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Adventures In London

I know we only met but...

I grabbed the handle to my final piece of luggage and handed it over to the airport luggage clerk. I turned around and took a final look at my family I wouldn't see for months at a time. I knew I had to keep it together. But the look on my mother's soft round face was going to break me. "Mom I'll be home for Christmas! And I promise to Skype as much as possible! I'll be fine! You raised me to make good choices and you know I'll make them!" She looked at me with her tear stained face and gently pushed a loose strand of my long brown hair behind my shoulder.
"It's just.... you're my baby and I want you to be safe."
I didn't blame her for worrying. I was taking a gap year in between high school and college to go live in London for a year. I'm very close with my family, but I need to find myself. And I want to cross living in London off my bucket list.
I gave all of my loved ones a hug goodbye and made my way through security with no issues. The flight I had was completely booked which meant a huge line at the gate when boarding. My seat was in First class, a ticket which I can thank my parents for getting me as a graduation gift. although most seats were taken it didn't seem crowded at all! I searched my ticket for my seat number, I was so engrossed in searching for it I almost ran into someone.OOooOO a cute someone! There were a few good looking boys on this flight. YouYoung, fit, and oddly familiar I found my seat number and in the window seat of my row was a very very cute boy. he had short brown hair and he seemed fit. Very fit. he wore loose jeans and a baseball shirt that fit his toned body perfectly. I felt like I had been staring a little too long and quickly cleared my throat. He looked up and he immediately jumped out of his seat. Are you seat partner? Seat 17?" i quickly smiled and nodded. "Can I help you with your carry on? the compartment is a little tricky." I nodded once again and passed it over with a quick,
"Thank you."
We both took our seats and settled in.
"I hate to bother, but what's your name? You know, we are sitting next to each other mind as well know each other a little bit. It is a very long flight." british. He. was. British. i almost melted at his smooth voice. But he asked his question so quickly I almost missed what he said. He looked like a little puppy blushing and looking around avoiding eye contact. oh. And he was british!
I smiled gently and answered, "My name is Maddie. And you are?"
"Liam. Nice to meet you."
"Very nice to meet you too Liam. So going with your idea let get to know each other a little. Judging by your accent I would guess you are headed home?"
"Yup. Me and the boys are headed back to London for a break. It will be nice to have some down time." the boys? THIS IS LIAM FROM ONE DIRECTION! HOW THE HELL DID I NOT NOTICE!? i blame my thoughts being all over the place from moving, BUT STILL! and as if on que the sounds of loud laughter filled the cabin, causing me to jump. Then Someone popped their head over my seat.
"So Liam who's your friend? She's cute!" I blushed at his comment. He had brown hair and bright blue eyes. I recognized him, that was Louis.Then another one popped over liam's seat. He had brown curly hair and wonderful green eyes. That one was definitely Harry.
"OOoooOOO She is cute Liam! lucky guy you are!" Two members of One Direction called me cute. My heart is racing and the butterflies of excitement were going crazy! I was almost concerned they could see my fangirling I quickly turned away trying to hide my blush. I then saw Niall, and Zayn in the row across from us. They waved and continued their conversation.
"Lads! You're scaring her!" he said semi-serious but through laughter."I'm sorry about them Maddie. They are just a bunch of goofs." I turned to face him and was shocked. He was only inches from my face. I could make out every detail of his perfect face. His big brown puppy dog eyes, his wonderful sincere smile. UGH! Let's face it he was the most incredible kind of handsome! His big eyes met my grey ones and it seemed like forever that we stayed that way. Then my brain reminded me it was my turn to talk. I giggled through my awkward and replied, "Don't be sorry! They're just having a good time!" He then smiled the best of smiles. It was BEAUTIFUL!
"So Maddie, why are you headed to London?"
"I'm taking time off from school to have an adventure in London."
"That sounds awesome! How long?"
"One year. I traveled there over the summer and found a flat in a beautiful complex. Only a few more apartments in the complex! I am so nervous but excited! I just can't wait to get there and start moving in!" His eyes never seemed to leave me as I told him about my bucket list and all the adventures I wanted to have in London. "Sorry, I'm talking a lot... What about you? you said you had a vacation, what are you going to do?"
"You are not talking too much. You seemed to have everything planned out, you should let some adventures just happen, don't make them happen. And we've been traveling and working a lot lately so the lads and I all planned to stay in the country for our time off. you know, visit family and just relax and hang out." We then spent the next two hours talking of our families and plans. I couldn't believe I had only met Liam a few hours ago. I feel like I've known him for years. I feel like I could open up to him about anything. I think I like him. I mean, what's not to like about Liam Payne? Finally we decided to watch the in-flight movie. It wasn't long till I fell asleep. Next thing I know I feel something upon my head. It was Liam's head! I was leaning on Liam's shoulder and he put his head on mine! AHH! no. keep calm Maddie. Don't stir him. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. What are you doing!? You just met him! So what brain? I have made my decision. I like Liam Payne. A lot.
We both woke with a start. "Was that a flash?" he asked groggily. Ugh he was so cute!
The giggling from the seats behind us answered his question.
"Really Louis?!" Liam had turned fully around in his seat to see Louis tapping away on his phone.
"Yes! It makes a cute picture! Don't worry your cute little head off I'm not going to post it! I like Maddie, I don't want her cause of death to be 'Death by Directioners'" I half giggled half cringed at the thought that he was right. Liking Liam was a lot more complicated than I thought.
"Don't joke like that Louis!" Liam seemed upset. Then I remember all the death threats all the boys girlfriends had received. No wonder he was upset. WAIT! if he was worried did that mean he liked me? Like, Like me like me, or just like me as a new friend?
To clear the awkward Harry piped up. "Well, it's a good thing we woke you two up. we are about to land." WHAT!? already! but.. liam.. and.. what if I never see him again? what if this is my one and only shot to talk to One Direction? What if...
"Hey Maddie?" Liam looked like he was blushing. Did I make him blush?! "Do you think we could met again? Like maybe I could take you out for coffee and show you around?"
"Liam that would be great! I would Love that!"
"Perfect!" He pulled out his phone and handed it to me, "Here put your number in and I'll text you, okay?" I took my phone out as well,
"Here put yours in,"
"Maddie, if you have any questions, or get lost, or need a friend, feel free to text me i would love to hear from you!" my heart fluttered. yup definitely liked him.
"That's so sweet Liam! I definitely will!"
"We have to wait for everyone to clear off before we go so i guess this is goodbye for now."
"I guess so but don't think I won't take you up on your tour offer, I could use one!"
"Good! Well it was nice being Plane Buddies Maddie, goodbye for now" he leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. I waved goodbye to the Boys, got my luggage and got off the plane as soon as possible, I had to hide my ear to ear smile. I had a crush on Liam Payne. But I think Liam Payne has a crush on me....


Please give feedback. Should I continue or stop now while i still can?


Are you ever gonna finish it? You are a great writer!!
I love it!
Please update. I really like where you are going with the story.