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Can You Love Me?


I walked through the corridor at school heading towards my first class of the day. My eyes were trained to the ground, I could feel people pushing into my roughly. But I didn’t look up. My bag was pushed off my shoulder and I saw it go tumbling to the ground, my books spilling onto the floor. I heard snickers from groups of people that lined the corridors as I got down on my knees to pick my books up. I saw a hand reaching for some of the papers scattered on the ground. They started to collect the sheets and handed them to me. I looked up to see who the hand belonged to, to see who was being kind enough to help me. I froze as I saw a face that was covered in so much make up that you couldn’t tell that she had freckles covering almost every inch of her face. Peyton. The most popular girl in school. For some reason I had never gotten along with her. It could have something to do with her making a fool of me every chance she got or the way she thought she was so much better than everyone else. Well whatever the reason I was instantly suspicious as to why she was helping me collect my belongings. “Here you go Billie, you dropped these.” She said, in an incredibly sickeningly sweet voice that made me want to throw up every time I heard it. “Ah, thanks.” I replied cautiously. “You really should try and be more careful next time.” She stated. “I’ll try.” I said, as I took the sheets from her shoving them in my bag, and then walked away. I could hear her group of friends laughing after me, but before I rounded the corner I heard one of them say. “Did you get it?” I had no idea what they were talking about and now I didn’t have time to think about it as I noticed the halls were empty and I quickly ran to my class to make it on time. The first class always felt like the longest. History. I don’t understand why it is even a subject. Yes, I suppose that history is important, but when are we ever going to need it. Everyone always says, look to the future. Your future is what is important; don’t worry about the things that happened in the past because they don’t matter. So why then do they insist that we take history in schools? I sat there at the back of the class with my elbow rested on the desk as it supported my head. I figure I already know what I’m going to do with my life and it has nothing to do with history so I’m aloud to doze of in history class every now and then. The teacher spoke with a sing song voice and that wasn’t helping me stay awake in the least. It was like a lullaby, lulling me slowly to sleep. The bell rang, starting me out of my dream. I lifted my head and wiped the drool that had collected in my palm. Ew. I grabbed up my books and headed to my next class, well at least I have Zoey and Louis in that class. We talked about our weekends and what we were planning to do in the holidays on the way to lunch. We walked into the canteen and over to our usual table. I noticed that, Zayn, Harry, Phee and Liam were already waiting for us. As I got closer I noticed a boy with blonde hair sitting with them, he looked up as the three of us got closer. His glacier blue eyes started right into my own. His blonde hair was perfectly dishevelled. He was good looking, I had to admit. It started to get uncomfortable so I quickly looked away and sat down in the spare chair next to Liam, my boyfriend. “Hey Billie.” “Hey Zoey.” “Hey Louis.” Everyone at the table said almost in unison. “Hey babe.” Liam whispered into my ear, causing me to smile brightly at him. “Hey guys.” We said back to them. “Oh guys, this is Niall. He just moved here from Mullingar, Ireland. We told him that he can hang with us, I hope that’s cool.” Liam said casually. “Yeah that’s totally fine. Always nice to meet new people.” Louis said. “Niall, this is Louis.” Liam said while pointing towards the guy practically bouncing off his seat wearing the white shirt with the black stripes coupled with bright red skinny jeans. “You’ll always be able to hear Louis before you see him. He’s pretty much always in your face, but you get use to it.” Louis gave Liam a scowl, which caused Liam to grin right back at him. “Hey. Nice to meet you Louis.” Niall said, smiling brightly and seeming a little bit more comfortable now. “This is Zoey.” Liam continued pointing towards the petite girl sitting next to Louis with dark brown hair styled into a punk pixie cut, coupled with starting green eyes. “She’s with Louis, and is pretty much the female version of him. She’s alright.” “Liam! I know you love me.” She shot back in mock outrage. “Liam, you try come near my girl, it will be the last thing you ever do.” Louis said, as he climbed onto his chair putting one of his arms out as if he was holing a sword, looking as if he was about to fight Liam. Niall looked concerned watching what he thought was about to unfold right in front of him. “Don’t worry, Niall. It’s all fun and games.” Harry laughed, as he put a reassuring hand on Niall’s shoulder. “Hey Zoey, good to meet you.” Niall replied again. “And last but not least. This is my girl Billie.” He finished as he slung his long arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to kiss my cheek. “Hey Niall, it’s really good to meet you. Your accent is awesome by the way.” I said, as I leant forward and gave him a quick hug. “Yeah, nice to meet to you.” He said while looking at the table again. I was confused by his sudden attitude. He was happy to meet the other two, what was so bad about me? I decided to shrug it off; I don’t know him so why should I care? I began to talk to Liam and the others about what we all planned to do on the trip we were taking up to Harry’s parent’s cottage house in the holidays. Niall even got in on the conversation, but I could still feel his eyes staring right at me. I chose to ignore it, better to pretend it wasn’t happening then to over think it and come to the wrong conclusion.


Please Update soon this is the start of a really great story, cant wait to read more :)
Indigo Indigo