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You Were Mine For The Summer

Chapter 12

Madeline’s POV

”Can I sit here?”
I look up to see a tall tanned thin muscular boy. Was I blind? Was it really Harry Styles standing in front of us right now? I haven’t seen him in such a long time. Yes, Harry Styles and me got a history together. You see… When he was here 2 years ago in 2012, we met at a club and believe it or not. What we felt back then, was love. But when they left to continue the tour, we just grew apart. It lasted a couple of weeks when then we just stopped calling eachother. I grew out of love. He obviously did too.
Doesn’t he recognize me?! Wow, I don’t think I haven’t changed that much, have I? I had shorter hair back then, but not a drastic change.
I snap out of my thoughts
“Oh sorry, yeah sure”
He sits besides Sunny. After all this time I haven’t stopped looking at him. His green eyes are just so captivating that you can’t stop looking in them. A part of me just wants to throw myself at me and kiss him but the other part wants-
“Is the water warm?” Such a stupid question interrupts me and my thinking about what I want to do.
“Yeah it’s really good”
Of course the water is warm! Helloooo we’re in freaking Australia dude! He starts walking down to the water and send Sunny a smile. Hmm…

Sunny’s POV

I can’t believe he actually was here. He as in… The one who saw me by the river that one terrible day. He was here. I was too surprised saying something, I was just staring at him. I probably looked like a lunatic. I never thought I would meet him again but I guess faith did want us to meet again. Before he went down to the water he send me a smile while looking into my eyes. I don’t know how to take but I don’t have any plans on making conversations with him. I’m here with Madeline and only her. He’s only sitting beside us cause there’s a lot of people.
I still don’t know his name, shouldn’t I at least say thank you again and he’ll automatically say his name? But it looked like Madeline knew him, since she was staring real hard on him. I will stop rambling now and ask her.
“Mad? Do you know who he is?”
“Who? That guys?” I didn’t say anything, I just nodded and waited for her to answer.
“You don’t recognize him?! Whoa have you been living under a rock?”
“What? Is he the worlds famous celebrity or what?” I say in that tone when you really don’t think he is. I can’t really explain but why would he be famous? Wouldn’t there be fans chasing him right now then? And wouldn’t I recognize him?
“YES he is Sunny! That is Harry Styles!” what?
“What?! Wait, from that band? One Direction?!”
YES” oh shit. Okay.
“Oh…” I don’t really know what to think. Harry Styles from One Direction gave me a ride home.
“You know what? There’s an ice-cream shop over there, I’m gonna get some. You want?”
“Kayyy! Be right back, don’t miss me to much”
Great I’m all alone. Wait. I’m alone with him. And great... Here he comes…

“The water was great” I just smiled back. I don’t really know what to say. I’m not a people person.
“Where did the other one go?” damn. Now I have to answer, or can I poke?
“Ice-cream” One word. Simple enough. Will he stop talking now? No of course not, it looks like he’s gonna say something. Just hope he won’t mention that day.
“Are you okay? You know from the day when I gave you a ride to the house” what did I just think.
“Yeah I’m okay” I feel like hitting him if he talks one more time. No doubt.
“What happened? If you don’t mind me asking” damn. That boy can talk.
“Nothing special” I give him a smile. A smile I hope he get that I don’t want him to ask questions about that dreading day.
“You sure?” I sigh, can’t he just let it go? We probably won’t meet again after this day anyway so why even talk.
“Yeah” To show him that I’m not interested by his questions anymore I lay down on my stomach and with my head away from him.
“You’re not from here are you?” I swear to god if he won’t stop talking
“ No” I don’t want to answer any of his questions but maybe he’ll stop asking if I do.
“Then where are you from? Wait! Let me guess!” I’m laying down so I have my mouth against my arm so I won’t say anything cause I’m holding in my anger right now. But then again, he sounds so exciting…
“You can’t be from England… Germany?”
“Okay… no. Spain?!” breath Sunny…
“What about Italy?”
“Oh I know I know!! Poland!” He sucks at guessing what country I’m from that’s fir sure.
“Not that either?! You live in France?!” okay that’s it
“You sure suck at guessing you know?”
“Oh c’mon I’m not that bad”
“Yes you are. I’m not from any of those countries. So yes you suck.”
“Well what if I just wanted a reaction from you and I do have a guess that I think it’s the right one.”
“And what’s that Mr?”
“You’re clearly from Sweden! I’ve been there lots of times and your English is just like it” damn that boy is good.
“And what if I’m not?”
“I saw it in your face when I mentioned it” well damn.

The next thing I knew I was throwing sand at him. And I laughed. A lot. It wasn’t that much and it was on his middle body and not in his face of course
“Hey what did you do that for?!” that made me laugh even more.
“Your… face…” I’m laughing so hard right now you can’t even imagine.
“It wasn’t funny… I think I got sand in places I shouldn’t have…” I’m laughing even more now. But before I know it I see his hand get into the sand and then I feel it on me. No way. He just threw sand at me. IT’S ON.

We had been having a kind of war for like 15 minutes now. Just us running around on the beach. It didn’t bother us though. We were both laughing and I’m actually having a great time.
We get interrupted by someone clearing their throat and Harry turn around and have me down on my feet again. Awkward. Madeline. Oh.
“Oh hi you’re back!”
“Yeah… did I interrupt something...”
“Okay..? Well here’s your Ice-cream”
“Aw nothing for me?”
“Eh... No? Use your own legs”
“I guess I will then”

After he left Madeline raised her hair eyebrows and put that smirk on.
“Nothing happened!”


Today we were going to that cabin and stay there instead. Madeline and me. I think it will great. No little sister to disturb us. No mother or father to tell us what to do. Just us. Alone.
Madeline’s packing her duffel bag now. We don’t need that much with us so it’s okay. I just grab my suitcase since I haven’t really been packing it up yet.
“You ready to leave?” Madeline pops her head in the room I’ve been staying in.
“Yeah, been waiting for you”
We walked down the stairs to see her family is waiting to say goodbye. It’s not really a big occasion. We’re just staying in another house. We say goodbye to them and hop into Madeline’s car. A blue Volvo. And drive to the house. She said it was like 15 minutes drive so it wasn’t far away at all. It was in a much calmer area.

When we came there, I started to explore the house. It’s a little cabin. White coloured. And has a porch in the back and it also has sight over the sea. I love it. It’s so small and cute.
When I go back to the front of the house, where we parked the car. I see her talking to someone and guess whom. Yes, Harry. Will I ever get a break from him?


Hey guyssss!
sorry this is a shorter chapter that I use to write but this weekend I really have to study my ass off. But then on tuesday I don't need to study anymore so I'll see if I can update till friday!!

But I hope you like it? comment what you think :)
Here's the link of what the house look likes and Madeline's car --> http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=121612954


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tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

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hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

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