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Boy's Youtuber | Naill Horan

Chapter 31

Aubrey's POV

11:15 AM

I was currently staring at the large selection of paints at Home Depot. Why? Some may ask. Because I miss coming into my room and not internally freaking out because everything is different. But for those who still don't understand let me go back to early this morning. 10:34 to be exact.

10:34 AM

I was laying on my bed, trying my very hardest to remember something...anything at this point. I decided to start small so that I wouldn't have a major freak out. I was really just staring at my walls. They used to be sky blue. Now they were a pale green. It was weird and really frustrating. Knowing that your room was changed and you might've been too but not remembering how the hell it happened.

10:42 AM

And then I got really angry. Like stomping-temper-tantrum-tears-streaming-down-your-face angry. I started moving all my small furniture out of my room. I tore down my curtains and carefully peeled away all my posters. I placed all my funky trinkets and makeup things inside a bag and left it in the hallway. When I was satisfied with my work I placed sheets over all the furniture that I couldn't move and dressed in some "Home Improvement Fit" clothing.

11:00 AM

I quickly hopped into my car and pressed the pedal to the metal. (A/N I think I said that right but I'm not sure.)

11:15 AM

Fifteen minutes later I was standing in the aisles on Home Depot, fully ready to change my color. I was thinking maybe a wine red and stark white.

11:17 AM

"Oh hey Aubrey." I turned to see Connor, shades and all, walking toward me. I waved shyly as my heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. Actually a few beats which is really a shame because of what Tyler said.

"Whatcha doing?" He asked casually, sliding next to me, just close enough to make my heart ache just a smidge. I gestured toward the expansive wall of color swatches.

"I'm picking out a color for my room." I replied. "I was thinking wine and stark white but I'm not sure yet. What do you think?" I gave him the two colors and silently waited for his approval.

Connor studied the two swatches for a moment but then placed them back into my open hands.

"They're nice together but their not… you." He said.

"I don't even know who I am. I don't even know if I'm the same girl as I was." I mumbled in frustration as I looked away. This was really taxing. Connor placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder and I turned back to him.

"Im not going to lie and say that I know what your going through or that I understand because I really don't." He said honestly, looking me deep inside my eyes. "But I promise that I'll be here whenever you need me. Fair enough?"

I smiled in appreciation, my heart going a hundred miles an hour. "Fair enough."


Short but very importante :). Love you people so much for sticking by us even while we were AWOL. Please nominate us for the Summer '14 Fanfiction Awards it would be greatly appreciated :)

Byezzz for now I'm going to a 1d concert!!! Not even joking I might pass out :)


Great story!

That_One_Person That_One_Person

It's great, update soon

MyaisStarr MyaisStarr

Yes they did break up.

O2L I thought they broke up. No?


Awww thanks. I hope you enjoyed it! The next chapter will be up soon!

ChristyDol ChristyDol