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Boy's Youtuber | Naill Horan

Chapter 35

I stared at him, gasping as he bent down on one knee, pulling out a black box from his pocket. I shivered, not only from the cold air, but from the way his beautiful eyes stared into my very soul.

He gave me a heart stopping smile, and I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my face.

"Naill? What are you doing?" I asked, my voice breaking in the process. Opening the box, he said, "I know you fully haven't grasped all of our memories together. And I know that it will take a while, but I know with all my damned heart—that I love you. Aubrey, you are exactly what I need in life. You're warm, and full of light, you give me a reason other then music to enjoy life. Aubrey, if you are willing to take little old me, as you're husband I would be the happiest man alive. I swear I will tell you day and night how much I love you. I will treat our kids warmly, and I would gladly make sure that you are treated like the queen you are. So, Aubrey," He paused taking a deep breath.

"Will you marry me?"

I nodded frantically before uttering the exact words he wanted to hear, "Y-yes."

He gave me an angelic smile, and I could distinctly see the tears in his eyes. Picking me up, he gave me a breathtaking kiss, his warm lips moving slowly against mine, as I tasted the saltiness of his tears. Pulling away, he pulled me toward the car, placing me into the passenger seat.

"Let's go celebrate my future wife."


As I became aware of my heart thumping in my chest and a longing in my loin that I couldn't ignore for the first time in my life, I really needed to have an orgasm; actually felt I wanted to have a fuck.

A little moan escaped me, the reassurance it gave to Niall being rewarded with a doubling up of the pleasure. His other fingers had walked the path back down to the tunnel and were already pushing the material of my panties inside it.

"Yes, please Niall."

The moans continued to escape my body. They weren't forced or put on, it just seemed my body wanted to vocalize the pleasure it was feeling; rising in volume with the intensity of the pleasure. If nothing more it encouraged Niall and gave him a pretty good idea of what was working. It was only later that I was struck by what a noisy love-maker I was.

"Fuck." I muttered in between gasp.

During all this our lips had never parted. Even as I moaned it had seemed as if I had breathed my sighs of pleasure in to his mouth. Now he pulled away from the hold I had on his head. He kissed my cheek, my necks, my shoulder. His head continued down, kissing the skin of my upper chest. Now he was over the bra, his lips caressing the flesh of my breast underneath.

"Niall, please."

Then he nuzzled across the top of the breast until his lips found the edge of the bra, letting him slide his tongue underneath; pushing the material aside as it sought direct contact with my nipple.

"Oh my gosh!" I gasped.

After his tongue had raised the nipple to its full height, he pulled his head away again, kissing down in to my neck. Then his head was back in to my field of vision, my bra in his mouth.The flesh of his fingers circled the rim of my already wet vagina; one entered it and pushed against its front wall. He was moving it up and down - increasing the pressure as he went. It was delightful, but nothing compared to what the thumb over my clit was doing to me. Now there was a second finger inside, I sensed this one was bent; the finger- tip stroking even more firmly on the front wall.

"I'm gonna show just how much I love you." He whispered, and I moaned, as he removed his boxer shorts.

My orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave. The pleasure was more intense than anything I had experienced in my life. I knew something of an involuntarily loud groan escaped as without even thinking about it, I found myself clamping his hand in to my crutch with mine, trying to maintain pressure on my genitals, while I thrust my hips skyward.

I sighed as he slowly pushed into me, cooling the flames, yet igniting them more. His erection continued to fill me; he just occasionally moving it pleasurably back and forth. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I gave him the okay, and he continued, before pausing when he hit the barrier of my virginity.

"Hold on tight baby." He whispered, before completely surging inside. Slowly he began moving, hissing when my nails dug into his back. "Faster." I gasped and something flashed in his beautiful eyes, before he nodded and started to slap noisily against me and I willingly took every heavy stroke.

"Ah!" I screamed, "Harder!"

Niall grasped my hips and plunged mercilessly into me.I held immovably against his plunging strokes, closed my eyes and my head moved erratically. My face wrinkled hard as her second orgasm crushed me. I moaned through the pleasure as though my soul had just been cleansed.

I collapsed forward onto the bed. Followed by Niall, who had somehow put on a condom, in the middle of our heated session. Throwing it directly into the trash bin, he collapsed on top of me, and whispered.

"I love you." I smiled, but our moment was ruined a later by a phone ringing.

"Hello?" I answered, and I could distinctly hear rough breathing on the other side. "Zayn's been shot. Jason was just arrested." Louis said, his voice frantic. I glanced at Naill, before giving him the phone.

Well damn.


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[Vampire Ménage]

They grasped me in between them, their hands roaming around my petite naked body. I let out a breathy whimper, "Your fucking ours, Nat."

I felt as if I were in cloud nine, my eyes drooping shut, as Asher claimed my lips, exploring my mouth, roughly. My body was hot, and I was ready, I was ready for these two.
To take me, and make me theirs - to make me their Queen.

- Virgin Glass -

Asher and Julian West have been looking for their queen their whole lives, imagine the surprise that graced them when they found out the petite human girl - that so happened to be their new secretary was their future queen, and mate.

Natalie Oliviero didn't expect to land a job at W.E.S.T, nor did she expect to be the personal secretary of Asher and Julian West.

A dark night in a alley, changes everything, she knew, and thought she knew, a heated romance, a dark promise, and the power to rule a kingdom, with the heart of two princes in the palm of her hands, Natalie is hell bent on kicking ass.

The most powerful and breathtaking book of the DARK series comes a story about love, that has lasted for centuries on high.

The ONLY vampire novel that can combine adventure, billionaires, two mates, a kingdom, action, and a powerful love.
Cover: Jiyong_

I will update the epilogue for this novel tomorrow! It was a wonderful jorney, I hope you enjoyed it!


Great story!

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It's great, update soon

MyaisStarr MyaisStarr

Yes they did break up.

O2L I thought they broke up. No?


Awww thanks. I hope you enjoyed it! The next chapter will be up soon!

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