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Grave Encounters 3 (A One Direction Horror Fanfic)

Chapter 2

Caroline's P.O.V

"AAAAAH! OH MY, OH MY, OH MY GOSH!!! LET US OUTTA HERE!!!!" Liam screams, violently banging on the front doors. "LIAM! Will you just shut up?" Zayn yells. "NO! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE WE FREAKING DIE!!!!" I try to calm him down. "Liam. We can do this. Trust me. Now let's get the cameras up and ru-" "OKAY! Louis and I will set up the cameras. Niall and Caroline can set up the computers, Liam and Zayn can set up the tables and chairs." Harry says. He takes the bag of cameras, then grabs Louis's hand. They both race up the stairs. I sigh. The rest of us goes to work.

Harry's P.O.V

The sound of our footsteps echoed through the room as we raced up the stairs. We stopped at the top of the steps. I took a deep breath, and was about to turn the corner when I smelled something. Ewww. Disgusting. Maybe, mold? Rotting flesh? CORPSES? "Harry? Are you okay?" Louis asked from behind me. I turned around to face him. "Do you smell that?" I asked. Louis sniffed the air, then immediately covered his nose. "Phew! It's horrible! That stench!" Suddenly, we heard a loud bang. We spun around to see what it was. We saw nothing. "Harry, I think it was coming from up those stairs." Louis assumed. I nodded and turned the other way. "Louis, let's just put the cameras up fast so we don't get too freaked out." Louis nodded.

As we turned the corner, the stench got stronger. It was only a few seconds when I realized where it was coming from. "Louis. The smell is coming from in here." I whispered. I grabbed the handle of the big, scratched up white door in front of me and yanked it open. The smell of rats and rat poop met our noses. "Eww! GROSS!" We both said. I quickly slammed the door shut and backed away.

We ran to our first destination, the room upstairs.

Louis grabbed a camera and gave it to me. I turned it on and set it to record. Then I put it up. "Will you hurry up already? It's getting really creepy in here.." "Okay, done. C'mon let's go.


Our final destination is the tunnels that connects the buildings.

Louis was too much of a chicken to go to this area, so I went there myself. I took the last camera, turned it on, then set it to record. I set it up, grab the bag, and dash off. "I'm so getting outta here. Very freaky.."

Caroline's P.O.V

Ugh. Where are they? We're already done here. They're so slow! Liam, Zayn, Niall and I were sitting on the folding chairs, waiting for the boys to return. After only a few minutes, I hear footsteps running down the stairs. I knew it was Louis and Harry. I stood up and ran towards them. "So, how was it? Creepy?" I asked. "YEAH! We smelled rat poop. And Louis kept claiming he heard the headless horseman." We all burst out laughing at Harry's response. "Maybe Louis is going insane!" Niall exclaimed. "Yeah, proba-" A loud thud interrupted me. We all jumped, and Liam hid behind Zayn, trembling with fright.

"Just ignore it, boys. We'll wait until it gets dark, then we'll start our investigation. The should be setting soon." I said. The boys nodded.

There we wait....


Updated! Hope you'll enjoy it.


Please update it's been forever

Omfg this is perfect! I love it xx

I absolutely LOVE this movie! XD

Love the grave encounters movies just sayin' cx

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OMG in love with this story please keep writing?!?! Xx