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Listening to Niall

Chapter 8: Movie night

"I'm sexy and I know it" Nialls ring tune started playing.
"And you make fun of my phone tune" I said reaching out to answer his phone
"Hello" I say into the phone
"Smelly! Is that you?" I hear Liams voice
"Not smelly I'm afraid" I say "But how are you Liam?"
"Jamie! Thought it didn't sound like Ni" He laughed "You guys hanging out?"
"Yep getting back from the mall" I said
"Good, Do you guys fancy going to a movie tonight?" He got to the point
"Ni fancy a movie tonight?" I ask
"Feel like going to a movie?" He asked flicking his eyes at me then back to the road
"Yeah, sounds nice, can we see 'Catching fire'?" I ask putting Liam on speakerphone
"I guess Perrie asked to see the same movie" Liam answered
"Perrie and Zayn are coming too?" I smiled this movie night is getting better by the minute
"Yeah" Liam said
"What about Lou and El?" Niall asked
"No, they are by Louis' home 'till tomorrow" Liam said "Zayn is calling me so talk to you when you get back"
"Bye Lee" I say and hang up.
"Movie night" I ruffle Nialls hair
"What don't we do for you girls" He said
"Come on you fancy that movie as well" I say looking at the mirror
"You coming to us? Or are we going to your dorm?" Niall asked turning into campus
"Let's go to your place" I say.
"Hungry?" He glanced at me
"No we just ate" I say
"Fine, I'll see if Liam feels like eating"
He parked the car and we got out.
"Liam?" Niall called out as we entered their dorm room.
"Over here" he called
we walked in seeing Liam sitting on the couch playing a race car game.
"Ewww I want to play" I say sitting next to him and taking the second remote.
"I'll kick your arse" Liam said
"She'll kill you" Niall sat next to me.
"Challenge accepted. Pick a car" Liam nodded his head to the telly.
We started playing. Liam didn't know I used to play with Niall everyday last year. I became a champion in this racing game. Liam will find this out soon enough.
"I can't believe this" he threw the remote on the couch and stood up.
"Told you mate" Niall hugged me
"You're buying my popcorn today love" I tell him.
"Niall you driving today? Or is Zayn?" Liam asked.
"I'll drive" Niall said. He got up and opened the fridge
"What can I eat?" He asked
"You would think he didn't eat five moments ago" I say shaking my head
"It was two hours ago and we ate pasta! Obviously I'll be hungry now" He looked at me and then bent his head back to the fridge.
He came back up from the fridge with leftover pizza. "Want some?" He asked
"No" I made a face
"I do" Liam said sitting on the counter
Niall put the pieces in the toaster to warm up.
"What time is the movie?" He asked
"21:00 so we need to leave at 20:00 the latest" Liam said looking at me
"Why am I getting that look? I'll be on time" I said
"Just making sure" Liam smiled

"Look at this. I was here on time, waiting in the car for five minutes and for whom? For the one who gave me a speech about being on time! Shame on you!" I say as Liam got into the car.
"It's not my fault" He buckled his seat belt.
"Just saying" I say
"So where have you two been the whole day?" Perrie asked us
"Mall and stuff" Niall said giving me a side glance.
"And what's up with Harry?" Zayn asked
"Nothing, I'm kind of with someone else now" I say looking at Niall
"That was fast" Liam said
"Who with?" Perrie asked excited
"Yours truly" Niall said
"Finally!" Liam said
"Took you guys long enough" Zayn said
"Does Eleanor know?" Perrie touched my shoulder
"Yeah I talked to her before we left" I smile at her
"Good for you guys" She smiled back
"Yeah lad! look after her" Zayn said smacking Nialls head.

We got to the theater and Liam went to get our tickets while we were waiting in line.
Niall was holding my hand and we were checking out the charm bracelet on that hand with Perrie when someone tapped my shoulder.
"Hi Jamie" Ariel was standing behind me "What movie you guys came to see?" She asked looking at Niall and my linked fingers.
"Hi Ariel" I said throwing a glance at Niall. I could see him click the name to the story
"umm we're watching 'Catching fire'" I gave her a weak smile
"Nice so are we" She smiled
"Who are you here with?" Perrie asked
"My date" She said pointing to the line. We all looked to where she pointed
"Hope you don't mind Jamie" She said as my gaze fell on Harry.
I gave Niall's hand a squeeze. But all my friends noticed already
"I see you have a new boy toy" Ariel Smiled at me raising her brows and flicked her head towards Niall.
"Ummm Ariel, I think my life is none of your business" I give her a fake smile
"Don't get defensive" she looks at me
"What up Harry?" Niall calls out to Harry to stop the fight that was about to start.
"Niall my man!" Harry walked over with Liam by his side.
"Hi Jamie" Harry gave me a smile and high fived Niall and Zayn
"You know them?" Ariel asked him confused
"We were all in India together" Liam said
"Don't you feel left out?" Ariel asked me
"NO way, they didn't stop talking about her and calling her. It felt like she was there" Harry told her smiling at me.
"Sure did. We missed her like crazy" Niall kissed my cheek. Harry's smile faded a little.
"So how come we don't see you on campus?" Zayn asked
"Yeah what about all the promises to hang together?" Perrie said
"I know. We should, let's make plans" Harry said
"Come on Harry the movie is about to start" Ariel said trying to get his attention
"Ok, let's hang later" Harry said getting pulled by Ariel.
"That was weird" Perrie said
"Yeah what is that girl's problem?" Liam asked
"She's just jealous of Jamie here" Niall said hugging me
"Yeah yeah.. let's go in" I say.
"Would it be a problem for you if Harry hung out with us?" Niall asked
"No. I'm with you and that all that makes me happy. I can't care less about Harry" I say
"Good" He kisses me and then the movie starts.


I LOVED THE ENDING.... but haz is still alone... oh well

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

Yassss they kissed! :) i cant stop smiling!

I an so happy

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

I think her and hazza should be together

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

They have to get back together :'(((

ClaireBearrr ClaireBearrr

I just got my friend hooked and so she can tell me :D
But they really have to stay together if they don't I will cry and never stop