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Dollhouse saga; "Forever always, For eternity "


Liam's POV

I'm kissing Isla down her neck. I think I hit her sweet spot because she's squirming, but then her body tenses. I continue my work on her neck trying to get her to relax. "Hmmmmm Isla baby I want to fuck you hard right now," I groan. "Ummm, no Liam. Stop now." I glance at her confused and then everything spins out of control.

Isla's POV

Oh fuck! What the fuck is Liam thinking? Does he have a death wish! Louis is going to kill him!! "Fucking stop now Liam or I am going to fucking kill you! You are going to suffer," I hear Louis screaming in his head. I tense trying to get Liam to stop before Louis explodes. Why would he go near Louis' mark? He knows that's off limits!!

Liam groans, "Hmmmmm Isla baby I want to fuck you hard right now." "Oh that does it! Now you die you fucking bastard!" Louis screams in his head. I look towards Louis and his eyes are pure blood red. I have less than a second to react before Louis does something in a rage. I quickly whisper to Liam, Ummm, no Liam. Stop now." He doesn't get the hint and all he'll begins to break loose.

I grab Liam and throw him across the room from where Louis is while Louis dives towards the spot Liam was a second ago. He lays on top of me and even though he is filled with murderous rage, he is not rough with me. I sense the devastation in his thoughts that Liam dared touch his bite mark. He begins to shed tears of blood and looks towards Liam who is up against a wall staring with wide eyes of fear. "Why Liam? Why would you desecrate my mark? You know it's the mark of my true love for Isla," Louis barely chokes out in sobs. My heart breaks at Louis' devastation. "Well Louis, I figured you owed me from last night so I would just make my own little mark." Oh no, shit is about to get real.

Louis explodes, "YOU WHAT???!! THOUGHT YOU COULD JUST TOUCH MY MARK??!! You have fucking lost your mind!! I am a Dracula! You do NOT EVER touch my mark!!" For some reason, as scary as this whole scene is, I find myself extremely turned on by Louis's protectiveness. I squirm under him to squeeze my thighs together to relieve the building pressure. It distracts him and he looks down at me, eyes filled with hurt, love, anger, and when he senses my mood...lust. He places his palm on my cheek, I lean into his touch, and I hear his thoughts..."Mine." He leans down and opens up the bite mark and sucking my blood, erasing any love bite Liam attempted to make. Louis stops after a minute in a complete frenzy of anger and desire, I am so worked up and horny but he turns his attention to Liam. He slowly crawls off the bed and stalks towards Liam.

Louis POV

If it wasn't for Isla throwing Liam to the other side of the room, I'd have killed him on the spot. I can't believe his nerve! "YOU WHAT???!! THOUGHT YOU COULD JUST TOUCH MY MARK??!!" I scream incredulously. "You have fucking lost your mind!! I am a Dracula! You do NOT EVER touch my mark!!" It felt like he put a proverbial stake in my heart. My heart physically hurts. I look into Isla's eyes cupping her cheek and she leans into my touch and smiles. All I can think is she is mine and I bite down on her neck to reclaim her and erase any trace of Liam's mouth.

Her blood is beyond any aphrodisiac imaginable. I feel Isla squirming under me trying to get some friction and immediately I become rock hard. As much as I want to bury myself in her, I have to deal with the ghost in the room. I pull away from Isla and I know she can see must lust for her and anger towards Liam by how dark red my eyes are right now. She's my talisman and stops me from doing anything in haste, but Liam is going to get it now.

I slowly make my way off the bed and stalk towards Liam who is holding up the wall and looking at me with wide eyes. He's scared and he should be. I smirk as I continue to make my way towards him. "So Liam, you think I owe you from last night? Was my apology not good enough for you mate?" I ask with my voice dripping of sarcasm and anger. "Well," he stammers, " Yes, yes you did apologize. I um. Uh. I just wanted to leave a little mark. Come on, it's not like it would stick more than a few hours on Isla's skin. Just a bit of fun mate." "Bit of fun?!! Bit of fun you say mate!" I spit at Liam. I close the distance between us and put my hands on the wall on either side of his head. "Isla is not a bit of fun! That mark of love is certainly not a bit of fun, but if you really want a bit of fun, I am more than happy to oblige!" I scream. Liam gulps and I can tell he is wondering if he is spending his last moments of his existence.

"Okay mate, you want a 'bit of fun'? You want me to make last night up to you? Fine, but if you EVER touch my mark again, I will kill you on the spot without a thought! I am a Dracula, you are a ghost, and don't ever forget it!' I slam my body against Liam's and his look of shock reaches a whole new level as I grind my hard dick against him. He begins panting and I whisper to him, "You will remember my place by getting to your knees and sucking me off." Liam breathlessly answers me, "Yes," and reaches down to massage me. He leans in to kiss me and I allow him. Liam parts his lips and I invade his mouth with my tongue; he moans in pleasure. I pull away abruptly. "Now Liam," I command.

Liam drops to his knees and begins unbuckling my belt. He unbuttons, unzips, and removes my jeans and boxers. "Come on mate, don't be shy. Suck me off. You know you are dying to do it." "I want it more than you know Lou." He wastes no time grasping my throbbing member in his hand and guiding it to his mouth. He vigorously sucks, hollowing his cheeks and taking me all the way to the back of his throat. We groan in unison. "Ah Liam, you are so good. Give me all you got and I will give you a treat." Liam doubles his efforts and I tangle my fingers into his hair to pull him completely into my dick. I look over towards Isla on the bed to see she is fingering herself getting off on the scene before her...and it's almost my undoing. "Like what you see baby?" She arches her back off the bed, eyes rolling back, and responds, "Yes baby. More." "Then, you will love this," I smirk, grasp Liam's head harder, and throat fuck him at rapid speed. "Oh fuck! Yes! Fu..fu..fuck me!" I shout as I violently cum in Liam's mouth. Isla is a moaning mess on the bed coming down off her own climax and Liam is about to explode with need.

I drop to the floor on my knees face-to-face with Liam. "Up for a bit more fun mate?" I ask with a smirk on my face. "Yes Louis. I love you and I want you." "Strip," I issue the simple command. Once he's naked, I further command, "Down. All fours. Now." Liam obeys, I lean over his back, and whisper in his ear, "I am going to fuck you into oblivion." In over a century of knowing Liam, I never knew him on e to get goosebumps, but he had them now.

Slowly, I insert a finger into his ass and grab his dick with my other hand and start pumping. Liam whimpers, "Lou...please, I need you now." I remove my finger and with lightning speed bury myself all the way in his ass. "Ahhhhhh yes!" Liam screams. I begin pumping into his ass with deep, hard thrusts while massaging him and he is starting to come undone. I begin matching my thrusts with stroking his rock hard cock and we both start building towards our climaxes. "Oh God Lou I am so fucking close. Yes! Harder! Fuck!! Ahhh..." And with one last violent thrust Liam and I climax together. We ride out our highs and I pull out, panting and exhausted from releasing all my anger on him.

I look over at Isla who is giggling on the bed. "And just what do you find so funny love?" I ask her. "Well, here I thought you were going to kill each other over 'lil ole me, but it looks like y'all don't need me at all," she busts out laughing after attempting a horrible southern accent. At lightning speed, I hover over her on the bed, "Isla, I couldn't exist without you," and I lean down and give her a passionate kiss. We pull away from each other to look over at Liam who has passed out and is sound asleep on the floor. He looks so sweet and peaceful, it's a shame I have to kill my best friend to protect my heart. Isla pulls me out of my thoughts with a sweet kiss, "Luckily, we will exist together forever so that's never going to be a problem my love." My heart wants to explode with love for her. Together forever...with Isla...which takes me back to my plan...


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That was my first gay smut and I hope I didn't botch it.

So, Liam is safe...for now. What will happen next? Will there be peace for awhile or will there be another fight before the day is our?


OH PLEEEAAASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!! I know this know this book updates slow but omfg please just update date! This book is so amazing! !!! This book is beautifully written and i just can't wait for an update, these is the most perfect book I've read in my life!!! I started crying alt the end of chapter 40 when she gave birth and was comparing the babies with Louis and liam..please update!!!

awwwwww !! omg please update soon !

Update oh my life !

Update :D !

I was a total groupie over Dollhouse which, as ELMO told you, led to me getting to co-author the sequel. I love her characters and the first story was awesome.