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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Three

Kat’s P.O.V
“Guess what!” Sammy squealed excitedly as we checked our campus mailboxes for the last time that semester. Exams were finished which meant that campus would soon be shutting down except for summer classes.
“What?” I asked not really paying attention to her. She was easily excited by things.
“I said guess,” she groaned sweeping her hair off of her shoulder.
“Um, Adam Levine asked you to marry him?” I guessed jokingly. Sammy had an ubber crush on Adam Levine. She thought he was God’s gift to women.
Sammy rolled her eyes at me before responding, “The station has two more One Direction tickets to give away and since the contest deadline is up and no one else got the answer to the challenge question correct, there is a scavenger hunt for the employees. Whoever solves the most clues by next Friday gets the tickets.” I stared at her waiting for the punch line. “Don’t you get it? If I solve the most clues then you and Zayn will be able to meet, fall in love, and you’ll hear my big fat I told you so.”
“That’s if you win and that’ll never happen.” I reminded her. Joanne, Sammy’s coworker, was a bigger Directioner than any nineteen years old college student should be. The walls of her bedroom back home were covered in posters, pictures, cut outs, and more.
“That’s the spirit,” Sammy chirped as she skipped towards Starbucks in the food court. Sammy had a rule: Never tell God what will never happen. She tells herself that she’ll never meet Adam every day in the belief that one day God will remind her whose boss.
“Forget your rule Sammy. I’m pretty sure none of what you said will ever happen.” I shrugged with a small smile.
“We’ll see about that.” She countered.

Third Person P.O.V
One Direction had just finished rehearsal and were headed back to their hotel. They were in Atlanta, Georgia.
“Zayn we’ll be in Los Angelos next week. Maybe Kat will be there and you’ll get to meet her.” Niall spoke optimistically.
Zayn shook his head, “Naw I doubt it mate. She isn’t even a fan.”
“Not a fan?” Louis gasped with wide eyes. Liam silently chuckled.
“Okay, but you have her number so you can always call her and ask to meet up somewhere.” Harry reminded Zayn.
“That would be weird. We are just friends Harry. It’s not like that.”
“Friends meet up,” Niall commented. Harry nodded in agreement. Louis smirked as Liam squinted in thought. It was clear that the two were up to something as usual.
“She may be busy with school and things.” Zayn stated with a shrug as he pulled out his cell phone.
“How old is she?” Liam inquired. He wasn’t the type to but into the others’ business unless it seemed like it could lead to trouble.
“Eighteen,” Zayn answered as a smile played at the corner of his mouth. Kat: Is it illegal to kill your best friend if she’s being really annoying?
Zayn: I say no, but others might say different. “He must be messaging her now,” Louis commented. “Just look at that smile.” He pointed to Zayn causing the other three lads to look his way.
Zayn looked up hesitantly, “I’m not smiling.”
“Yeah and Harry doesn’t have curly hair,” Louis sassed.
“Face it mate, you like her.” Harry added knowingly. Zayn rolled his eyes and returned to the conversation he was having with Kat.

Niall and Harry were constantly asking Zayn about Kat. While they were in Texas, he caught them trying to call her from his phone. Luckily he took it back before the call connected.
“We just want to know what she’s like,” Harry huffed causing Zayn and Liam to roll their eyes.
“Does she like carrots, because I have developed a strong disliking for those things?” Louis questioned almost seriously.
“I don’t know,” Zayn answered slowly nearly confused. He was use to the lads being weird, but sometimes they took it to a new level.
“Does she sing, because you have bad luck with singers?” Niall asked. They were on the tour bus heading to the next venue. In three days they would be in Los Angelos and it would be a lie to say that Zayn wasn’t the least bit curious about rather or not he would actually meet Kat.
“No, or at least she didn’t say anything about singing.” Zayn answered paying more attention to his phone than to the boys.
“Do you know anything about her?” Liam inquired.
Zayn sighed looking up, “She’s eighteen, college freshman, lives with her best friend, likes to run, loves music, spends too much money on books, and she’s studying for medical school.” Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall stared at him with open mouths. Zayn looked down as his Twitter alert sounded. @KatBXoXo: Locked myself out again. :( Where is Sammy? “Oh and she forgets her key at home on a nearly daily basis.” He added as he chuckled at the tweet.
“Wow, you learned all of that from just messaging her? You must really fancy her.” Niall commented going back to rummaging for food. Zayn groaned as Liam chuckled and Louis smirked. Their minds would never be changed.

Kat’s P.O.V
“That was so scary,” I was on the phone with Zayn for the first time ever. I was home alone and we had been text messaging when I heard a noise come from the hallway. Instead of calling 911 like a sensible person, I called Zayn. He talked me into arming myself with hairspray and checking it out only to find that a picture had fell off of the wall. When I informed Zayn of my discovery he laughed loudly in my ear.
“It was a picture. Not a murderer, rapist, or burglarer.” Zayn responded in his Bradford accent still laughing. It was late afternoon and he had just gotten out of rehearsal when I called.
“No, the scary part was being on the phone with you. How would the police understand you when you called to tell them what happened? The combination of your accent and the way you talk would have confused them for hours and I would have bled to death.” Instantly he stopped laughing.
“They would understand me better than you high pitch screams. Oh my gosh I’m going to die!” He imitated me poorly.
“I did not scream,” I defended myself as my bedroom door opened and Sammy walked in dressed in khaki skinnies and a navy Southern March polo. She eyed me curiously.
“Who are you talking to?” she asked softly. I mouthed back my answer continuing my conversation. Sammy smiled mischievously and rubbed her hands together like the villains do in kids movies.
“Hey Kat I have to go,” Zayn informed me as voices could be heard in his background. “I’ll try to call after the show. Don’t get killed by any pictures.” He chuckled.
“I’ll try my best,” I played along as we ended the call. “What’s up?” I asked Sammy crossing my left leg over my right and placing my phone on the night stand.
“What is today?” she asked as she toyed with a necklace on my vanity dresser.
“Friday,” I answered slowly not sure where she was going with this.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but last week I informed you of a certain scavenger hunt I would be participating in.” Sammy turned to face me with a knowing smile. I stared at her trying to figure out what the heck she was talking about. Seeing as how I couldn’t recall the conversation, Sammy pulled two tickets from behind her back and waved them with a smile. “We’re going to see One Direction!” I think she expected me to jump up in excitement, but in all honesty I stayed on my bed leaning against the padded headboard like before.
“When is this concert that you are dragging me to?” I asked nonchalantly. Just because Zayn and I were friends (or whatever) didn’t mean that I was a fan.
“Tomorrow night so grab your phone and tell lover boy you’ll be seeing him live and in person.” Sammy winked as she walked out of the room. Lover boy? What the heck Sammy?

It was two o’clock Saturday and I was fresh out of the shower. My hair was drenched and I had a cream colored towel wrapped around my wet body. Sammy could be heard getting ready from her bedroom. The concert didn’t actually start until seven-thirty, but according to Sammy if we wanted to be the first ones through the door we have to get there at least two hours early. Thanks goodness it was summertime.
What do you wear to your new friend’s concert? I wondered as I stared at my packed closet. I rarely got rid of clothes so they just accumulated over time. After staring aimlessly for several minutes I padded my way to Sammy’s bedroom. Her door was open and her queen size four poster bed was covered in mountains of clothes.
“Sam?” I questioned slightly frightened to step inside. A groan sounded from the closet as a black strappy stiletto came flying out. It crashed into her small desk and knocked down the lamp. “You just killed your lamp.” I announced taking tentative steps inside. Where is she anyways?
“I have nothing to wear,” she grumbled appearing from under the mass chaos. Her hair was puffy and all over her head and she wore her hot pink plush house coat.
“Okay it looks like I’ll have to be the stylist tonight,” I sighed grabbing a leopard print singlet shirt off of the floor and a red camisole. I tossed them to her, “You have a pair of black shorts that will look good with that and your black combat booties.”
“What about my hair?” she whined catching her reflection in her full length mirror. I bit my lip in thought.
Twenty minutes later Sammy’s hair was parted down the middle with a windblown look. While she applied her make-up I went to find me something to wear. I settled on white high waist shorts with a banded button front, peach camisole, and faded jean vest with cream lace on the back. I paired the ensemble with my cream secret wedges and pulled my curly hair into a high preppy ponytail with a bang sweeping over the left of my forehead.
“We are so cute,” Sammy smiled at our reflections pulling out her phone to take a picture. @SammyH: Ready to see @onedirection live with @KatBXoXo pic.twitter.com/p/pH67g89
Third Person P.O.V
The opening chords of Kiss You played as the lights went down and the screams escalated in pitch.
“Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like. We can go out any day any night. Baby I’ll take you there, take you there. Baby I’ll take you there yeah.” Zayn appeared first causing the fans to scream more which only increased when Harry popped up, if that was possible.
“Oh tell me, tell me, tell me how to turn your love on. You can get, get anything that you want. Baby just shout it out, shout it out! Baby just shout it out yeah.”
“And if you, you want me too. Let’s make a move.” Liam pointed to a girl in the third row who was holding a Niam sign.
“Yeah! So tell me girl if every time we…”
“Touch,” all five guys sang as they swagger seeped onto the stage. “You get this kind of rush. Baby say yeah ee yeah ee yeah. Yeah ee yeah ee yeah. If you don’t wanna take it slow. And you just wanna take me home baby say yeah ee yeah ee yeah. Yeah ee yeah.”
“And let me kiss you.”
“Oh his curls are so attractive,” Sammy gripped Kat’s arm in excitement. They had truly lucked up. Their seats were front row dead center.
“Ouch Sam I’m losing feeling,” Kat tried to pry her friend’s hand off of her forearm. She couldn’t truly enjoy the opening because the girl on her right was screaming her pour heart out. Kat was worried she might need medical attention when this was all over with.
One Direction finished Kiss You and greeted the crowd. It didn’t matter what they said, the got a scream in response. It wasn’t until Heart Attack when Zayn noticed Kat. Niall ran to him during Louis’s solo and whispered in his ear in a rush.
“Isn’t that Kat right there in the front?” he pointed subtly and Zayn followed his finger. He found the girl Niall was talking about and instantly knew her. She stuck out from moving side to side calmly to the music, but not singing along, crying, shouting, or stretching her arm as far as possible.
“Yeah that’s her,” Zayn answered trying to catch her eye, but she wasn’t really paying attention. He could tell she was just trying to make it through the concert. He wondered why she was there. Did she come to see me? He thought as they guys announced Twitter time.
“Zayn is so trying to make eye contact,” Sammy leaned over and whispered in Kat’s ear, but when they looked back to the stage Zayn was looking elsewhere. “You missed it.” Kat rolled her eyes and continued to try to engage in the performance. The guys sounded good live, she had to give them that. But she didn’t really know their music.
After Twitter Time One Direction performed Little Things and then C’mon C’mon. As the music started Zayn made his way to center stage and bent down so that Kat had no choice but to look directly at him.
“The one that I came with she had to go. But you look amazing standing alone.” He laughed away from microphone when he took in Kat’s un-phased expression. Jokingly she clutched at her heart and fanned herself causing Harry to laugh as well. The girl beside Kat glared at her envious. Zayn walked to one of the security personnel at the front of the stage and leaned forward. He was giving the man some type of instructions because the man nodded. Right before the last song the man came over to Kat and Sammy.
“Would you please come with me?” he asked politely motioning for them to follow.
“Oh my gosh you’re going to meet him!” Sammy squealed as they entered backstage. “Are you nervous?”
“No,” Kat responded carefree. Sammy looked her in complete wonder. They were now standing backstage watching One Direction finish their concert. As soon as they said good night the boys rushed off stage. Zayn managed to push through them. Without thinking he grabbed Kat in a hug. She laughed in surprise, “Hi.”
“Hi,” Zayn smiled pulling away and taking a step back. “What are you doing here?”
Kat pointed to Sammy who had taken it upon herself to introduce herself to rest of One Direction, “Sammy won tickets at works and dragged me along.”
“Sammy just became my favorite person,” Zayn joked. He was nearly drenched in sweat and Kat couldn’t help but notice. “I have to go change, but wait here and we’ll go somewhere afterwards.” He rushed off before Kat could respond.
“Boom goes the dynamite.” Sammy rolled her neck. “Now the true adventure starts; the rollercoaster of love.” Kat rolled her eyes at her friend. Sammy may have ended up being right about her and Zayn actually meeting, but everything else she knew wouldn’t come true.


Love it!
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