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It was a cold and rainy night. Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam were heading home from a wonderful evening dinner. Little did they know that the perfect evening was going to come to an end within fifteen minutes. It was late around eleven when they started to head toward their parked car. “It’s so cold” Niall said while rubbing his arms trying to warm them up. “You should have warn a jacket Niall” Liam said to Niall. A block from their parked car the boys started hearing noises. “What was that, did anyone else hear that”? Harry ask. The boys looked around staring at each other for a moment.“It’s properly nothing guys” Zayn said. Zayn waved them on to continue to the car. They walked about ten feet and then they heard the cracking noise again. At this point they boys were getting scared they had no security they were all alone. They started to walk faster. “Come on the faster we walk the less time we have to worry” Harry voice sounded of fear. Giggles were coming from behind. They turned their heads there was nothing there. The boys moved closer together scared and terrified. They were starting to wish that security was with them. Not realizing that two girls and five men were walking behind them herding them so that they were trapped between a brick wall and them. Once the girls were satisfied that the boys couldn’t run to get a way both together “get them”.The five men trapped there target boy between the brick wall and themselves.
“What do you want”? Liam asked.
“Please we do whatever you want just don’t hurt us please”. Niall said with tears in his eyes.
“Please don’t kill us please” Harry said looking into there soon to be capturer eyes with tears of fear in his eyes.
“What did we do to deserve this?” Louis ask his last two words breaking as fear was taking over his body.
“Please let us go we swear and promise we won’t ever mention it please.” Zayn said as he shakes in fear.
“Shut up all of you, you are all mine, im mean all ours (laughing a little in the older womens voice who was controlling the situation) there is nothing you can do or say to get me, I mean us to let you go, you will do what your told when you are told to if not there will be consequences. Do you understand if you do shake your head.” The boys all shook their heads yes and continued listening to the capturer. Fear in the boys eyes, shaking, and fearing for their lives they obey every order. “ keep quiet, no screaming, no running, and no asking questions.” They boys kept quiet as their capturer look the boys up and down waiting to see what she would do next. There capturer was tall had brown hair and eyes and was a skinny. “I bet you all wonder who I am, well my name is Tina and this is my sister Megan she too had brown hair and brown eyes tall and thin and our five brothers Jasper had green eyes and blonde hair and was tough looking having tattoos down his arms he was holding onto Liam, Ryan had green eyes and light brown hair very muscular and he was holding Zayn down , Nick had brown eyes with blonde hair muscular and slim he was holding Louis down. Mark and Tom identical twins they had green eyes and blonde hair both muscular they only difference is that Tom had a scar above his left eye. Mark held Harry down and Tom held Niall down. The seven siblings all wore jeans and a black t shirt. Tina walked over to Tom who was holding Niall and whispered “he be my special project”. Niall must have heard he starting shaking and tears of fear rolled down his cheeks. The other four boys turned their heads to look at Niall concerned and wishing it was them and not him. Niall was so fragile he could easily get hurt. They boys almost miss Tina giving the order to her brothers “ rags know boys.” The brothers but rags up to the boys mouths until know the boys kept quiet and didn’t fight back. Know that there were rags covering their mouths the boys realized it was now or never. Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam and Harry kicked, squirmed trying to get away from the brothers but the grips the brothers had with one arm was too great.“ breath it in”. Tina said in anger as the boys fought back trying to get the rags away from their mouths. One by one the boys start to fall unconscious. Liam was the last to fall into an unconscious state. The last thing he heard was Tina telling the brothers to load the boys into the van.



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i am happy zayn alive too I thought he died lol the characters are taking over the book literally

Hey hope u like my last update so do u