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Dollhouse saga; "Forever always, For eternity "


Isla POV

I fell asleep thinking of Louis, the feeling of him inside still was over powering everything I had to give. I snuggled to his side even though he is no longer warm, well was never warm in the first place he was conformable to sleep by.

I thought of many things in my sleep, reliving the time when i was alive and the first time i ever met Louis. I will be sad for the next few days without him but he is wanted at the kingdom, I can't blame him for going his father. Lying in his arms thinking of nothing but the big ring on my finger, the expense it cost him. I know we have highly paid jobs but he didn't have to get me something like this, but we did break the bed in return.

Liam POV

Oh my god! Im so tried, but when i get home i get to see my beautiful girl. Just me and my girl. I clock off in 10 minutes, the job is tough but its all to pay for 1\3 of the montage.

I know at the end of the day it should just be one person pay but seen as we all live together and that Imeor the house out of her graduation money off her parents. So at the end of the day me and Louis are renting out her house, Isla owns that house.

Just then i heard Sams voice, it was music to my ears.

"Alright Liam, Come on now mate time to go home"

I turned around, snapping out of my thoughts. Finally I can go home and see my girl, but I don't know if Louis will be there. He does sometimes goes back to the kingdom at night, he thinks if Isla didn't know when he was going because she would be upset even more when awake.

I walk home in the pissing rain, forgetting about my hat which i left at home this morning. I looked at my phone and it read '3:43am', Yeah i know i work long hours. But it all goes towards spoiling Isla at the end of the year around chirstmas time and she always enjoys my suprizes.

When i get under the roof bit of our house i open the door, closing it behind me. I slip my wet coat off my shoulders, as I was placing it on the hook I looked to find Louis' coat was gone meaning that he had already gone to the kingdom.

I walked up the stairs and opened our bedroom door, my eyes wided when i saw the broken bed. What happened here? I started taking off my soaking wet clothes leaving on my boxers, the rain never reached them thankfully.

I looked over to find Louis was really gone, then something catched my eye. It was gliming, bright. I looked closely and it was a ring, a diamond ring. At first i thought it was an engagement ring but it wasn't on her wedding finger, that was what the suprize was. Louis got her a really expensive ring! Out of jealously to me cause I can't afford things like that for her.

I lay on the bed, i stirred her in her sleep. She turned over to see me, she smiled and then looked back to her side, her face changed when she realised Louis was gone. I went closer to her when she was gonna cry, I wrapped my arms around hers, then I noticed that she was in her full glory naked.

"Hey Ice, come on girl. He will be back in a few days, yourll see"

I felt her hands over my boxers, i looked at her. She pulled them down tossing them off somewhere, She wasnt asking for sex all she wanted was to feel was our naked bodys together.

I felt her sobs go quiet and her chess stoped pulsing as fast. I looked to find she was asleep in my arms, her leg wrapped with mine. I whispered gently in her ear.

"I love you so much Ice"

I kissed her forehead, the i too fell asleep with this beautiful thing in my arms.


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So Liams said nothing about the ring yet?

Why does Isla cry over Louis?

What is Louis really doing in the kingdom?



OH PLEEEAAASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!! I know this know this book updates slow but omfg please just update date! This book is so amazing! !!! This book is beautifully written and i just can't wait for an update, these is the most perfect book I've read in my life!!! I started crying alt the end of chapter 40 when she gave birth and was comparing the babies with Louis and liam..please update!!!

awwwwww !! omg please update soon !

Update oh my life !

Update :D !

I was a total groupie over Dollhouse which, as ELMO told you, led to me getting to co-author the sequel. I love her characters and the first story was awesome.