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I said leave

Introductions and questions

Kathy's POV
I awoke this time to four pairs of eyes staring back at me. My eyes widened but before I could scream again one of them smiled and said " hi, mysterious sexy girl who I've never met before, I'm Louis. I'll take it you're a fan!" The one with brown hair and blue eyes said.
I stared at him and then said "why would I be a fan of a stranger?" He burst out laughing and the others did the same.
"Hello, I'm Liam and you are?" Another one said once the laughter had died down.
"Why should I tell you?" I said with a hard stare.
"Cuz if you don't I will murder you while you sleep" Louis said with a roll of his eyes.
"We're not going to hurt you,love." The one with curly brown hair and green eyes said, he then added "I'm Harry by the way."
I gave him a small smile and said "my names Katherine but you can call me Kathy, Kath or Kay." They grinned at me. I then looked over to the blonde one with the bright blue eyes and shyly asked "what's your name?" I instantly looked down my cheeks flushing with embarrassment, my orange curls blocking my face.
He smiled sweetly at me and said "I'm Niall." His accent was Irish and very thick. Memories of last night came flooding back to me as I tried to sit up. Thoughts of what chad had tried to do came back and I shuddered involuntarily. Niall noticed "you cold love?" He asked.
"No." I replied. I hesitated then thought I'd ask some questions. "Hey guys, can I ask you some questions?"
"Of course, shoot away" Harry replied.
"How did I get here" I asked, they all turned to Niall.
"I took you because you passed out in the pavement." I blinked at him then slowly nodded my head.
"Why did I pass out?" Again, Niall answered
"my guess is you were drunk and pissed off. You weren't looking where you were going and walked straight into me, you then fell back onto the pavement, slurred the word 'Shit' and passed out." I scrunched up my nose when he said I was drunk but carried on listening.
"Why do you all keep on staring at me?"
Louis answered this time and said "because your fucking sexy!" I stared at him shocked, the other looked down and blushed while he just sat there grinning at me.
"Thanks..... I guess?" Was all I said in return, he winked.
"Any more questions?" Harry asked.
"Yeah just one more." They looked at me and waited for me to go on. "Why did louis ask before if I was a fan?"


Hey guys! Looks like someone's getting curious! So where do you think Zayn is? Why do you think Niall took her back? Do they all have a crush on Kathy? I dunno you'll have to wait! I know I hate waiting as well especially when I have nothing better to do. So plz comment I'm dying to know what you think!
stay beautiful!
thx Georgi
(did you notice the extra kisses? I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!<3)xxx haha


Haha sorry I took so long :( but the next chapter will be uploaded soon :) glad you're enjoying it and thanks for answering :D xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyy gurrl. I was excited for the update. I will always answah yo questions.
1.I do have a pet. I have three actually, but my favorite is my cat, Ebony. She is my baby.
2.I do not know where I would live. I have never seen the places where they are from although I am sure they are lovely. I would probs choose Mullingar though.
3.a. Brother - Liam.
b. Boyfriend - Zayn
c. Best Friend - Harry
d. Classmate - Louis
e. Boss/teacher - Niall

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

Yes thanks! Main girl is taken but if I could have a bit of a description for Tessa I'd really appreciate it! Xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyyyooo. Sooooo, I kind of wanted to be a character. Maybe the main but that sounds really kind of stuck up so, since I would love to be any person in your story I would be okay with being like the older sister or something. Zayn is super hot and there aren't many stories about Zayn on here, so Zayn should be in love. But that's just my opinion. Second choice would be Harry and then Louis. :D Best friend's name could be Tessa. She would be confident and strong and totally hard to get.
Hope that helps! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

1)two. English is my first and Im still in the process of learning spanish
2) I enjoy school and would probably cry if my school was burnt to the ground.
3) Harry - How down to Earth he is
Liam - how strong he is, I mena, the guy only has 1 kidney and he sings amazingly and he gets hate and mobbed pretty much everyday
Louis - I don't know. I don't know a whole lot about Louis but I do love his solo in Little Things
Niall - his eyes and his hands and just how sweet he is.
Zayn, All physical features as well as his relationship with Perrie. It is so beautiful

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne