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Adventures In London

Sometimes Adventures Can Go Wrong

I barely even remember getting my luggage, I was in such a haze. A wonderful, daydreamy, amazing haze that circled around Liam Payne. He just seemed so sweet, and I feel like I could tell him anything and everything. That is an amazing feeling I never had before. It felt....nice. I made my way almost too peppy to the cab waiting outside. Once settled into the cab the driver drove me down the semi-familiar route to my new apartment.
He pulled into the security gate and presented my I.D. The Gates were so big! It was like Fort Knox. Well, at least I'll be safe. Hmm nobody seems to be here accept two SUVS. I parked and made my way to the lobby to get my keys and start moving in.
I entered my flat and was amazed at everything even though I'd seen it before. The spacious living room, with the open kitchen. Then the master bedroom with a clawfoot tub. I was reallllllly going to love it here. I threw down the first load of boxes and threw myself on the plush sectional. "I am really going to like it here."
I woke up after a full night of unpacking. Everything was done. I did my morning routine and was excited to explore London, starting with a cafe for a morning coffee.
I was quick when I searched the streets for a cafe. I came across one in a quiet area of town. I went in to hear quiet alternative music playing. My kind of place. I ordered my coffee and picked a quiet spot by the window. As I sipped at my coffee I planned my day. After careful planning a random thought jumped into my head. "let some adventures happen," UGH Liam! Maybe he was right? Screw it! no plan for today! I'm just gunna walk and see where my legs take me!
Before I could even react I bumped into someone spilling their coffee all over them and myself. "Oh God! I'm am soooo sorry! here let me help you-" I looked up to see it was a very pretty girl who wore a nice, now ruined, dress.
"Oh no. My fault. Hey I'm Claire." she extended her hand. very friendly...
"Maddie, sorry about your dress."
"Don't worry about it. If you don't mind me asking, are you American? I can tell by your accent."
"Yeah haha I just moved here"
"Awesome! Have you been out at all?"
"This is all I've seen except the airport and my own flat haha"
"Well, why don't I show you around? Show you all the cute boutiques? after all I need a new dress and you need a new outfit too haha"
"hmm I may take you up on that." hmm an unplanned adventure!
As we walked the streets of London we went into many cute boutiques buying outfits to replace our ruined ones and then I came across the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. It was a tight black dress and the display had the cutest shoes. "I have to get it" Claire's eyes lit up at my comment.
"If you get it you have to let me take you someplace you can wear it!" Claire and I had only been hanging out a few hours and it felt like we'd been best friends for years.
"Well, theres this club that just opened and I'm dying to check it out!" She seemed so excited how could I say no?
"Sounds great! When?!"
"Can we go tonight?!"
"Sure but this means we have to get this dress NOW!" we giggled and went on our search for our perfect outfits.
We parted ways to get ready and decided to meet at the club at 9. By the time I was ready it was 8:30. I got my stuff together and headed out the door. ugh these heels were going to kill me by the end of the night. whatever. I look good. I had my hair up in a bun with some loose curls framing my face. I didn't want to wear a lot of make-up for two reasons; number one, I don't like a lot of make-up. Two, I didn't want to sweat it off or smear it.
I arrived at the club to see Claire waiting. She smiled and motioned for me to join her in line. We weren't waiting long until we were in the club. The club was so-so. It was decorated nice and played good music but it was wayyy too crowded and people were already wasted. gross. I didn't want to drink in fear of it being a new place and not even knowing my way around sober. Claire dived right into the scene. She went to get a drink and went right for the dance floor, grinding on any guy or girl she could find. I'm not much of a party girl so I stayed towards the edge of the dance floor and drank some water. woo! Go me! After about a half hour Claire came up to me with a guy on her ass.
"Do you mind if I leave?" she slurred her words and tried to wink at me. She fell in towards my ear and whispered, "It's okay hes my ex,and I realllllly miss him" she giggled and walked away with her hand on his ass.
"wow" I whispered to myself. I decided to leave, go see movie or just go home. As I went to leave a veryyy sloppy drunk grabbed my arm and asked to dance before i could say no, he had pulled me to his chest. As he slurred undecodable words to me my nose filled with the stench of his awful breath. I pushed him away and power walked out of the club. Okay THAT was scary. gross men and their nasty stank breath. ew. outside the club the streets were dead. no cabs in sight. "dammit." I turned to the bouncer and politely asked for directions to the closest grocery mart. I wanted a snack before I called for a cab. He told me the way and I started off. It was only a few blocks. I made a turn onto a poorly lit street. sketchysketchy."shitshitshit" I mumbled under my breath.
I had such an uneasy feeling. I knew something bad was going to happen. I started to walk a bit faster I just made it to the next turn onto a busier street with people walking around. THANK GOD! then my feet gave out beneath me. My freakin heel broke with one step past the corner. "fuck." I fell down and definitely did something to my ankle. It hurt like a bitch! before I could even begin to stand up someone from behind me grabbed me under my arms and dragged me behind the corner onto the unlit street. I screamed in hopes someone heard me. The man threw me up against the wall so I was facing them. I could smell their breath. A nasty familiar stench. FUCKKKKKKK.
"You think you can say no to me?" It was the same drunk form the club. he followed me. so much adrenaline running through my body I couldn't think straight. Before I could even defend myself he smashed his disgusting mouth onto mine, slipping his serpent tongue in. I had to keep from vomiting. I tried pushing and kicking and biting but he wouldn't stop. I finally got him to pull away as I kicked him in the balls. I let out another scream which made him react by smashing his big hand across my throat. He started squeezing. I kicked and punched but soon the lines started blurring. Next thing I know his hand was quickly removed and his disgusting rough hands were replaced by someones soft gentle ones. They slowly lowered me to a seated position."Miss! Miss! Are you okay!?" I heard scuffling and then sirens. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I saw three figures but couldn't make out their faces in the light. Two were on the drunk holding him back until the cops had cuffed him. The third was holding me asking if I was okay. Eventually I remembered how to talk and answered.
"Aside from my ankle I'm fine. Who are you!?"
"Harry. Can you walk?" fuck! Its Harry and the other two are Niall and Liam!
"Wait, HARRY!?"
"Oh Shit! MADDIE?!" Even in the dark I could see his face go from worried to even more worried. "Can you walk?" he repeated, I shrugged to say I didn't know.
He helped me up but as I limped Harry stopped and instead scooped me up bridal style. I was shocked but I couldn't walk soooo... yeahhh, I let Harry Styles carry me to safety. No big deal. He set me down on a nearby bench where we were shortly joined by Niall and Liam.
"Liam You're bleeding!" I half yelled. His lip was bleeding, not a lot but still, he probably got it saving me.
"It's fine Maddie, Don't worry about it." he said as he wiped it off with the sleeve of his hoodie."Maddie. are you...okay?"
"I'll be fine. Just my ankle. What exactly happened?" I asked still fuzzy as to what all happened.
"We heard and scream and saw you being pulled behind the corner! We rushed to you and as soon as I saw him I tackled him and Niall came to help me while Harry helped you. Then we realized it was you!" He looked at me with concern and worry filling his puppy dog eyes. He was sitting next to me on the bench.close. In the middle of his story he had taken my hands in both of his. I felt like crying but with Liam I felt safe. Now I realllllllllllly liked him! The police came over to take our statements which we all gave. In no time it was time for us to go home.
"Yeah?" he replied quickly while taking a step towards me.
"Could I get a ride home?"
"Of course! Where's your flat?"
"Number Two, Middlebury complex."

"Wait what?! That's Our Complex! I'm in number five!"


Sorry if theres a trigger. it's breif. Please give feedback. even just to let me know your reading it! <3


Are you ever gonna finish it? You are a great writer!!
I love it!
Please update. I really like where you are going with the story.