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Listening to Niall

Chapter 7: Together

It's Saturday morning. Eleanor and Louis went away for the weekend. We had a talk last night. She called to see how my date with Harry went. I told her it went well but I have a bad feeling, and he never called me.

From: El
Did he call yet?

From: Jamie
No. And what are you doing up?

From: El
Lou woke me. Why didn't he call???
From: Jamie
Donno. Whatever

From: El
Oh I really want this to work out. I'll call you later.

From: Jamie
I don't think it will, but thanks.

I was still lying in bed when my phone rang.
"Hello?" I answered not checking the caller ID.
"Hi Jamie" I heard Harrys voice
"Hi" I said sitting up.
"How are you?" He asked
"Good, and you?"
"Fine. So, I was thinking about it and you are an amazing girl but it's not it, you know it's-"
"Listen Harry" I cut in "its fine you're right, don't worry about it" I say
"Umm ok" HE sounded confuse.
"Have a good week" I say
"Ok bye" He said, and I hung up the phone.
I sat on my bed for a moment taking it all in. I knew this will happen I had a feeling. So how do I feel about it? I feel fine. I always hated breaking up with boys. I felt like such a bitch. I always rather them break up with me but this is the first time it happened. And as strange as it sounds I feel so much better. I don’t know why. I did like him he's a good looking boy and nice. I pick up my phone to call Niall but decide to text him instead.

From: Jamie
So Harry called and we broke it off. Just letting you know. But thanks anyway.

I turned my phone off and got back under the covers. No point for me getting up now. Eleanor isn't here so I'll just go back to sleep.
As I was falling asleep there is a knock on the door.
"Go away" I say
"Come on open up" Niall yells knocking again
"No I'm sleeping" I say
I hear the lock turn and the door opens
"I knew you guys should never have a key to this place" I say covering my head with the blanket. Niall came up to my bed and picked up the covers. "Move over" He said
"No way! You have shoes on" I say looking at him
"I'm taking them off. Move over" He said and I do. Niall gets in by my side.
"So? What happen?" He asked facing me
"He called and said it's not me it's him" I say
"Bloody wanker" Niall said
"Wow Ni Sassy much?" I laugh
"It's his loss" He touches my nose. I looked at Nialls blue eyes. Why can't I have a boy like Niall? I thought.
"Thank Ni" I said seriously
"For what?" He asked
"For being you! I really do love you. You know that right?" I said quietly
"I love you too" He said.
We were staring at each other for a moment. I looked away.
"No" Niall said
"No what?" I looked at him once again
"Don't look away" He said. I kept my eyes on his face.
"Jamie.." He started.
"Don't" I say
Nialls face got closer to mine. I swallowed still looking at him.
He kissed me. His lips were so soft. And yes I kissed him back. I had to, I wanted to.
I wanted Niall. Why didn't I see this before?
"I always wanted to do that" He said smiling
"So why did you do it only now?" I asked
"I don't know" He said
"Ni" I say looking at him "What is happening to us?" I asked him
"You know Jamie. I was wishing it won't work out with Harry" He admitted
"What?" I said raising my brows
"I wanted it to at first, but after your first date I knew it was a mistake" He said sitting up
"What do you mean a mistake? Why didn't you say so?" I sat up too
"Because that’s when I realized I wanted you for myself" He took my hands
"Why didn't you say anything then?" I asked again shocked
"Because I needed to wait and see what comes of it. I wanted a fair chance."
"Niall" I said, and then I just kissed him again. That was the only way that I could think of showing him how happy I am with what he said.
"Does that mean you feel the same?" He asked smiling
"YES" I yell.
"Loud" He leaned back
"Because I'm happy" I say hugging him.
"So are you going to stay in bed or are you planning on getting out?" He asked me
"Well do you have an idea of what to do?" I ask
"We can go see what everyone is up too and join or do something just the two of us" He said
"Just the two of us" I smile
"Ok. So get up and get ready" he gets up "I'll get you some coffee" He walks over to our small kitchen.
I get up and go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I stand in front of the mirror. Niall. Everyone wanted this for such a long time but us. And then we find out we wanted it all along. God life is strange. I need to tell El. I'll do that later.
"Today, Jam" Niall called out.
"I'm coming" I say and leave the bathroom smiling.


Ok i'm going back to watch 1Dday!


I LOVED THE ENDING.... but haz is still alone... oh well

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

Yassss they kissed! :) i cant stop smiling!

I an so happy

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

I think her and hazza should be together

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

They have to get back together :'(((

ClaireBearrr ClaireBearrr

I just got my friend hooked and so she can tell me :D
But they really have to stay together if they don't I will cry and never stop