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Dollhouse saga; "Forever always, For eternity "

Home sweet home

Isla POV

Everything has changed since that day at Jensaona and i cant believe that Louis' father Felis agreed to not break us up, its just the most weridest thing ever and im so proud of Louis and Liam. When i turned 18 two years after meeting the boys i said to mother that im moving out, she was like 'Ok' thinking that i was going barmy but i clearly wasnt.

Anyway i found a little cottage on the beach front on the east coast of the UK, its amazing there the sound of waves at night. Clashing of thunder clouds lit up the sea like stars, it was my place and i felt like it was home where i belonged.

But you might have guessed it Liam and Louis came with me to 'Keep me company' but really they was there for the sex and the cuddles at night when we fall to sleep in each others arms. Even though i talk about thunder storms like there are amazing increidable things, they really arent to me, i hate them and everytime i hear one i jump and curl up to Liam or Louis who ever is there.

The view from our bedroom is wonderful like paradise, theres a balcony and everything with a plant pot with roses growing out of it making it look mysitacal, well i should say that because believe it or not a couple of hours after moving in i was leaning on the bars that keep you in the balcony, i felt a bulge on my ass and i looked around to notice it was Louis pressing is cock against me.

Now that im a dracula my senses have changed, i can now see Liam when before i couldnt because i was a human. But ok me and Louis had sex on the balcony and Liam court us red handed and.. Joined in, but that was just Liam.

Well my 18th birthday was kinda like a fuck present off the boys because they didnt get me anything but they thought 'Hey lets fuck her cause we forgot her present' now thats a good excuse. But i guess my story begins again another chapter, us as lovers is hard.

Worst then marriage.

But finding who we really are in world is the hardest thing ever...


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OMG! next part of Dollhouse. My co-author is LouisLady, she is a amaZAYN person and she read Dollhouse before is got really popular, she came up with the second half of the title 'For eternity' and even thought i was going to do this on my own i wanted her help in this.

Hopefully there will be daily updates now that i have a helper :)



Isla's modelling career


OH PLEEEAAASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!! I know this know this book updates slow but omfg please just update date! This book is so amazing! !!! This book is beautifully written and i just can't wait for an update, these is the most perfect book I've read in my life!!! I started crying alt the end of chapter 40 when she gave birth and was comparing the babies with Louis and liam..please update!!!

awwwwww !! omg please update soon !

Update oh my life !

Update :D !

I was a total groupie over Dollhouse which, as ELMO told you, led to me getting to co-author the sequel. I love her characters and the first story was awesome.