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I said leave

The reaction

Niall's POV
I called Liam when I was in the taxi. " hey Liam.... Could you make sure one of the guest rooms are ready?.... I found a girl passed out in the street..... Well I couldn't of just left her there!...... About sixteen.... Ok see you in a bit mate!" I hung up and stared down at the mysterious girl. There was something about holding her next to me that made me feel happy. I'd never felt like this before, it felt nice. I brushed some hair out of her face and felt like a electric jolt. I gazed at her face with its little trail of freckles running from one cheek to the other. She was so beautiful and I felt some sort of growing affection for her.
I climbed out of the taxi and paid the driver, I then carried the girl bridal style up to the door. Only then did I realise that I couldn't open the door with her in my arms. I thought for a second then banged on the door with my foot. Liam answered and looked at me with the passed out beauty in my arms.
"well are you going to let me in?" I asked, truth is I was annoyed at Liam for staring at her for so long. Liam shook his head.
"Umm. Yeah sure. Do you want me to take her?" He asked pointing at the girl. I self consciously pulled her closer to me.
"No. I've got her." I half snapped. We walked into the living room were the other boys apart from Zayn were.They stared down at the treasure I my arms then looked back up at me. I just raised an eyebrow at them then walked up the stairs with Liam following. He followed me into the spare room and watched as I gently laid her down.
"Niall, why did you bring her here?" He finally asked when I sat down next to her.
"She passed out in the middle of the street after she bumped into me! What was I supposed to of done?!" I half yelled at him.
"Leave her that's what you could've done! If you've forgotten you are part of a world famous boy band!" He yelled back at me.
"Is that what you would of done? Left a sixteen year old girl out in the middle of the streets where ANYTHING could happen to her? No I didn't think so." I said menacingly.
"Ni, I know that you care and all but she could be some sort of crazed fan! You better have a back up plan here, Niall." He said slightly softer now. I just nodded and watched as he left.
i stared back down at the girl she looked so peaceful. I laid down next to her and put my arms around her middle. My last thoughts were about her as sleep over powered me.

Kathy's POV
I awoke in someone's arms. I looked across at them, they were to muscular to be Chads. I slowly turned around and screamed when I saw a blonde man asleep, with me in his arms. I tried to jump away and failed miserably because as soon as I sat up my head pounded. all of a sudden it all became to much for me as thoughts from last night with chad whooshed into my mind. I blacked out from shock.


Hi guys! Wow 21 views!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me so happy! I really hope you're enjoying the story. I guess that's all I wanted to say. Oh right don't forget to comment! I wanna know what you guys think.
We'll stay beautiful. I love you even if you are strangers
thx for reading Georgi
p.s I will give shout outs to people that leave the best comments. Also I will do 3 story shout outs <3 with each update! Xxxxxxxxxxx


Haha sorry I took so long :( but the next chapter will be uploaded soon :) glad you're enjoying it and thanks for answering :D xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyy gurrl. I was excited for the update. I will always answah yo questions.
1.I do have a pet. I have three actually, but my favorite is my cat, Ebony. She is my baby.
2.I do not know where I would live. I have never seen the places where they are from although I am sure they are lovely. I would probs choose Mullingar though.
3.a. Brother - Liam.
b. Boyfriend - Zayn
c. Best Friend - Harry
d. Classmate - Louis
e. Boss/teacher - Niall

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

Yes thanks! Main girl is taken but if I could have a bit of a description for Tessa I'd really appreciate it! Xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyyyooo. Sooooo, I kind of wanted to be a character. Maybe the main but that sounds really kind of stuck up so, since I would love to be any person in your story I would be okay with being like the older sister or something. Zayn is super hot and there aren't many stories about Zayn on here, so Zayn should be in love. But that's just my opinion. Second choice would be Harry and then Louis. :D Best friend's name could be Tessa. She would be confident and strong and totally hard to get.
Hope that helps! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

1)two. English is my first and Im still in the process of learning spanish
2) I enjoy school and would probably cry if my school was burnt to the ground.
3) Harry - How down to Earth he is
Liam - how strong he is, I mena, the guy only has 1 kidney and he sings amazingly and he gets hate and mobbed pretty much everyday
Louis - I don't know. I don't know a whole lot about Louis but I do love his solo in Little Things
Niall - his eyes and his hands and just how sweet he is.
Zayn, All physical features as well as his relationship with Perrie. It is so beautiful

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne