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Listening to Niall

Chapter 10: self consciousness

I wake up to footsteps. I look at the alarm clock it's 10 AM.
"Oh no I woke you" Eleanor said
"Your back" I was squinting. The sun was strong this morning
"Sure am! Missed me?" She sat on my bed opening her arms, telling me to lean in and give her a hug which I did.
"How was it by Lou?" I asked
"So much fun. I just love his family. Those girls are something special." She beamed
"Yeah. Specially those twins ha?" I smiled
"Sure thing. How was it yesterday?? Tell me all about it" She clapped her hands in excitement.
"Well, it's a long story. What are your plans for today? Feel like going out for breakfast? We can have a girl's morning and I'll tell you all about it" I say.
"Yes! What a wonderful idea. Get up get ready and we'll leave"

A half an hour later we were heading down the street to the Starbucks right off campus.
It is such a nice day we decide to sit outside. I left the sunglasses on, since the sun was hurting my eyes. Eleanor had her hair up in a hat shielding her eyes as well.
We got our coffees and our shared breakfast.
"So you told me how everything went down with Ni, but tell me what happen later. He told Lou that Harry was hanging with you after the movie and his date left" Eleanor was holding her coffee cup between her hands, sipping it slowly.
"That was strange. You know who his date was?" I picked up my coffee as well and took a sip.
"Jamie" as if in on cue Ariel was standing beside me. Why is she always here?
"Hi Ariel" I say putting my cup down.
"Eleanor right? Guess you weren't invited to the outing yesterday?" Ariel smiled at Eleanor.
"I was out of town, but I hear you had a good night" Eleanor threw back at her smiling a wide smile with a glint in her eyes. El put two and two together and understood who she was dealing with, and with the look on Ariel's face, she knew it as well.
"Sure. you know Jamie, keep eating out all the time and you won't be able to fit into those cute skinny jeans" She gave me a fake smile and turn to walk away.
"Umm Ariel, you know, not everyone has the same weight problems as you" Eleanor hissed back to her. Ariel stopped for a minute in her place but then continued to walk off.
"Thanks" I say
"What the hell is wrong with that girl?" She said shocked
"You can't even begin to understand" I sigh
The truth is what Ariel said hit home. I know I'm skinny. But I always was self conscious of my thighs. I do squats every morning in the bathroom, and I was thinking of taking up running too, which I think I will now.
I tell Eleanor all about what happen last night with Ariel, her fight with Harry and our talk following the fight. I left out the text I got from Harry when I went to bed. I don't know what it meant and I don't want to put ideas in people's heads, especially if he's going to hang out with us more.
"Who runs the world? Girls! Who runs the world? Girls" Eleanor's phone started ringing.
"Hi Ni" She answers. "Yep she is. Jamie, where is your phone?" She asked me
"It was great, I bet he did. Yeah, well Niall it’s a girls outing, you're not a girl.. you had her for two days… well it's not my fault it took you so long" She winked at me.
"I left the phone at the flat" I say to her. She waved me off, telling me its fine.
"Well I don't know we might go shopping right Jamie?" She was talking to me at the same time as to Niall. "Well Ni, Go play with the boys god knows Louie needs some guy time" She was quiet for a moment listening to what he had to say. "Fine we'll come round when we're done" She hangs up the phone.
"So? What did he want?" I ask
"Cheeky bugger that boy of yours" She laughs
"Whys that?"
"He wanted to join our girls morning, but I told him he should go play with the boys"
"Heard that, so what are their plans?' I adjust my sunglasses on my nose.
"They're going to play football. I said we'll come by when we're done" She got up.
"Ready?" She left some money on the table.
"Yeah, let's go"
After some shopping we walked to the stadium where the boys were playing.
They were in the middle of an intense game, so it seemed. They were shouting at each other with bare sweaty backs.
Niall noticed us standing on the side line watching them. He ran up to us and kissed me.
"Ni! Game in the head!" Louis yelled at him. He takes football very seriously.
"Game in the head Lou? Really?" Harry laughs. I haven’t noticed him until he spoke out.
"Head in the game- You know what I mean" Lou threw his hand to his hair that was dripping.
Eleanor and I sat down waiting for them to finish while cheering them on.
"Guys, I'm out of here" Harry said. He walked over to where El and I were to get his Tshirt.
"Hi girls what's up?" He smiled.
"Where are you going?" Eleanor asked him.
"I have training" He said throwing his shirt over his shoulder.
"What do you mean?" I say
"I train people" He winks and turns away.
"Wait!" I call out and run after him. He stopped and waited for me to catch up to him.
"Train me" I say looking up at him.
"No" He said simply
"Why not?" I'm surprised
"You don't need training" He said starting to walk again.
"Yes I do" I say and follow him.
"Jamie, you're fit you don't need training" He said looking down at me
"It's not that. Please Harry I want to get stronger" I say desperate to get him to say yes
He kept quiet.
"How much do you take?" I asked. I'm not giving up.
"Tell you what. I run every morning. Join me" He said.
"What time?" I smile finally getting my way
"6 am" He raised his brows challenging me
"I'll be there" I say.

I walk back to my friend. They are done with the game and are standing talking.
"Where have you been?" Niall asked me.
"Don't touch me you're sweaty" I step away from him. The boys look at each other and that’s enough to get Eleanor and me running. They start closing around us running faster than us with their long legs.
"NOOO" I scream when Niall gets a hold of me and makes me crash to the ground.
Liam crashes into us. Niall tries to hold the weight off of me, but with little success.
Meanwhile Louis got a hold of Eleanor and had her thrown over his shoulder.
"Put me down" She was hitting his bum.
"Not happening" He said walking over to where I was still buried under Niall and Liam.
"Liam get up she can't breathe" Louis said getting a glimpse of my face.
"You ok?" Niall asked me getting up
"Just a minute" I say trying to catch my breath.
"Here, Drink" Niall gives we a bottle of water.
I drink and he pulls me up.
"Let's get you guys showered and then you can cook us some lunch" Eleanor said finally standing on the ground.

"What did you want from Harry?" Eleanor whispered to me.
"I'll tell you later" I say
"What's that?" Niall pulls me to his side looking at us
"Nothing" I say smile up at him
"Ni you don't have to know everything" El gives him a look that makes him drop it.

"What do you feel like having?" Zayn asked. He and Louis had these silly chef hats on.
Eleanor Perrie and I were sitting on the couch watching telly.
"I'm not hungry" I say
"We ate a while ago how come you're not hungry?" Eleanor looked at me
"I don't feel like eating" I shrug
"I want fish fingers" Perrie said raising her hand
"Fish fingers it is" Liam said.
"I hope this has nothing to do with what Ariel said before" Eleanor whispered
"No, I'm just not hungry" I say staring at the telly.
"That Ariel is a bitch" Perrie said, hearing only her name
"Tell me about it" Eleanor told her what happen this morning.

Bitch or crazy, whatever she is, she was right. I needed to do something with myself. Make sure I don't put on anymore weight. It's a good thing I got Harry to say yes to training me. I just hope he doesn't tell Niall. Best if he doesn't know.

"You're quiet" Niall stood in back of me and massaged my shoulders.
"Oh that feels good! Please continue" I say feeling in heaven.
"Well I'm going to eat so I'll continue later" He said
"Promise!" I say
"Promise" He smiled "Come sit with us even though you're not eating" He said
"I'm coming" I got up and joined the others at the table.


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I LOVED THE ENDING.... but haz is still alone... oh well

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I just got my friend hooked and so she can tell me :D
But they really have to stay together if they don't I will cry and never stop