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C'mon C'mon


First off let me say that I was in no way in love with Zayn Malik, or any of the members of One Direction for that matter. Don’t get me wrong I like their music. It’s catchy and Little Things makes me feel like the most flawless human being in the world, but I am not a squealing or crying fangirl. Nuh uh honey, I am NOT about that life. So just imagine how I must feel about the events that I must tell you about. I mean, how would you feel if you suddenly fell for a guy whose voice you couldn’t tell from any other British male? Yeah I thought so.
Oh you must be wondering who I am. The name is Katarina Beltran, but you can call me Kat. I am a lovely nineteen years old, dark haired, biracial, and quirky college girl trying to get a Bachelor’s degree in Art. Or at least that’s what my current major is. Originally I am from the great state of Colorado, but my family moved to San Diego when I was sixteen and now I take classes at UCLA. I have one older brother, Karlos, and a best friend, Sammy, who are dating unfortunately. I’m not really passionate about anything unless you count Tumblr and Twitter, which I’m sure you don’t.
What is this story about? Well for you green-goats out there it’s about my unexpected romance with a certain British boy band member. There’s really no way to explain this so I’ll just tell you exactly what happened, as soon as I figure it out.


Love it!
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http://www.onedirectionfanfiction.org/Story/9670/Cmon-Cmon/ The story will be posted on a different profile from now on until I can once again log into my other account. Please pass this on!
JusticeQuin JusticeQuin

Guys I am having to repost the story from the beginning on a different account. I swear the story will be completed.
JusticeQuin JusticeQuin
Hey guys I posted on here logging in with my Twitter, but lately the website won't let me log in with Twitter. If the problem persists during by the end of the week I will repost the whole story logging in with my Mibba or Google.
JusticeQuin JusticeQuin
Update please!!!!!