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I'll Look After You

Twenty Questions

Louis and I were walking around the mall and talking about a bunch of random stuff. We even almost got kicked out of this one store since we were talking so loud. I am glad that with him, I can be myself around him and actually have fun.

When I was with Michael, I could hardly talk to him about anything because he took almost everything I’ve ever told him seriously. I feel like I can tell Louis anything and he’ll keep it just between us, unlike how it was with Mike. He told some of his friends some of the things I told him I wanted him to keep between us. Next thing I know, the two of us were sitting at one of the tables in the food court, chatting about a ton of random things.

“Want to play a round of twenty questions? It would be fun!” Louis asks with a smile.

“Sure, that sounds fun!” I respond with a smile.

“Alright…I know you’re from America, but where did you grow up?” he asks with a small hint of a smile on his lips.

“I was born in Washington State but I’ve lived in California most of my life since I was six-years-old. What about you?” I ask as I look at him with a smile.

“I grew up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, it’s about three hours from her. It’s not too terribly far from here. I try to see my family whenever I can. It’s nice when the boys and I can have a break and visit our families,” he tells me.

“That sounds nice. What is your family like?” I ask curiously as I look at him.

For the next ten to fifteen minutes, we continued our game of twenty questions. I learned an awful lot about his family like that he has 5 stepsisters that live with his mother and stepdad and that he loves to go home to visit them all whenever he can. I even opened up a bit and told him about my dad and when the accident happened.

“I’m so sorry, love, I didn’t know,” he says and gets up from his seat and makes his way over to me pulling me in to a hug. I sniffle a bit and wipe the soft tears that fell down my cheeks with my arm as I hug him.

“It’s fine, really,” I tell him with the slight shrug of my shoulders as we pull away from the hug. For the next few minutes, there was an awkward silence between us before he speaks up again.

“Would you like to go get something to eat? There’s this place I love to go that isn’t too far from here.” He says with a hint of a smile on his lips.

I look up at him and give him a nod in response. Louis grabs me by the arm and pulls me out the doors of the mall. He leads me to a red Corvette, it looked brand spanking new. I don’t think I’ve seen anything this pretty before, have to admit, I was kind of jealous.

He unlocks the door and lets me put my bags in the back before I get in the passenger seat while he gets in the driver’s seat next to me.

“You ready?” he asks looking at me after we buckle our seat belts and he starts up the car.

“Yup!” I mutter and pop the ‘p’ at the end.

Before we know it, Louis is driving. On the drive wherever he was going, his phone started to go off. He glances over at me and mouths ‘sorry’ as he puts his phone up to his ear.

“Hello?” he says loudly in to the phone. “Harry, what do you want? I’m with Abby right now and I’m kind of busy since I’m driving,” he says in to the speaker on his iPhone as he comes to a slow stop at a red light.

“Hush up you wanker, bye!” Louis says before he ends the call and sets his phone in the cup-holder.

“Sorry, Harry was being an annoying bugger,” he tells me and looks over, rolling his eyes.

I laugh and smile as I reply, “It’s fine, Louis,” and look back at him, my lips curving in to a big smile. I glance out the window to see Louis pull in the parking lot. There was an Italian food place called Locanda Locatelli.

“This is where we’re going, I hope you like Italian food!” Louis says with a smile as he turns off the car and removes his key. We get out and he locks up the car before we head up to the restaurant. My bag was on my shoulder. I glance over at him as we are walking.

“Of course I love Italian food, it’s one of my favorites along with Mexican,” I tell him with a smile as we get closer to the entrance. Louis goes ahead of me and opens the door for me.

“Thank you, kind sir,” I tell him with a giggle as I walk in, Louis following behind me.

“Welcome m’lady,” he says and bows like he was royalty. I couldn’t help but let out a giggle as we walk up to the podium where a girl stood, dark hair pulled up in a high pony tail.

“How many?” the girl questions, with a smile as she looks at Louis and I.

“Two, love,” he says with a kind smile. She nods and grabs two menus for each of us before she leads us to a table in the back. I can feel Louis’ hand on my lower back as we follow her to our table. It caught me off guard for a moment but then I shook it off.

“I hate to be so forward, but are you two together?” she asks with a small smile on her lips as she looks at us with light blue-gray eyes that shown through her bangs that came down over her forehead.

“N-no, just friends, we’re just friends,” Louis says with a polite smile and quickly removes his hand away from my lower back as we take our seats at the table. Louis sits down across from me.

“You two would be awfully cute if you were, you’d make a real cute couple,” she says with a smile before handing us our menus and telling us our waitress will be here to take our order soon. I can’t help but feel my cheeks heat up at her comment. My eyes avert from Louis’ to the menu I was now holding.

“You don’t think she was serious, could she have been?” I question with a snicker as I slowly look up to meet his gaze. His eyes were locked on mine.

“Don’t know, she might have,” he says keeping his eyes on mine.

A smile was slowly making its way on his face. Am I already starting to fall for him? Could he be falling for me already also? Would it be too soon? I have only known him for even barely a day, but I can tell we are already becoming really close, and I like that I can be myself around him. The look in his eyes tells me that there must be something up because neither of us can keep our eyes off each other.

In past relationships, I have always been one to be with someone for a while before I let my feelings out in the open. With Louis, it seems different, I have known him for almost a day and I’ve already opened up to him a lot. Is it too soon to say I am already falling for him? If it is, I didn’t want to ruin our chance if there is something there between us. By how he is looking at me, I can obviously tell that he feels something too, or else, why would he want to hang out with me if there wasn’t something?

Louis and I order our drinks and begin to look over the menu for what we were going to order to eat. We talk while we wait for our waitress to come back and take our orders. Before we know it, we finally get our food. I got some pasta while Louis got a plate of spaghetti, a basic Italian dish but it was still just as good, he said.

After we eat, I offer to pay for our meal, which Louis objected and told me it was his idea in the first place that he was going to pay. I give in and let him pay since he was so nice enough to bring me here even though I didn’t ask for it. Once we get back in to Louis’ car, we notice the time. It was ten minutes to six o’clock.

“I know this is random but would you like to come over to Liam and Dani’s flat to watch movies tonight? It’s our turn to watch them at their place since we did it at mine last. The lads and Julia will be there as well. You’ll even get to meet Niall’s girlfriend and Perrie, Zayn’s girlfriend. I’d really like you to come if you’d like.” He says with a cheeky smile as we sit in his car.

I nod my head in response and smile, “I’d love to go! Would you mind driving me home so I could change?” I question with a slight laugh.

“Glad to do so, love,” Louis says with a smile and leans over and kisses my cheek.

He pulls away and I can’t help but blush a bit as I look at him. Did he just kiss my cheek? I couldn’t believe it! I give him a small smile before I turn and glance out the window while he begins to drive with the directions I gave him to get to my house.

We arrive a good fifteen minutes later. He turns off the car before getting out and helping me bring my bags up to the porch. I thank him for bringing up my bags for me. He gives me a simple nod in return.

“That didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I’ll pick you up at seven, yeah?” he asks looking at me. I smile widely and give him a nod.

“See you then. You got the directions down, right?” I question him with a slight chuckle.

He turns and nods with a cute smile upon his lips. I wave as he gets in his car and drives off. As he drives off, he honks the horn which makes me erupt in a fit of laughter. He was so funny. Have to admit, I was really looking forward to going over and watching movies with him and his friends.

I’m glad that Julia and Danielle will be there. I’m also anxious to meet the other girls that will be there as well. I grab my bags and put them on each of my arms as I make my way up to the house. Once I unlock the door, I push it open bef0re I walk in with the bags on each of my arms.

“See you’ve just got home, Abby. Have fun at the mall?” my mom asks as she walks in to the room, a smile on her face, one I was happy to see. It was a smile I haven’t seen in months.

“Sure did!” I say happily with a smile of my own. “Oh, wanted to ask you something. Is it alright if I go hang out with Julia and her friends tonight? Danielle’s boyfriend is having a movie night at his place and Louis really wants me to go,” I tell her as I lean against the bar and rest my elbow on the cabinet.

“I guess so. Who’s Louis? A new friend?!” she asks, a bright smile on her face. I feel my cheeks darken a shade of red as she says his name.

“Yes ma’am,” I tell her before I continue, “he’s just a friend, for now, I hope,” I finish and can’t help but blush a bit.

“Did you meet him today? How did you meet him?” she asks as she moves some of her dark hair that was just like mine, out of her face that fell down over her eyes.

“I met him a few days ago; remember I went out that first day after we got here? That night, I went out with Julia and I met him and his friends,” I tell her.

“Oh, yeah, guess I was asleep when you got back. Glad you already made some friends sweetie!” she says and comes forward pulling me in to a hug.

“Well, I’m going to get ready, Louis’ coming to pick me up at seven!” I tell her as we pull away from the hug and I begin to head toward the stairs.

After I make it up the stairs with my many shopping bags, I begin to get ready for tonight since Louis will be back in an hour to pick me up. I was anxious yet excited about tonight; it was going to be fun.


Feedback would be awesome!! <3


Thanks :) slowly working on it - been having major writers block so i'll try my best and update soon!

light me up. light me up.

omg i luv ur story. pleez keep updating

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light me up. light me up.

This is a really good story

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i totally love your story!!!! keep updating!! you wonderfull writer u