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Through The Dark(Niall Horan)

The Results Are In

Well, you guessed it. I am indeed pregnant. The doctor told me I was about sixteen weeks along when we took the test. Because Niall and I had slept together so close to the time that everything happened, we still weren't sure who the father was.

It's been about a month and a half since I found out, so I am very clearly pregnant. Niall and I talked about if it wasn't his what we were going to do. He said he would support me in any decision I made, but he would also take care of it as his own, even if it wasn't his. I told you, I don't deserve him.

I had gotten used to my baby bump. I hadn't gotten used to feeling it moving around in me. That was weird. If I lifted my shirt, you could see it moving. It was such a weird thing to think about a baby growing inside of me. I was already so in love, though. They say a mother becomes a mom when she finds out she's pregnant, a father becomes a father when the baby is born. It's so true.

Niall however, has been the best. He goes out on craving runs, he's bought things for a nursery, even though we don't know the sex. He kisses my belly goodnight, and sings the baby lullabies. He is absolutely perfect. As far as the press is concerned, I am pregnant with Niall's baby.

I honestly think Niall believes that it is, his baby. That when I give birth, it's going to come out looking just like him. I loved how hopeful he was, but deep inside I knew it wasn't his. It was more than likely, Jim's baby and as it grew up it was going to start getting more and more features of its father, but I would not love it any less. The things Jim did to me were horrible, but I learned to get over it. I needed to. For me, for Niall, and for our baby.

Today we were going to find out the sex of the baby, and explore some before birth DNA tests. The baby was going crazy in my belly. I rubbed my hand over where they were moving a lot. “Please calm down. You're making mummy feel sick.” The baby stopped. “Works like a charm every time.” I smiled to myself, grabbing my purse and heading for the door.

We got to the doctors office and I got up on the table. She put the really cold gooey stuff on my stomach and moved it around, showing the baby on the screen.

“You wanted to know the sex, right?” Dr. Reynolds asked.

Niall and I both nodded. “If you can tell.”

She moved the thing around a little more then smiled. “You are going to be having a girl.”

I looked over at Niall, who was smiling from ear to ear. He was so happy, which made me happy. Something I was just getting to used to being again.

“Now you wanted to look into options for DNA testing?” Dr. Reynolds asked.

I nodded. “Well you know my story, and what happened to me....so we just want to know if Niall is the father or if I ended up pregnant when..well you know..”

Dr. Reynolds nodded. “Well what we can do is we'll stick a needle into your stomach, take some blood from the baby, and then run a few tests and figure out who the father is.” She stopped and looked at Niall. “We will also need a sample from you.”

Niall nodded a bit. “Will it hurt the baby though? Is it dangerous?”

“No, not at all. It is completely safe. It will however be a little painful and uncomfortable for the mother.” Of course it would.

“Is it something you can do right now?” I asked.

Dr. Reynolds nodded. “Yes it is. We can do it now, and we'll have the results back by tomorrow.”

I looked at Niall and then back at Dr. Reynolds and nodded. “We'll do it.”

Dr. Reynolds got me set up for that procedure, and boy she was not joking when she said it was a bit painful. But at least it was quick. They got what they needed from the baby and from Niall and then we were on our way.

“I can't believe we're having a girl!” Niall beamed as we headed back home.

I was sat in the front seat, rubbing my belly. I smiled over at him. “She is going to be so spoiled.” I shook my head, knowing Niall was going give this girl the entire world.

I would think of anything other than finding out the DNA results. I didn't want to see Niall's face if we found out she really wasn't his. I know he would stick around no matter what, but I also know it will still break his heart knowing I'm not carrying his baby, and that I would have an every day reminder of the man that took my innocence.


You didn't think I would leave you hanging for long, did you? ;)


Please upload you only have a few chapters left. This was my first fanfiction. I have read so many after yours but no ones is as good as yours please update! I love you! If your sick or something and you can't upload you will be in my prayers.

Love your story. First fanfic I have ever read and is still my fav. Take all the time you need to write this and for personal matters. And my friends say they LOVE you to death cause of your story. Yea there sitting right next to me. Thanks


Rebekah Knapp Rebekah Knapp

Take a brake u need it we love u and ur story

Winter rose Winter rose

I agree with @The Renegade. Take your time girl. We understand that you have more important things in your life and I know a lot of us can relate. I hope things get better for you soon :)