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Dollhouse saga; "Forever always, For eternity "

Pushed out

Louis POV

After Liam's hissy fit, I could sense Isla was going to calm him down. She left my embrace, leaving me cold and wanting, and walked over to Liam. I was angry as I watched him rebuff Isla's attempt to comfort him. How dare he? Does he think he is just entitled to her whenever he sees her? He isn't acting like he loves her, just only that he wants to fuck her. It pisses me off because I do love her - all of her.

She's so sexy as she tries to seduce him:

"You think we would forget about you, I sense your feeling a bit uncomfortable down there. Come up with us."

She looks to me for approval and all I can do is bite my lip and nod at her. Oh she is in a naughty mood tonight strutting away acting like she's calling the shots. Well, I have a little surprise for her.

Before we were so rudely interrupted, we enjoyed hours of snuggling and kissing. I had just told Isla I wanted to take her to bed and make love to her. She had just given me a breathless, "Yes," and we were gazing lovingly at each other when Liam came home. While Isla and I have been away, I make love to her all the time, but when we are home it's down and dirty fucking with ghost boy. Ughhh. I just wanted to make love to her in our own bed. I might not get exactly what I want, but at least I can control what goes down tonight...or at least who goes down.

Isla is walking up the stairs swaying her hips and it's so sexy. It makes me want her even more. I follow her up and notice Liam walking behind me. I've got to think fast to come up with a sexual scenario for what's about to go down.

Before Isla's change, things were different. Liam could not actually fuck her so he only did me. Now, he fucks her too and I have to admit, I don't like it, especially since Isla and I have been one-on-one a lot lately. So, I will have to take care of Liam without giving him all of my beloved Isla...and I think I know exactly how to do it now.

Liam and I arrive in our bedroom to find Isla lying across the bed propped up on one elbow, top leg scissored over her bottom one. I am hard just looking at her, she is so beautiful and sexy and I want her right now. Time to act! Thinking quickly I grab Liam, kiss him, and massage his crotch. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Isla’s shocked expression at my actions. I begin to move us towards Isla and the bed and then separate myself from Liam. Looking at Liam and then down at Isla, I smirk and say, “Naughty girl, did you really think you were going to be in control tonight?” I hear Liam’s sharp intake of breath and Isla’s eyes pop wide open. Neither of them are used to hearing me speak in this low, menacing tone.

I crawl on top of Isla and kiss her, ramming my tongue into her mouth as she moans and gasps in shock. My hands begin to roam over her body and I see from a side glance Liam beginning to palm himself. Okay, I am going to have to share her a little.

“Liam, don’t you want a piece of our sexy little Isla?”

The lust is apparent in his eyes.

“Yes, I want to fuck her right now,” he replies. “Tsk tsk patience mate. It’s been awhile so we need to make this last and enjoy it,” I coax him.

I move to the side and allow him to move by Isla. He begins to kiss her and she responds, but not like she does with me. Good, I have got him distracted. Now to cock block him no matter how unpleasant this might be for me.

I move over to the other side of Isla and begin to kiss and bite her neck; I hit her sweet part and she pulls her mouth away from Liam moaning in delight. Liam moved one of his hands to her breast and I intervened by ripping Isla’s top and bra off of her, sucking and nipping at one of her breasts while massaging the other. My other free hand is massaging Liam’s throbbing member through his pants. Okay, I’ve limited Liam to kissing her at the moment, so far so good.

After several minutes, Liam’s hand moves down to Isla’s pants and he begins to move them down her hips. Fuck no he’s not getting it in! I coo, “Isla baby, why don’t you take care of Liam with that sweet mouth of yours?” She gives me a look like I’ve grown a second head so I tell her, “Don’t worry love, I’ll take real good care of you.” Isla nods and gets on her knees. Liam’s eyes are huge and filled with lust, pupils dilated and the thought of the pleasure he’ll soon receive…and that’s the extent of what he will get tonight if I can help it. If I have to I will take it up the ass to prevent him getting it in to Isla.

Isla begins kissing Liam again while she undoes his pants. She breaks away, turns to me, and begins kissing me while she continues to remove Liam’s pants. There is something pleading and questioning in her kiss, but there is no turning back. We have to include Liam. Since she turned, in moments of intensity, Isla and I are able to communicate general thoughts to each other without speaking because our bond is that strong.

Moving behind Isla, I begin to kiss down her back while Liam massages her breasts. Oh hell, I need to get this over with before I lost it with him; I can’t stand him touching her. It’s making me crazy. When I get to her waist, I rip away her pants and underwear as if they were nothing more than mere tissue. Isla begins kissing her way down Liam’s chest, nipping his sensitive skin as she goes and he lets out little whimpers.

She down on all fours and hesitates before she takes the tip of his throbbing member into her hand. I see her tongue flick out over his sensitive head and Liam’s eyes roll back in his head. She begins to pump his shaft up and down while supporting herself on her other elbow. Then, she takes his cock into her mouth and begins to bob up and down while pumping his base with her hand. “Oh fuck Isla! You feel so good,” Liam groans.

Okay, I’ve seen and heard enough so I decide to focus on pleasuring Isla because there is nothing in the world I love to do more than that. Crouching behind her, I rub my hand over her ass massaging and I hear her moan my name.

“Yes baby, you’ll be screaming my name soon enough,” I say. I notice Liam sober momentarily and stare at me before Isla returns to pleasuring him. “Spread your legs for me baby,” I command and Isla immediately obeys. I rub my thumb over her clit and inset a finger from my other finger inside her.

“Oh Isla, you bad girl. You are so wet for me (yes, I emphasized the word “me”).” She moans again, I smirk, and Liam gives me a dirty look – hmm I need him distracted. “Isla, I know what you want, but you can’t have it until you give Liam what he needs.” I hear the pout in her moan and I swear it made me almost sick to even have to say that. Oh great, now Liam is smirking like he won the lottery.

It becomes obvious Isla is doubling her efforts, hollowing her cheeks to give a good suck on Liam’s dick. He tangled his fingers into her hair and is pulling her head into him so that he is now throat fucking her. Shit. I pick up my own efforts inserting two fingers inside Isla’s wet pussy, ramming and twisting them into her at a merciless rate and using my thumb to put pressure on her clit. She’s sucking Liam off faster than ever, exactly what I want so this can be over. Time to send this over the edge so I flip on my back getting under her and pull her onto my face sucking on her clit while I continue fingering her. At this point, I hear Isla gasping and moaning as Liam continues to throat fuck her. Suddenly, I feel Isla’s walls close around my fingers and she is shaking as she cums. “Oh fuck Isla! I am cumming” Liam screams and collapses onto the bed. Finally! Now I can take care of my girl. I’m the only one I want her tasting on her lips.

Isla collapses on me and I take her into my embrace and roll over so that she is under me. I kiss her passionately, my tongue claiming every surface in her mouth. The mood between us changes from the performance we just gave to an act of pure love. I hold her in my arms, pull away from the kiss, and stare into her beautiful eyes. We both smile and then it’s like we becoming totally lost in each other.

Isla places her hand on my cheek and I lean into it. Leaning down I kiss her again and then bury myself inside her. She arches her back off the bed in pleasure and that was all the encouragement I need to continue. Thrusting slowly I want to savor every bit of her and makes this last. Isla begins moving her hips up to meet each of my thrusts and soon we both lose control.

She swings both of her feet over my shoulders and screams, “Faster Louis!” I pick up the pace as she requests and she lets out another yell, “Harder baby!” Damn she feels amazing. So perfectly tight and now I am slamming the living hell out of her as fast as I can.

“Oh baby I love you so much. You feel so good,” I tell her. “Ahhhh Lou…Lou…I…” and with that Isla climaxes, shaking and screaming like the wild animal she is in bed. Just as she’s about to come down from her high, I adjust and start slamming into her g-spot repeatedly while massaging her clit with my thumb. “Oh…my…Go…Lou…ahhhhhhhh!” Yeah, she comes again and finally I allow myself to release inside of her. Definitely one of the most satisfying climaxes I have had with her.

Pulling out of Isla, we gaze lovingly at each other. She is mine and I am hers. She turns to spoon with me, I pull her into me, and as we begin to cuddle I feel her body tense. I open my eyes and feel my own body tense as I see Liam staring at us with a strange look on his face. Damn, this is awkward.

Liam POV

Wow. What the fuck just happened here? I know I am a ghost, but they can see me. For the second time in less than 30 minutes Isla and Louis have made me feel truly invisible. I don’t understand what has changed since they’ve been gone, but things feel different between us. Louis has always let me touch him, but no longer.

Sure he touched me but only through my clothes and only briefly. But then it felt like he was almost out maneuvering me to keep me away from doing anything to Isla. Then what the hell was with those two fucking like they were the only two people in the room? I just don’t get it.

We’ve been together a couple of years so what was up with tonight? I mean first the scene when I got home, then Louis acts like they are going to make tonight all about me, and then I end up just sitting there like an outsider. Maybe it’s just my grouchy mood from the long, tiring day and that I missed them so much. Deep down I am sure they both love me; I just need to sleep this off and not over think it.

“Well again, welcome home guys. I’m exhausted so I’m just going to crash.” And with that I laid down on my side facing away from Isla and Louis and went to sleep deeply confused and a little sad.

Isla POV

“Night Liam,” I say and ruffle his hair with my hand.

This has been quite the night. It almost ended as wonderful as it began. Lying in Louis’ arms just talking, kissing, and cuddling for hours. I love times like that because I know how deeply he loves me. Then, the intensity in which he just made love to me – slow and then losing all abandon. Of course, it got all awkward for the second time tonight when Liam realized Louis and I were completely lost in each other.

What did surprise me about tonight is that I think for the first time I realized that Louis is jealous. It seemed obvious when he nodded at me downstairs and then began his little performance that he was not happy about sharing me. In fact, I know it.

He knows that since he turned me we can convey our thoughts nonverbally to each other, but I don’t think he realizes how clearly I hear his thoughts. I hear how conflicted he is in his head. He doesn’t want to hurt Liam or be mean to him in any way, but he does not want to share me anymore.

He knows Liam loves us both and Louis love Liam, but it seems his love is more than that of a brother now. It’s awkward for him because Liam proclaimed his love for Louis long ago before they ever met me. I just hope Liam isn’t hurt and upset about tonight, but he seemed sad when he said good night.

“Night my love,” Louis whispers in my ear and I begin to feel myself drift off to sleep.


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Thanks to this wonderful person we have a full on smut chapter, this expresses Louis' jealously and how Liam is effected and pushed out. And how Isla is the one left awkward because of both of there hissy fits over who gets to have her.

What would Louis do next to make Isla his?

Would he carry on pushing Liam out of her?


OH PLEEEAAASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!! I know this know this book updates slow but omfg please just update date! This book is so amazing! !!! This book is beautifully written and i just can't wait for an update, these is the most perfect book I've read in my life!!! I started crying alt the end of chapter 40 when she gave birth and was comparing the babies with Louis and liam..please update!!!

awwwwww !! omg please update soon !

Update oh my life !

Update :D !

I was a total groupie over Dollhouse which, as ELMO told you, led to me getting to co-author the sequel. I love her characters and the first story was awesome.