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You Were Mine For The Summer

Chapter 13

Sunny’s POV

When I go back to the front of the house, where we parked the car. I see her talking to someone and guess whom. Yes, Harry. Will I ever get a break from him?

Harry’s POV

It was a sunny day, as usual, and I decided to take a walk just around the neighbourhood.

When I were at the beach a few days ago, when Sunny and the other girl was there.
I recognized her friend but I can’t figure out from where I’ve seen her? Maybe I remember her from a fan picture I’ve taken sometime?
Anyway…I had a really good time actually. I never thought Sunny would relax during the time since she acted so annoyed with me but I finally got a reaction out of her and we ended up chasing eachother around the beach, even if there were a lot of people. We didn’t care. It was fun and I think she thought the same since I could here that beautiful laugh of hers.
She’s a really beautiful girl and I hope I will get to know her while I’m here. I’m planning on staying here a while, don’t know how long though.
A phone-call interrupt my walking and I take out my phone from shorts and answer without looking at the caller ID

Conversation (bold characters is the other person)


Hi mate! How are ya?”

“Louis! Yeah I’m good, just taking a walk. What ‘bout you?”

“Nothing really, but I was just calling to tell you that I don’t when we’ll come to Australia”

“Oh, why? Something happened?”

“No not at all we just changed our mind that’s all. We’re really enjoying it where we are right now, so we’re staying longer, that’s all”

“Oh okay well how is it down there?”

“Spain is incredible! We hired a little cabin and all we do is spending our days at the beach. It’s amazing!”

What I saw now made me abruptly stop walking and I’m pretty sure my mouth touched the ground. I was shocked. In front of me stood Sunny’s friend behind her car by that beautiful little house that caught my eye when I first got here. And since she’s there, Sunny must be here too, right?

“Mate? You there?”

“O-oh yeah, sorry but uhm I gotta go, I’ll talk to you later okay?”
I hung up on him before he even got the time to say anything.
I made my to where Sunny’s friend stood and cleared my throat to get her to notice that I was standing here. She turned around and looked shocked at first but relaxed once she saw it was just I.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was just taking a walk. Do you live here now or...?”

“It’s our cabin, we’re staying here instead”

“Oh okay.. Sunny too?”

“Eh, yeah, she’s inside”

When she just said that she came out through the door and looked even more shocked when she saw it was I. I gave her a genuine smile and waved at her.

Sunny’s POV

He just stood there, smiling and waving at me. I’m seriously starting to think he’s stalking me to be honest. It’s like, everywhere I go, he’s there. By the river on that terrible day, at the beach and now here. I was actually thinking of going back inside and acting like I didn’t see him but we both know that I did in fact see him. I gonna go ask if he’s stalking me…

“What are you doing here? Are you stalking me or something?”
Did I sound rude to you? In my head I sounded like I was a bitch…

“Yes I am indeed stalking you” what? Is he?

“I’m joking okay? I was just taking a walk and saw your friend and guessed you would be here too and there you are”

“I don’t believe you. You’re like everywhere I go!”

“I don’t really call that stalking I would say fate”

“Nope, you’re totally stalking me.”

“Believe what you want but I’m not stalking you”
What I was going to say now, I know where it was heading







Madeline interrupted our Yes-No conversation or arguing or whatever you should call it.

“You act like a married couple geeze, just stop” I think it was clear to say we annoyed her.

“We’re not!”
We’re definitely not acting like a couple. I scoffed. I could never imagine me and Harry as a lovey lovey couple. Nu-uh. Never

“Yes and don’t you dare say anything!”


“No! Shut up! If you guys will keep bumping into eachother – which I have a feeling you will, I advice you guys to hang out today, get to know eachother! I don’t care just go!”
“Oh no, wait”

Me and harry stood opposite eachother, me with my arms crossed, rolling my eyes once Madeline told us to wait. Wait for what? She turned around from having been looking in the back of the car for something I have no clue about. What she did next, I was not prepared for. She somehow had handcuffs and yes, she had each of them around Harry’s wrists and mine. I swear I was about to kill her. Why would she do that?!

“There! Now go spend your day together and I’ll be on the enjoying my day alone” She smiled like she was proud while I just stood there dumbfounded with smoke coming from my ears (not literally but I was angry).

“Madeline? Get this things away from me” I was fuming by now, gritting my teeth as hard that I thought I would lose some of them. And I could see that look Madeline has when she gets shocked and that she actually was starting to overthink if she would release me but I thought too soon. She planted a smirk on her face and proudly said
“No” and she just walked away.
I stood there stunned, didn’t really know what to do. I never she would do something like that but I guess I had wrong.

Madeline’s POV

There I did it. It was the best thing to do. I don’t really feel like being in the middle of them arguing all the time and I know Sunny’s stubborn to give up and talk to him. Well I won’t even think a second of those two. Nope. I will spend all day alone relax at the beach. I walk back inside the house and walk up the stairs to the bathroom and change into my bikini. It’s black with a gold-ish belt thing in the middle between my breasts, if you wanna know. And then I took my light striped coloured towel and walk out of the house down to the beach. I don’t think I was going to be in the water today, but I wanted to tan and enjoy the sun. Not like I do that everyday but yeah everyone loves the sun.

Harry’s POV

I watched Sunny just stand there, stuck with me. She looked pretty angry so I knew better to let her cool of for a while. I was instead thinking of what we could do today. Her friend – that I still don’t know the name of – Wanted us to bond/get to know eachother, and I wanted it to be a good day so she won’t be even more annoying with me.

I was thinking of shopping but that wouldn’t turn out good if either of us wanted to try something we liked so we wouldn’t go shopping in this position. But what if we just went for some ice cream? And then we maybe could go to the beach and just possibly talk. If she can relax this day will hopefully be quite funny.

“So what do you wanna do today?”
She just looked at me with dark eyes. You could practically see the smoke fume out of her ears, that’s how angry she was.

“I don’t wanna do anything with you”
I’m literally begging for her to cool down and at least try to relax. I mean, what have I even done to make her have this kind of disliking toward me? I can’t figure out anything I’ve done to make her feel like that.

“Well I was thinking we could maybe just walk around? Get some ice cream? Go to the beach?”
She didn’t answer me. Gosh she’s way to stubborn right now.

“Will you just stand here all day or will you be willing to at least try enjoy and relax this day?”

“Fine don’t answer me then” Can she please just interact with me for once?! I’m getting annoyed with her…

“Fine! Let’s go”
Oh well I didn’t except she would give up that easy…She dragged me away from the house and walked with angry steps.

“Eh… Maybe we should, you know… call for a taxi? Since it’s a quite a bit for a walk”

“Huh, whatever”
Moody pants. That’s what she is. But I called for a taxi and it arrived like 10 minutes later. When we got in the car he looked down at our hand weirdly. Since we were stuck with handcuffs that is.

“Will you stop staring and drive to the centre where the shops are?!”
All I wanted to do right now was laugh at how snappy Sunny was. The taxi driver jumped out of shock at the snappy comment from a girl that looks like she won’t hurt a fly. I’m starting to think she’s on her monthly periods or something. I looked at her and she caught me and I swear I thought she was going to snap at me or something but she looked pretty tired and I saw sadness in her eyes and she just sighed and leaned back in her seat beside me.

“You okay?”
She looked back at me and just nodded and turned her back and looked out the window. Something is clearly wrong and I’m planning on getting an answer during the day. I’m not excepting any answers from her since she’s so stubborn and obviously doesn’t like me but she if she wants to vent about something, I’m here to listen. That’s just who I am.


I would do this even longer then it is but I just really really really wanted to update before tomorrow when I will go to the 1D concerts in Sweden this weekend!!!

Next chapter they will at least try to bond with eachother! and I will try to write it as soon as possible cuz I got a job starting on monday and 4 weeks forward but yeah!

link to Madeline's bikini and towel and the handcuffs --> http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/app


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tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

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hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

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