.” Sheepishly I shook my head. It grew silent again as we both sat their quietly. This was so awkward.
“So when do you guys go back to London?” I leaned forward on the table and asked.
Zayn copied my actions, “In six months.” My eyebrows raised as shock became my dominate expression. “We’re staying the States for work.”
“What happens after the six months are over?” he shrugged leaning back as Sammy and Harry returned to the table.
“Hey Kat are you ready to go? I have to work in the morning.” Sammy questioned standing with her cell phone in hand.
“Yeah,” I nodded before turning to Zayn. “Talk to you later?” It was more of a question than a statement. He gave a single nod. Sammy and I left the club and my mind was wondering. My first time actually hanging out with Zayn had not been what I thought it would be and I had barely put thought into it.

Third Person P.O.V
“Did you actually talk to her or did you quietly sit here?” Harry questioned as soon as the rest of the lads rejoined the table.
“What?” Zayn looked at the four suddenly catching on. “You set me up,” he accused.
“Since when has Liam had to accompany us to the bar?” Louis demanded loudly as usual.
“I danced for several minutes. I don’t dance.” Harry pointed out.
“I actually needed a drink,” Niall shrugged.
Zayn shook his head, “We talked.” He shrugged and scanned the room. A pretty brunette caught his eye. “Alright mates I’m going to enjoy myself.” He smiled as he left the table.
“I’m confused, does he like her or not?” Liam questioned looking after his friend.
“He does, but he doesn’t know it.” Louis answered and Harry nodded in agreement.
Liam shrugged, “I’m staying out of it.”
“If I’m involved so are you.” Niall argued.
“What’s in it for you?” Louis questioned suddenly looking at him in bewilderment.
“He likes her friend,” Harry informed them all causing Louis to tease Niall. He didn’t stop until they got back to their apartment building which was nearly two hours later. Zayn had stroke out with the blonde and rejoined them shortly. Harry, however, managed to snag a number.

Zayn woke up the next day to quietness. Each of them had their own suites. He figured the other lads must have still been sleeping seeing as how none of them had come to wake him up. It was strange to be the only one awake. He usually was the last one to get out of bed.
After fixing himself a bowl of cereal Zayn retrieve his cell phone. Impulsively he called Kat. After last night he was sure if she would answer, but she did.
“Hello?” her voice sounded bright as if she had been up for hours.
“What are your plans for the day?” Zayn questioned is his slightly groggy voice.
“Um I have none. What’s up?”
“I need to get out. Can I come over?”
“Sure, but it’s pretty boring here too.”
“I guess we’ll be bored together.” Zayn smiled when he heard her laugh. He knew she was probably shaking her head as well. It was just how she operated.

Kat’s P.O.V
I was dressed in thin cotton, gray; jumpsuit capris and a white tank with my hair in a high ponytail when there was knock on the door. Sammy was at work so I went to answer knowing it had to be Zayn. He stood there in khaki pants and a black t-shirt.
“Hey,” I smiled stepping aside to allow him in. He looked around the small apartment with an appreciative nod. “It’s nothing snazzy, but it keeps me safe from the crazy people here.” I said as I took a seat on the couch. Zayn chuckled sitting beside me. “So why did you want to come over here?”
“The rest of the lads are catching up on rest and I couldn’t sleep anymore.” He answered in that unique voice of his.
“Aren’t you supposed to be the one who wouldn’t get out of bed for a tornado?” I questioned sounding confused. According to what little I knew about One Direction Zayn was definitely the sleeper.
“Yeah, unless I have something on my mind.” Zayn answered with a shrug. He was staring straight ahead at the TV which was on some random channel.
“What’s on your mind?” I inquired lifting the remote to change the channel. There had to be something better on TV.
“Nothing important,” he answered quickly glancing with a small smile at me momentarily before turning his attention back to the TV. I pursed my lips in thought. The smile was forced. It didn’t meet his eyes, but I didn’t know him well enough to push the issue.


Love it!
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