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I'll Look After You

Movie Night

After I got up to my room, I drop my bags by my bed before I go over to my closet and began to go through my clothes to find something comfortable to wear tonight. It takes me a while, about close to twenty to thirty minutes to find what to wear. I decided to wear something simple, maybe a tank top with a cardigan over it along with some shorts. All I wanted was to be comfortable since I knew we’d most likely be watching movies all night. It was going to be fun.

I change into the navy blue tank top and pair of denim shorts and decide to wear them with matching navy blue TOMS. For the next few minutes, I continue to get myself ready. I do my hair and straighten it with my flat iron and apply some light makeup. As I walk back into my bedroom, I grab my phone that was sitting on the nightstand beside my bed and slip it in my back pocket.

As I walk out of my room, I catch a glance of the clock on the table beside my bed. According to the clock, it was 6:45 PM; Louis would be here in 15 minutes to pick me up. I head down the hall and begin to walk down the stairs. After I walk downstairs, I go in to the kitchen to see my mom sitting at the counter with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Hey mom,” I say with a smile as I take a seat next to her on one of the bar stools.

“Hey Abby,” she says and looks at me as she takes a sip of her wine.

“So, will I get to meet this guy who’s coming to pick you up?” she asked with a smile as she looks at me. I smile a bit and nod my head slightly.

For the next few minutes, I begin to tell her how my day went at the mall with Julia and the Danielle.

Pulling me from my thoughts, the doorbell rang loudly throughout the house. I look up and glance at the digital clock on the oven, it was 6:58, he was two minutes early. The thought of him coming to pick me up made my stomach erupt in butterflies. Tonight was going to be fun.

I get up and straighten out my clothes as I walk through the living room to the front door. I grab hold of the door handle and pull it open to see Louis standing there. He wore a bright red pair of jeans and a simple white t-shirt that was tight against his chest where I could see his muscles and chest. As he looked up, a cute smile forms on his lips.

“Hey Abby! You ready to go?” Louis asks looking at me with a smile on his face. I nod my head and smile. He comes forward and pulls me in a hug.

“Oh, but first I want you to meet someone,” I grab hold of his wrist and drag him inside. He just smiles and lets out a laugh.

“Mom, this is Louis,” I tell her as I look at him and then over at my mother who stood in front of where Louis and I were.

“Nice to meet you, Miss…?” he says with a smile and pulls her in to a friendly hug.

“Call me Nancy,” she tells him with a smile as they part from the hug.

“It’s real nice to meet you, Louis, you two have fun,” she tells us as we stand in the kitchen. I begin to twiddle my fingers, one of the things I do when I’m nervous. As I look up, I give my mom a small smile before Louis and I head toward the front door.

“We will, thanks for letting her go,” Louis tells her with a friendly smile.

“No problem, it was nice meeting you!” my mom said with a smile as she looked at me and Louis.

“You too!” he replies as he grabs hold of my wrist and drags me out the door and it slamming shut in the process. I couldn’t help but laugh as he drags me over toward his red car that stood in front of my house.

“You nervous about meeting the rest of them, love?” he asks and looks at me as we got in his car.

I took my place in the passenger seat while he took his in the driver’s seat. After I buckle my seat belt across my body, I look over at him as I open my mouth to speak, “Kind of, just a bit,” I tell him with a small smile as he starts up the car.

Soon, the car is moving and we are heading over to wherever Liam’s flat was. For the time being, Louis reaches forward and turns the radio on.

“…and that was Imagine Dragons with Radioactive…now, here’s Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars, enjoy!” the radio DJ said as the familiar tune to that song began to play.

“I love this song!” I blurt out with a smile as I reach forward and turn the volume up with the knob on the radio.

“Is that too loud?” I question with a smirk as I look at Louis who had his eyes on the road. As he comes to a slow stop at a red light, he looks at me and shakes his head.

“It’s fine, this is a great song, one of my favorites right now, actually,” he tells me with a cute smile on his lips as he turns to look at me before he turns his gaze back to the road in front of him.

For the time being, the two of us sing along with the song while he continues to drive, keeping his eyes on the road. Soon enough, the song ends and I notice we are turning into a parking lot of some apartment building where I’m guessing the boys lived. After Louis parks the car, he pulls the keys from the ignition as he unlocked the doors so we could get out. He walks around and opens the door for me and holds his hand out for me.

“Thanks,” I say with a laugh as I grab hold of his hand to help me out.

“No problem,” he says as he puts one of his arms around me while he leads me in to the building keeping me close to him as if he was worried something would happen to me.

He leads me to the elevator and presses a button. The ding soon goes off in the elevator and he grabs my hand dragging me out of the small space and down a brightly lit hallway. Louis soon comes to a swift stop in front of a door; I’m guessing had to be Liam and Danielle’s flat. He grabs the handle and jiggled it to see if it was unlocked. When it didn’t move when he turned the handle and pushed it, he pulls out a key from his pocket and sticks it in the door.

After I hear a click, Louis pushes the door open and drags me inside behind him. Once we walk in, he shuts the door abruptly behind us before grabbing my arm and dragging me in the room where I noticed the guys sitting around with girls I’m guessing had to be their girlfriends.

“Abby!” Julia yells with a wide smile as she sees me standing there next to Louis.

“Hey girl!” I yell back with a smile.

She gets up and rushes over to me and pulls me in a bone crushing hug. I can’t help but let out a laugh as we part from the hug. She wraps her arm around me as she looks over at the two other girls I haven’t met yet.

“Hello love,” the four other boys say together as they look at me.

“Hey!” I reply with a smile as I look each of them.

A beautiful girl with hair dyed a light purple was sitting next to Zayn, I’m guessing that had to be his girlfriend Perrie, who looked oddly familiar. I just couldn’t quite place who she was, I swear I’ve seen her somewhere before. The other had long dark hair and blue eyes just like mine and was sitting right next to Niall.

“Ladies,” she says looking at me and then over at the two other girls, one sitting with Zayn and the other sitting next to Niall, his arm tight around her waist.

“This is Abby!” she states a big smile on her face as she looks at the other girls who smiled back.

“We’ve heard a lot about you, love, all thanks to Louis here,” the girl sitting next to Niall piped up.

“Isabelle, shut your mouth,” Louis said as he reached over and grabbed my hand before dragging me over to an empty spot on the couch. He takes a seat beside me.

“Sorry, Lou,” she replies with a cheeky smile.

“Let’s get this movie night started, shall we?” Harry states in a loud manner.

We all decide on a couple movies to watch; The Avengers, Titanic, Grease and Love Actually. For the next few hours, we watch movies and hang out with each other. I even get to know Isabelle and Perrie a bit better along with Julia and Danielle. Have to admit, I was actually was having a great time with a bunch of awesome people I was proud to call my new best friends. Toward the end of the second movie we ended up watching which was Grease, I ended up falling asleep against Louis’ shoulder.


Thoughts? <3 let me know what you think! Feedback would be awesome!


Thanks :) slowly working on it - been having major writers block so i'll try my best and update soon!

light me up. light me up.

omg i luv ur story. pleez keep updating

Sophalicious Sophalicious

Thanks! :)

light me up. light me up.

This is a really good story

Sophie Sophie

i totally love your story!!!! keep updating!! you wonderfull writer u