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Boy's Youtuber | Naill Horan

Chapter 8

Aubrey's POV.

"What's wrong? I'm in trouble, aren't I?" I said but the man didn't answer And just went on with walking.

"Did you lose your voice or something? It really isn't that hard to answer my question, or is it?" I said and this time he turned around.

"You are in trouble and you exactly know what's wrong" he said and he turned around again and started to walk.

Oj shit I'm in trouble...

"We're here." The man said and opened a door for me.

"Okay, but if you think that I'm going all friendly, I will tell you that will definetly not be happening." I said and I walked trough the door.

I suddenly saw Niall eating cheerios and I really wanted to scream, I totally was fangirling right now and wanted to grab my camera.

"You better not do that." Another man said and grabbed the camera out of my hand.

"Hey wha-" I wanted to say but the guy cut me off.

"Why did you pay the DJ to spin a song for you?" The guy said and I was completely in shock.

How did that guy know that it was me? But I remembered again. I told him who I was.

Oh god I won't tell my full name ever again.

"Are you going to answer or what?" The man said.

"Okay, my brother his birthday is today and I wanted to surprise him by throwing a little bit of twerking action into the concert." I said.

"Yeah, it was kinda fun too. Like a bit of warming up for the real show."Liam said out of nowhere and left again.

"What is twerking?" he said and I immediatlydStarted to laugh.

"It's moving your hips back and forth but it's kinda hard to do." I said and gave him a smile.

"You know lady, today I will let it slip through my fingers and pretend nothing has happened because it is your brother's birthday but if you do something like this again you will probably have to pay for it." He said and gave me my camera back and walked away.

"Hey! I'm Niall!" Niall said and came over to me.

"Yeah, I know. I would be a stupid fangirl if I didn't know your name. Oh and by the way I am Aubrey." I said.

"Okay, I heard that your last name is oakley. Are you related to Tyler Oakley?" Niall said and handed me some candy.

"Oh yeah, he's my brother!" I said.

"Okay, do you have a youtube channel as well?" Niall said.

"Yeah it's called fruity loops. It mostly is just vlogging and random stuff like that." I said and Pulled my camera out of my purse.

"Will you please join me in my vlog? I need some evidence that I was here." I said.

"Okay, turn it on then." he said and I turned on my camera.

"Hello Fruity loops! Guess who is with me? It's Niall Horan!"

"Hi!" Niall said and waved towards the camera.

"Well guys let me tell you the story how I came here." I said but stopped when I heard Louis yell:

"Fuck!" He yelled and came running towards us.

"I cut myself to a piece of paper." He said and suddenly looked at me.

"What is she doing here?" Louis said.

"She is Aubrey. The girl who paid the DJ to play a song for her brother." Niall said and I try to smile but it just came out as a weird pervert smile I guess.

"Okay, is she going to the club with us tonight?" Louis said and looked over at me again.

"Aubrey? Would you like to go to a club with us?" Niall said and I nodded.

This is going to be a fun night.


Hi bit of a short chapter.
have a sparkly day!


Great story!

That_One_Person That_One_Person

It's great, update soon

MyaisStarr MyaisStarr

Yes they did break up.

O2L I thought they broke up. No?


Awww thanks. I hope you enjoyed it! The next chapter will be up soon!

ChristyDol ChristyDol