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Still Friends? (Larry Stylinson AU)

Chapter 15


It has been 2 days since me and Harry have become a couple. I don't know how to explain how I feel about the whole thing. Overall, I feel relieved. I don't have to hide my feelings for Harry. I don't have to go around ignoring the fact that I want to push him up against a wall and jus- okay actually I do have to ignore that because of Phoebe and Daisy.

Right now it's about 2 pm. About an hour ago Harry said he was going to go over to Liam's house and talk to him about some "things." Before he left I asked if "things" was us. He said yeah and that I could tell Niall and Zayn about us to.

I had called Niall (who just so happened to be with Zayn) about 20 minutes ago and told him the news. Of course, Niall freaked out like a little girl. We were still on the phone but I had to go due to a knock on the door. Phoebe ran to the door. I followed behind opening the door to see a beautiful looking Harry at the door.

"Hey Bab- I mean Harry! Why did you knock? You practically live here!" I said stopping myself from the pet names because no one can know that me and Harry were together, not even Phoebe. Nobody doesn't count Liam, Niall, and Zayn.

"I don't know it just doesn't feel right just walking into someone elses house." He said shrugging and walking in. Phoebe shut the door behind him and ran of to God knows where. I was just focused on Harry. I swear he looked so perfect.

He had on a white v-neck t-shirt with skin tight skinny jeans which were accompanied by his brown heeled boots that he wears everywhere. It was all topped off with a black fedora which his curls peaked out of perfectly. He waved his hand in front of my face and I realized I was staring. I could feel the heat rush into my cheeks. I looked down of embarrassment. He put a finger under my chin lifting up my eyes to meet his eyes.

He stated leaning down and I started leaning up because I was shorter. When our lips met I quickly pulled away and started running across the room. I heard him groan and a pair of feet start to chase me. I was faster but I wanted him to catch me so I made a b-line for my room. Once I was inside I jumped on top of my bed. Harry looked inside the doorway before smirking and shutting the door behind him. I gulped not knowing what he was going to do.

He walked slowly. Towards the bed. I played back on my back with my hands crossed across my stomach. When he approached the bed he straddled me then took my hands and pinned them above my head. He leaned down and pecked my neck before starting to go to work on my neck. When he so he towards my neck his hat stopped him from getting any closer. He grabbed his hat and threw it carelessly across the room. I took the time to sit up so he didn't have to bend down as much.

He turned around and looked back down to my neck before trailed kisses down from my ear to my collar bone. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt still kissing my soft spot. He started to lift my shirt and then he looked into my eyes as if to ask for permission. I gave him the slightest nod before he ripped off my shirt. He threw it in the same direction of his hat. He shuffle the slightest bit and by the look he gave me, I'm guessing he felt my bulge. He looked up at me with a shocked expression.

I was about to speak up and apologize for who knows what but then Harry rolled his hips when he saw my mouth open. Instead of words coming out I let out a moan from the friction of his crotch against my own. He kept that going for a few minutes until he pushed me back down against the bed before scooting back trailing his hands along my chest and stomach. He started to unbutton my jeans until my hand flew down to cover his.

He looked up at me with apologetic eyes. As much as I wanted this, it was wrong to do it so soon.

"Haz, not now. Not so soon. That's like a whole new step in our relationship. I barely got you back as a friend, let alone a boyfriend. I'm just not ready yet." I explained to him. He looked down, took a deep breath, before attacking my lips with his. It was a rough yet passionate kiss. He broke the kiss before looking into my eyes.

"I understand boo. Don't worry I'm not hurt, I just, wanted it so bad. I guess I just got caught up in the moment. But can you at least promise me one thing?" He asked raising his eyebrows and slightly smiling.

"Of course Hazza!" I said cheerfully pecking his nose.

"Promise me that we will get to that step soon in our relationship. Promise me that we'll even get further than that. I know not now but soon, that we'll go all the way. As much as we can." He said looking down at the end. I lifted up his chin and by the look in his eyes I could tell that he was serious. I quickly nodded not wanting to hesitate.

"Yes Haz. I promise. No wait scratch that, I swear that we will go all the way soon, but not to soon." I added in quickly. He had the biggest smile and he started to lean down but the doorbell rand throughout the house interrupting us. We both groaned and got up. I put my shirt on and fixed my hair.

I walked out my room with Harry walking behind me. I was going over what just happened in my head until I heard a smack and then my ads started to sting. I turned around quickly and glared at Harry to find him smiling like an idiot.

"I couldn't help it Lou. It was just there and you have the biggest ass that I've ever seen on a guy by far..." He said shrugging. He walked toward the door and I swear I've never been more happier to call someone mine.



Yay I updated!!!! Well I really don't know where I'm going with this story so if anyone would gladly message me about what they want to happen I might just be able to make that something happen!!!! Love you :D Stay Beautiful-Ali<3



PLEASE UPDATE!!!! I like the movie date idea. or maybe something with the park that they use to go to for their first date or something like that. just please update its a really good story!

i agree about the date movie night or cliffhanging date.

skyeannarino skyeannarino

update please! but....It's a lovely story I could ever imagine!. :) hope you get a good idea of the next chapters but I'll make this a quick idea: Date movie night or Cliffhanging date.)

Ocean_97 Ocean_97

What a great chapter at least they made promises about they are willing ly taking it slow but soon they will get there.

Ocean_97 Ocean_97