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C'mon C'mon

Chapter One

Kat’s P.O.V
I lay stretched out on the black leather sofa in semi-crappy two bedroom apartment that I shared with my best friend Sammy. My shift at the campus bookstore had ended an hour ago and immediately I came home and plopped onto the couch. Sammy was in her last class of the day, but instead of paying attention to her professor lecture about essay structure, she was blowing up my Twitter timeline trying to get some singer guy (who was already following her) to notice her tweets.
@SammyH: @zaynmalik followed me OMG!
@SammyH: @zaynmalik Hi :D !!!
@SammyH: @zaynmalik I love your cover of Mario’s Let Me Love You!
@SammyH: @zaynmalik your new AVI is so cool!
And it went on and on. I shook my head in humor and decided to get up and change out of the khaki pants and black t-shirt uniform. I pulled my black wavy hair into a messy bun before pulling on the white camisole and black gym shorts. As I made my way back into the living room, Sammy walked through the door.
“Hey,” I greeted her with a smile as she walked over to the stainless steel refrigerator and opened the door roughly. “Are you okay?” I asked while folding my legs underneath me on the sofa.
Sammy glared at me before taking a swig of water, “I’ve been trying all day to get Zayn to reply to me. The other five celebrities who followed me did it!” Sammy liked to be able to tell people that she had a conversation with a celebrity, even if it was something as simple saying hello.
“Maybe he didn’t see your tweets because thousands of other girls were doing the same thing,” I shrugged grabbing my ear buds off of the end table and plugging them into my iPhone. Sammy was still rambling, but I had my music on and couldn’t hear her. Whilst jamming out I shoved my feet into my Nike Shocks and prepared to go for my daily run.
My run had come to an end at campus. I slowly headed towards the cafeteria where Sammy knew to meet me. Take Care by Drake featuring Rihanna was now playing. I pressed my home button and scrolled until I reached my Twitter app.
@KatBXoXo: NP: Take Care – Drake/Rihanna one of the realist songs.
My app notified me that Sammy had retweeted me as I handed the cashier my school ID. Sammy finally arrived minutes later and we went to grab a plate. When we got back to the table Sammy looked at her phone and gasped.
“Kat check your Twitter,” she ordered. Warily I obeyed curious as to see what could have her so excited.
@zaynmalik: @KatBXoXo It’s almost a classic.
“Oh…” I trailed off nodding appreciatively as I began to type.
“What are you doing?” Sammy asked me with wide eyes. I looked at her curiously before looking back down at my phone.
“I’m replying to his tweet. Take care is definitely not a classic.”
@KatBXoXo: @zaynmalik I wouldn’t take it that far.
@zaynmalik: @KatBXoXo What do you consider a classic?
“He replied to you twice.” Sammy commented. “How is that possible?” She shook her head with disbelief. It was hard not to laugh at her.
@KatBXoXo: @zaynmalik Meaningful songs, rarely anything from boy bands or groups.
I sat my phone down figuring the conversation was over. Sammy was still in awe. She must have known something about this Zayn guy that I didn’t, because she was literally silent with awe.
We ate dinner and went back home. Sammy drove and I hopped in the car too full to run back. Each of us went our different ways in the apartment. We had finals to start studying for. I had been studying at the small desk in my bedroom for about an hour when I decided to check my home screen. To my surprise I had a direct message on Twitter.
Zaynmalik: What do you have against boy bands?
KatBXoXo: I don’t have anything against them. As a matter of fact I heard a nice song by one the other day.
Zaynmalik: Do you know who they are?
KatBXoXo: Um… One something… I think they’re from the UK.
Zaynmalik: Could it be One Direction?
KatBXoXo: I guess so.

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn read the message with a curious smile. Who was this girl? He didn’t know. Someone he followed had retweeted her and he replied without thinking. Now he was looking at her profile trying to figure her out.
Katarina Beltran
DOB: 08/12/94
Full time college student, part time worker.
I like long walks on the… Wrong girl.
I don’t know anything about this fandom stuff.
She was cute, Zayn admitted to himself as he looked at the profile picture of her wearing large sunglasses smiling at the camera. Her hands were on her hips and she wore a sea green bikini swimsuit. Even her hair seemed to have a chill aura to it resting in a side ponytail on her shoulder. She seemed to be very relaxed, which was a relief considering the girls he typically talked to on social sites. Zayn Malik had been single since the Take Me Home tour started. He wasn’t really looking for a new relationship, but Kat could definitely be a new friend.
They exchanged messages for hours. Eventually Kat informed him that it was already ten at night and she needed to study. He said goodnight and looked at the clock on his hotel nightstand. It was one o’clock AM in New York and One Direction had an early morning rehearsal for their concert. He knew the other boys were probably sleep as well. The shows in The States were the last leg of their tour. With a sigh he went to sleep thinking about Kat.


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Love it!
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Guys I am having to repost the story from the beginning on a different account. I swear the story will be completed.
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