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Still Friends? (Larry Stylinson AU)

Chapter 14


I've been pacing in my room for hours. I had been ignoring Harry all day. I don't know why. It was just a kiss. It wasn't like it meant anything right? Oh who are you kidding Louis! You felt something you know it! But he's your best friend. What if this changes everything. Then again, he was the one to kiss me!!! Oh but Louis, that was a perfect moment. His lips pressed against yours, everything was perfect.

I kept thinking about Harry until I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it to find a puffy forest green eyed Harry standing at my door. He has been crying.

"Haz...." I started to say until his lips crashed against mine. I didn't know how to react at first but then I started to melt into the kiss. Our lips moved perfectly in sync. He started to push me inside my room still kissing me and soon I felt the wall against my back. He leaned up into my ear and whispered "jump" so I did. I wrapped my legs around his waist still pushed up against the wall. He started to trail multiple kisses down my neck until I moaned telling him that he found my sweet spot right under my collar bone. He started to suck, bit, blow, kiss, and repeat on that same spot. I let out a small whimper and he chuckled.

He came up from my neck and started kissing me again. I ran my tongue against his bottom lip wanting entrance. He denied so I reached around his waist and gripped his arse. He gasped and I used the time to slid my tongue inside his mouth. We stated to fight for dominance. He technically won. He pulled away being out of breath. He leaned his forehead against mine. I wasn't about to pull away.

A phone rang somewhere in my room and so Harry sighed and backed up and put me down so I could go answer the phone. I looked at the caller ID and it said "Mum" I pressed accept. I then put it on speaker so Harry could hear.

"H-hello???" I said still out of breath from Harry and my make out session.

"Louis!? Um, hi. Look I'm gonna get strait to it. The girls told me about how you and Harry had a little moment and call eachother pet names. Louis that is very inappropriate! The girls will start to think it's okay to call anyone that!" My mum yelled.

"Mom you don't understand!" I told her before she cut me off.

"What don't I understand Louis!?" She yelled. "HARRY isn't just any Harry. It's THE Harry mum. My best friend Harry. We used to always call eachother pet names remember!?!" I told her.

"Yes Louis I do remember. You know what else I remember? I remember Harry leaving for no reason." She said. I was about to give up until Harry interrupted.


"Yes Louis I do remember. You know what else I remember? I remember Harry leaving for no reason." Jay said on the phone. Ouch, that hurt. I decided to interrupt.

"Mrs. Tomlinson, it's Harry here. Look I know I did leave Louis. But I've changed. I love Louis. More than ever. And Mrs. Tomlinson, I can't leave because of how much I love him. And I'm sorry for what happened before but I swear that's behind both of us. I promise I'll never leave him." I said to the phone. Louis took the phone in his hand and ended the call without saying goodbye or anything.

"Harry Edward Styles, I love you. The way you love me to." He said and then he leaned in and kissed me. It was a rough kiss, but it was full of passion. I pulled away and looked into his eyes. His beautiful eyes.

"Louis William Tomlinson. Will you do me the honor of being my boy-" I started to say until he cut me off with a kiss.

"Yes Haz, I will be your boyfriend." He said.

I swear I have never been happier than at that moment.


Hey. I would like to say I deserve to be hated. Because of how I don't update often. I am sorry. I've just, not really had the time. So to make-up for it, I put a little Larry action in this chapter. Also I don't know what to really do after this chapter because I only planned till this part of the story. If you want any thing certain to happen, message me and let me know. Thanks! Stay Beautiful-Ali<3



PLEASE UPDATE!!!! I like the movie date idea. or maybe something with the park that they use to go to for their first date or something like that. just please update its a really good story!

i agree about the date movie night or cliffhanging date.

skyeannarino skyeannarino

update please! but....It's a lovely story I could ever imagine!. :) hope you get a good idea of the next chapters but I'll make this a quick idea: Date movie night or Cliffhanging date.)

Ocean_97 Ocean_97

What a great chapter at least they made promises about they are willing ly taking it slow but soon they will get there.

Ocean_97 Ocean_97