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Through The Dark(Niall Horan)

How Long?

It had been days since first landing in London once again. It had been days since I had eaten or spoken. I showered, when I was allowed. I took the beatings that came every night after my mum and Jim ate dinner. I would lay there silently contemplating my death when he decided he'd rather rape me than sleep with my mother.
Another tear streamed down my face as I thought about my mother. How could she do this to me? What kind of mother just lets someone abuse their daughter, night after night? Did she even love me at all? Why couldn't she have just let me stay with Niall? At least I was happy with Niall. Oh God, Niall. I missed him so much. I try to remember everything that I love about him to keep my sanity, well at least what's left of it.

I pulled my knees up to my chest, looking out the window. Jim had people posted at the gates of the property, probably so no one he didn't approve could get in, or so I couldn't get out again. I sighed, leaning my head against the window sill. I know, you all probably think I'm an idiot for not fighting back, but look what happened when I tried to get away last time? They found me, took me back, and now things are even worse.

I never thought my life would be like this, I never thought I would be this person. I never thought I would feel this empty, this numb. How did everything get so messed up? A few days ago, everything was perfect. I was in America, with Niall. We were happy, I was happy. I had a real smile plastered on my face for the first time since my dad died.

I had hope that I would see Niall again, because I know that boy better than anyone, and I know he won't go down without a fight. But honestly I didn't know if things would be the same. I'm not the same person I was five days ago, and I don't think I ever will be. That girl Niall fell in love with is gone, and the person who replaced her isn't someone you'd want to be around.

I closed the shade to the window once it began to rain, it only made me feel worse. I laid down on my bed, wondering what Niall was doing. If he was about to go on stage, or if he was back here in London. I just wanted to see his face, hear his laugh, taste his lips and feel the warmth of his body.

I drifted off into thought, until I heard Jim's footsteps near my door. I started to shake when he opened the door. “Ready to play?” His voice sent shivers through my entire body. I knew what was coming next.

Niall's POV:

I booked my flight back to London four days ago and I'm still not there. I have been doing everything in my power to get there, but the rain was to heavy to land in London. I don't even know where I am right now. I haven't slept in days. I've spent every minute trying to find another way to London but everything is either sold out, or not safe. Not that I really cared, I just needed to get to London. I needed to help Teagan.

I still didn't even know how I was going to do that. I couldn't just go knock on their door and ask for her back politely...could I? No no, they would have me arrested. Ah the police, I could try that, but they probably wouldn't believe me. I sighed as my phone started to ring, another call from management. They were pissed I left the tour and they had every right to be, but honestly I didn't care. Teagan was my number one priority. The boys knew that. They loved her too, she was someone close to all of us. We all just want her to be safe. And don't even get me started on Alis. She wanted to come with me, but Harry wouldn't let her because it could be dangerous, which he was right. I don't know what will happen when I finally get to London, but I know it won't be pretty.

I can only imagine what Teagan is going through right now and it breaks my heart. What if he seriously injured her? What if he killed her? My mind was racing. I had to get to her. I got up, putting my hat and sunglasses on before pulling my hood up and exiting the airport.

I don't care if I have to walk to London, I'm getting there, tonight. I just hope to God that it's not too late.


It is currently 3:51 am where I live and I'm sorry I posted this so late! I couldn't figure out where I wanted to start this, but it ended up being a short filler.
I just needed to get this out of the way, so I could get to the good stuff.
I hope everyone is having a safe New Years!
Thank you all for subscribing/voting. I love you all.


Please upload you only have a few chapters left. This was my first fanfiction. I have read so many after yours but no ones is as good as yours please update! I love you! If your sick or something and you can't upload you will be in my prayers.

Love your story. First fanfic I have ever read and is still my fav. Take all the time you need to write this and for personal matters. And my friends say they LOVE you to death cause of your story. Yea there sitting right next to me. Thanks


Rebekah Knapp Rebekah Knapp

Take a brake u need it we love u and ur story

Winter rose Winter rose

I agree with @The Renegade. Take your time girl. We understand that you have more important things in your life and I know a lot of us can relate. I hope things get better for you soon :)