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But It's Better If You Do


Warning: Underage

Harry had been coming to the Masquerade Club since the night he'd turned fifteen, through the entrance in the back, secured by secret passwords and casual handshakes with bouncers that towered a full foot over whoever dared to step by them. They didn't card past the door, so Harry found himself content to stop by every Friday, telling his mum he was off to Niall’s to study (as if she believed it after the fifth week), and get smashed at the bar with a few mates while watching scantily-clad, beautiful men dance across the stage. He had a fascination with one dancer in particular; Louis Tomlinson.


Based on this prompt from the kink meme:

"i NEED a stripper au with lots of grinding and dirty talk and helpless underaged harry getting the hottest lap dance from louis maybe they shag later maybe they dont but i want a desperate whiny bottom harry so bad and a hot louis turning him on until harry cant hold his moans anymore and the facial expressions he does turn louis on and GRINDING lots of it"


© Tyler
- "walking in space" on Mibba
- "robbyraystewart" on 1DFanfiction
- "robbyraystewart" or "lostevenings" on Tumblr
- "tylerthecreator" on Archive of Our Own

Don't steal.




I wish you'd update. I was thinking of how, somehow, Louis could try to help Harry realize that he's better than the people he's surrounding himself with and falls in love with him as he gets Harry out of that scene of life into a more successful one that includes Louis, because they accidentally fell in love along the way... I hope you keep this story up.

A Chance A Chance


Becca-Boo Becca-Boo

I'm sobbing. Perfect. Just. Wow.

Carrie Carrie

omfg o.o that.... was so.... just

Harry's Only Harry's Only

That was SOOO touching

MoreThanThis MoreThanThis